Best Cedo Build – The Strongest Endgame Shotgun?

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Best Cedo Build – The Strongest Endgame Shotgun?

A status beast, a critical hits monster and build-in Condition Overload. All that and more is what makes Lavos’ signature weapon a strong contestor for the spot of the best endgame shotgun in Warframe. This guide will tell you how to get Cedo, how to use Cedo effectively and how to mod Cedo with the best Cedo build. In short: I will make sure you are familiar with every facet of this special gun and draw a conclusion on our question: Is Cedo the strongest endgame shotgun in Warframe?


  1. How to get Cedo
  2. How to use Cedo
    1. Cedo’s Fire Modes
    2. Cedo’s Condition Overload
  3. Best Cedo Build Requirements
  4. How to Build Cedo: The Best Cedo Build
    1. The Essentials
    2. Elemental Mods
    3. Elemental Alternatives
    4. Hunter Munitions
  5. Conclusion: Best Cedo Build – The Strongest Endgame Shotgun?

How to get Cedo

Similar to Lavos, the new alchemist Warframe, Cedo can be bought from Father in the Necralisk after Operation Orphix Venom ended. The blueprint and each of the three parts costs 5k standing so 20k in total. On top of that, you will need the “Family” rank to buy all the parts. Unfortunately, that is actually the highest possible rank.

Other than that, you only need three Orokin Cells and if you’re wondering how to get those, I’ve got a guide on that, too: How to farm Orokin Cells

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How to use Cedo

Before we get into the build, I need to lose a few words about the gun itself and how to use it. In general, you will want to use your secondary fire mode whenever its ready to proc as many status effects as possible. After that, you’re free to use your primary fire with heavy critical damage on any and all enemies in your way. With that said, let’s dive into why these things are important and how they work with the best Cedo build:

Cedo’s Fire Modes

Firstly, Cedo uses two fire modes. The primary one is a simple buckshot of 6 pellets with good critical chance, great critical multiplier and pure Puncture damage which is great against armor. Considering Cedo is a shotgun, its accuracy is really awesome, too, though it comes with a small damage falloff of up to 20% at 52 meters. The decent magazine size of 40 is paired with a rather mediocre reload time of 2,2 seconds. Unfortunately, the superb critical stats come at the price of status chance which lies at a miserable 0,3% for each pellet (1,8% if all pellets hit) though that is compensated by the secondary fire. Logo

Speaking of which, the secondary fire mode shoots a glaive which bounces between enemies or walls dealing a small amount of Slash damage and exploding if hitting an enemy. This explosion deals blast damage in a radius of 6 meters which is awesome considering we can shoot multiple glaives using Multishot mods. Another great thing about Cedo’s secondary fire is that you will not have to reload. It uses no ammo but rather relies on the glaive returning to you after up to 11 bounces. Once it comes back, you can fire it again. All of this is nice but the icing on the cake is yet to come: Cedo’s secondary fire comes with a base status chance of 50%. With the 120% extra status chance we’ll be using in the build, that’s 50 * (1 + 1,2) = 110.

That means each bounce will guarantee one status effect with a 10% chance to inflict a second one. Now, remember what the glaive also does upon hitting enemies? Exactly, it explodes. The explosion has the same status chance so you will be applying at least one status chance to every single enemy in the explosion radius after which the glaive will simply bounce to another target easily hitting each enemy with multiple explosions and proccing ridiculous amounts of status effects. On top of that, even though the explosion only deals blast damage you can actually inflict Toxin, Cold, Heat and Electricity status effects, too! As a result, you can put five (with my build six) unique status effects on each enemy with the click of one button. Why is that important?

Cedo’s Condition Overload

Condition Overload Mod for Best Cedo Build

…Because of the build-in Condition Overload. Condition Overload originally is a mod for melee weapons which increases your damage depending on how many unique status effects are present on the target. Well, the Cedo has this ability passively! For each unique status effect, you are dealing an extra 60% damage and, as just explained, the glaive alone has the ability to put six of those onto your target. You will add the Slash status quite quickly, too, so that’s seven unique status effects or a total of 420% extra damage. For comparison, Primed Point Blank only provides 165% while costing us a slot and 14 Capacity points. Not to mention, all these status effects themselves already stun, deal damage, strip armor and so on.

If nothing else, you can use this weapon purely for its secondary fire and simply put tons of status effects on your enemies before you kill them with your melee weapon using the actual Condition Overload mod.

By the way, when used with Lavos, Cedo gains passive Ammo Mutation on top of all that.

Best Cedo Build Requirements

  • Orokin Catalyst
  • 2 Forma

Considering the pure power Cedo brings to the table, two Forma is really on the cheap side. For example, Kuva weapons require five Forma to reach their maximum potential which is, at least for most primary and secondary ones, far from what Cedo can do.

How to Build Cedo: The Best Cedo Build

Endgame Shotgun for Steel Path Best Cedo Build Warframe

The Essentials

Laser Sight Mod for Best Cedo Build Warframe

As I already touched on in the introduction, Cedo has great critical stats and so some of these mods are really standard for that: (Primed) Point Blank, (Primed) Ravage as well as Hell’s Chamber and Laser Sight. The only thing to say is firstly, Hell’s Chamber is extremely important because Multishot affects the glaive of our secondary fire mode and secondly, Laser Sight is exchangeable for Blunderbuss. The former provides more critical chance but requires you to aim and hit headshots while the latter one is more for people who are willing to sacrifice some damage for comfort.

Elemental Mods

Next up are our three elemental mods: Blaze, Toxic Barrage, Frigid Blast. Blaze is a really awesome mod as you gain 60% straight up damage and 60% Heat damage whose status effect is one of the best in the game. Heat status causes enemies to panic, which basically CCs them into an animation while dealing damage and even stripping armor! On top of that, it offers 120% extra damage for 9 capacity points which is really cheap in comparison to other elemental mods which mostly provide 90% damage for 11 capacity points.

As for Toxic Barrage and Frigid Blast, these are combined into Viral damage. The Viral status effect increases damage dealt to health and also armored units such as most Grineer.

Elemental Alternatives

Chilling Reload Mod for Best Cedo Build

Still, another viable option would be using Chilling Reload instead of Frigid Blast as Cedo comes with the aforementioned 2,2 seconds reload time. The Cold damage of both mods is the same but you would be trading 60% status chance for 40% reload speed. Personally, I don’t have a big issue with the standard reload time but I know for some people it is unbearable so that’s your way out.

As a last note on the elemental mods, I suggest switching the Cold mod you are using for Shell Shock if you are going up against the Infested for example in the Cambion Drift. Most Infested are immune to the Viral status effect and even take up to 50% less damage from it so you’re a lot better off with Toxin and Electricity damage to create Corrosive.

Hunter Munitions

Hunter Munitions Mod for Best Cedo Build Warframe

Last but definitely not least, there’s Hunter Munitions which has a 30% chance to inflict a Slash status effect upon critical hits. While that doesn’t sound too appealing it is actually incredibly helpful on Cedo. Since it is a shotgun, each shot fires six pellets with each one having a 44% chance for a critical hit thanks to Laser Sight. Let’s run the numbers on this:

6 * 0,44 * 0,3 = 0,792

As you can see, each shot has almost an 80% chance to inflict a Slash status. And if you’re lucky you can get more up to a total of six with each shot. These statuses not only deal damage by themselves but they also increase the main damage of our weapon thanks to its build-in Condition Overload as I have explained before.

Conclusion: Best Cedo Build – The Strongest Endgame Shotgun?

After listing all these benefits and specialties about the Cedo, let’s discuss if it truly is the strongest endgame shotgun.

Actually, I think it might even be the single best endgame primary weapon in all of Warframe. Usually, only melee weapons can really shine in situations like the Steel Path as the Combo mechanics allow for incredible damage. Mods like Blood Rush ramp up your critical damage while the combination of status effects and Condition Overload provide the necessary base damage to make these crits count. Meanwhile, non-melee weapons usually have no way of reaching this damage output because they neither have a mechanic like the Combo system, nor do they have the mods to scale as far.

Cedo is an exception to this. It doesn’t require Combo to build up status effects thanks to its awesome secondary fire and what Condition Overload grants is already passively built into it, too. That makes it unique among the primary weapons and, as far as I’m concerned, the only gun that can be as powerful as melee weapons.

Thanks for reading!


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