Best Acceltra Build for Steel Path – Warframe Build

Best Acceltra Build for Steel Path Warframe Icon

Best Acceltra Build for Steel Path – Warframe Build

The recent buffs to primary and secondary weapons have been a true blessing for the Acceltra! The already popular and incredibly strong automatic rocket launcher can now even be brought onto the Steel Path and unleash a storm of bleed-inducing explosions for incredible damage over time (DoT). Keep reading to find the best Acceltra build for Steel Path and how to use it successfully!


How to get the Acceltra

Acceltra’s blueprint is dropped by the Demolisher units in the Disruption mission Ur on Uranus. Unfortunately, the drop chance is quite low at 1.25%. This means it is not the fastest grind but at least its not complicated either. The Demolishers disable your abilities if you get too close which is why I don’t recommend relying on those to kill them. The easiest way is using Inaros and the heavy attack Stropha build I initially made for Necramechs. Just mod it for Gas instead of Radiation by switching Shocking Touch for (Primed) Fever Strike and you’re one to two-shotting the Demolishers easily.

Here’s the Stropha build:

Stropha Heavy Attack Build Warframe Icon

The resources are not that rare and shouldn’t be a big problem:

  • 25k Credits
  • 4 Neurodes
  • 200 Hexanon
  • 925 Plastids
  • 8000 Nano Spores

Build Requirements

  • 5 Forma
  • Orokin Catalyst
  • Primary Arcane Adapter

Best Acceltra Build for Steel Path

Best Acceltra Build for Steel Path Modding Warframe

Acceltra’s Critical Hits

Base Critical Chance: 32%

Base Critical Multiplier: 2.8x

I don’t think I have to explain why there’s all these critical mods in this build after you’ve seen these stats. If you activate Argon Scope by headshotting something, your critical chance rises to 139.2% with the help of Critical Delay. On top of that, if you activate Bladed Rounds by killing something and add Vital Sense, too, your critical multiplier jumps to 9.5x. Now, combine that with lots of Multishot from Galvanized Chamber, a fire rate of 9.60 and the fact that you not only have the direct hit that can be a crit but also the explosion, it adds up very quickly. That’s a ton of heavy hitting crits right there! And what are lots of crits good for?

Hunter Munitions

Hunter Munitions Mod

That’s right, Hunter Munitions. The best Acceltra build is able to throw out an insane amount of crits to lots of enemies due to its AoE. Thanks to the high critical multiplier among other things, these Slash procs will deal considerable damage and if you stack 10 of them onto a group of enemies (which isn’t hard), they will melt withing a few seconds!

This is the backbone of this build and the only way to deal enough damage with the Acceltra to get through the Steel Path! If you haven’t read my damage types guide, I highly recommend you take a look at the Slash part to understand why Hunter Munitions is so important. It’s really short but explains a lot.

Here you go:

Warframe's Damage Types Explained Warframe Damage Guide Icon

Faction Mods

Primed Bane of Grineer Warframe

Primed Faction Mods are often a good choice to increase overall damage but in the best Acceltra build they are truly mandatory. I know, nobody likes to change them around for each mission but unfortunately you will have to for Steel Path.

Why are they so great? Well, the obvious one is a big DPS increase just by virtue of the flat +55%. But the not so obvious one is that this is actually applied twice for most of our damage, the Slash procs! These mods will first increase the initial hit, which will result in a higher Slash damage tick but then also increase the tick itself again. Check this example from the wiki:

For example, tick damage for a weapon with an innate 100 damage, Serration, and Bane of Grineer will be:

Modded Damage = 100 × (1 + 1.65) × (1 + 0.3) = 344.5

Tick damage = 0.35 × 344.5 × (1 + 0.3) = 156.7475

As can be seen in the above calculations for tick damage, Faction Damage is applied twice, making their effective bonus = (1+Faction Bonus)^2. Which is +69% for the 30% Faction Damage mods and +140.25% for the 55% Primed Faction Damage mods.

Ammo Mutation

Rifle Ammo Mutation Mod Warframe

The Acceltra has a very low ammo pool. Simple as that. After two reloads you are already out and with a fire rate of 9.60 that’s not gonna take long. You will need some form of Ammo mutation and in most cases a R3 Rifle Ammo Mutation will suffice. To level it higher you would need an extra Forma so that’s up to you. Of course, you can also bring a Carrier, or ammo pads, or anything else that gives you ammo but this mod is probably the easiest way.

Serration & Elemental Damage

Serration Warframe

After the recent balance changes to primary weapons, Serration is kind of obsolete in most cases due to the new Arcanes. Adding two sources of extra base damage like Serration and the Arcanes makes them stack additively. If you would use an elemental mod instead of Serration, that elemental damage would stack multiplicatively with the base damage of the Arcane. Let’s say you gain +360% base damage from the Primary Arcane and +165% from Serration like in our build. The Acceltra would deal a total of 437.5 damage without any other mods. If instead you used the Primary Arcane with Primed Cryo Rounds for +165% Cold damage, you would deal a total of 853.3 damage. That’s almost double.

Primed Cryo Rounds Warframe

So why aren’t we using Primed Cryo Rounds or other elemental mods instead of Serration? Because elemental damage doesn’t increase the Slash procs from Hunter Munitions. As I said, we rely heavily on Hunter Munitions and the damage we deal with our initial hit is minuscule in comparison. If you plan on using this build in regular missions, it’s not a problem to swap Serration for Elemental damage but on the Steel Path, you shouldn’t.

Vile Acceleration Warframe

There is a point to be made to add a fire rate mod instead of Serration, though. That would actually work with Hunter Munitions and thus increase your DPS. However the problem of low ammo makes this almost impossible and the recoil gets a little tricky, too. You need to aim down your sight to gain the benefit of Argon Scope and Bladed Rounds and since you often want to directly hit the tougher enemies, too much fire rate can really mess with your aim. You might need a recoil reduction mod in the Exilus slot which, again, would leave you with even more ammo problems. For these reasons my take on the best Acceltra build still uses Serration but I encourage you to try out extra fire rate for yourselves!

Best Arcane for Acceltra

Primary Merciless Arcane for Best Acceltra Build

This one is quite easily answered. Primary Deadhead is unusable because it requires headshot kills which will simply not happen. You are killing things with Slash procs and not your actual hits. Primary Dexterity might be of use if you really want to switch around melee and primary but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for the simple reason that Primary Merciless is the perfect fit.

Primary Merciless simply needs you to kill things to ramp up the damage bonus and on max rank it even provides +30% reload speed and +100% ammo maximum which is perfect to counteract our ammo problems!

Acceltra Tips & Tricks

The rockets will only explode once they are 7m away from you meaning if you get too close, they will not cause an explosion on impact. Keep your Distance.

Try to land direct hits on the toughest enemies of a group so that those will receive Slash procs from the direct hit and the explosion while the smaller units around him will be taken care of by the explosions alone.

Let Hunter Munitions and its Slash procs do the work! After firing a short burst into a group of enemies, they will most likely die withing one to two seconds from all the Slash procs you inflicted even if they are still at 75% health after you stopped firing. Due to the synergy between Faction mods and Slash procs, your actual hits will never be able to reach the amount of damage Slash will deal. It needs some getting used to but its worth it.

Direct hits with the Acceltra guarantee an Impact proc! As a result, you can easily take care of most of the biggest enemies by firing a short burst directly at them and then using a Mercy Finisher once they are below 70% health due to the recent Impact status effect changes! Bonus: This is especially useful against Arctic Eximus units, as you will not have to destroy its globe. Just run into it, smash the Eximus with direct hits (which will not explode) and finish it off almost instantly.

While the best Acceltra build can take on the usual Steel Path enemies, you might want to have a backup for Acolytes. Unfortunately, you can stack each status effect a maximum of 4 times on them. As a result, our DPS is heavily limited as we can’t keep throwing Slash procs at them.

You will reload 25% faster while sprinting. This increases to 50% if you are using Gauss.

Don’t forget to aim down your sight otherwise Bladed Rounds and Argon Scope won’t work! I know, it often doesn’t feel good but Steel Path isn’t easy.

Thanks for reading!


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