Best Nekros Prime Desecrate Build – Zero Forma – 2021

Nekros Prime Desecrate Build Icon Warframe

Best Nekros Prime Desecrate Build – Zero Forma

Our shady man Nekros has always been known for Desecrate (3), his Ability to extract extra loot from his enemies. As we all know, Warframe is all about loot and so a looting Warframe like Nekros will make most of your farming endeavours that much more comfortable. Combine that with the benefits of Desecrate over other looting abilities like Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm and you can consider Nekros Prime the king of looting. What he lacks in damage he makes up for in range and what he lacks in anything else I make up for with the Best Nekros Prime Desecrate Build.


  1. Nekros Prime Desecrate Build with Max. Range and Greedy Pull
    1. Build Requirements
    2. Mods for Nekros Prime Desecrate Build
    3. Ability Efficiency
    4. Despoil and Health
    5. Greedy Pull and Aura Mod
    6. Ability Range
  2. Nekros Prime Desecrate and Shield of Shadows Build
    1. Build Requirements
    2. Mods for Nekros Prime Desecrate and Shield of Shadows Build
    3. Ability Range
    4. Ability Strength and Duration
    5. Survivability
  3. Gear to Use with the Best Nekros Desecrate Builds
  4. Arcanes to Use with the Best Nekros Desecrate Builds

Nekros Prime Desecrate Build with Max. Range and Greedy Pull

This build is purely focusing on maximising extra loot which is why we are only going to be using Desecrate… and Mag’s Pull. While you can use this build without Greedy Pull, I highly recommend investing in it as Desecrate will have a range of 70m with 280% Ability Range which means you’re bound to oversee loot or miss bodies while running around half the map. On top of that, if the situation gets hot, you can simply press a button and have multiple health orbs flying your way.

Personally, I replaced Soul Punch (1) for Pull as it is arguably the most useless ability Nekros has but anything but Desecrate is also fine.

Build Requirements

  • Orokin Reactor
  • Helminth unlocked
  • Mag’s Pull subsumed

Mods for Nekros Prime Desecrate Build

Best Nekros Desecrate Build Pull

Ability Efficiency

Starting out, Fleeting Expertise is simply a cheap way to gain as much Ability Efficiency as possible, slot-wise. With 160% Efficiency every enemy desecrated costs us four energy, or rather health thanks to Despoil. Luckily, Nekros’ Passive heals us for 5 health whenever an enemy dies within 10 meters which is quite a small range nevertheless mitigating some of the cost of Desecrate. The remaining lost health is regenerated by the health orbs that Desecrate creates. As for the negative duration of Fleeting Expertise, it doesn’t affect us as we’re not planning to use Shadows Of The Dead (4) with this build and Terrify (2) is mediocre in any scenario anyway.

Despoil and Health

Despoil Desecrate Nekros Augment

As just mentioned, the Despoil Augment simply turns the cost of Desecrate from energy to health. This results in multiple benefits: Firstly, we don’t have to worry about running out of energy to use Desecrate because between our Passive and the combination of Greedy Pull and dropped health orbs there is not much room to run out of health. Secondly, we can use Vitality not only as extra survivability but also as an increase to our pool of “energy” for Desecrate due to Despoil without having to spend another slot on a mod like Flow. And thirdly, we now have plenty of real energy to spam Pull or even Terrify if you’re truly in trouble.

Greedy Pull and Aura Mod

Next up, Greedy Pull is quite self-explanatory and our Aura mod, Corrosive Projection, is completely exchangeable due to the lack of a polarity on the slot. I really just chose Corrosive Projection because it is a very solid mod in general but feel free to use whatever you like. Steel Charge, for example, would raise our remaining capacity to seven which is way more practical for an Exilus mod than the five you’d have with most other Auras. That is if you want to invest an Exilus Adapter into this build.

Ability Range

Lastly, the bottom row of mods is quite obviously used for Ability Range and lots of it. These four mods leave us at 280% Range which is the maximum amount possible. Coincidentally, Pull shares the same base range of 25m with Desecrate which means if you harvested a body you can pull the loot towards you, too.

Nekros Prime Desecrate and Shield of Shadows Build

This time around, we are going for a mixture of Ability Range, Strength and Duration while also focusing more on survivability. As a result, this build is well suited for (solo) Survival missions or, in general, stuff where you are actually being challenged instead of mindlessly desecrating low level enemies. Of course, we are paying for this with some of our Ability Range and Greedy Pull but more on that later.

As the title already suggests, we plan on using Shadows Of The Dead (4) alongside Desecrate.

Build Requirements

  • Orokin Reactor

Mods for Nekros Prime Desecrate and Shield of Shadows Build

Nekros Prime Best Desecrate and Shield of Shadows Build

Ability Range

In comparison to the first build, we leave out Overextended and Cunning Drift and only use Stretch and Augur Reach for Ability Range. Doing that, we are short of 105% Range but also regain 60% Ability Strength and two slots.

Ability Strength and Duration

On top of that, we add Intensify to bring our Ability Strength to a comfortable 130% which is primarily useful for Shadows Of The Dead (4). With this build, your shadows will have 230% of their original health and shields and deal 295% of their original damage.

Next up, there’s (Primed) Continuity for some Ability Duration because your shadows actually lose a percentage of their max. health each second. This is affected by Ability Duration and so with Primed Continuity you are at 155% which results in your shadows losing less than 2% per second.


Best Nekros Prime Desecrate Build Health Conversion for Survivability

Last but not least, we need survivability in order to succeed in higher difficulty missions which this build is made for. To do so, there’s Shield of Shadows as well as Health Conversion. Shield of Shadows transfers a percentage of damage taken over to the shadows of your fourth ability. With this build, each shadow takes 7.8% of the damage done to you and since you can have 7 shadows, that’s almost 55% damage reduction.

On top of that, Health Conversion increases your Armor for up to three health orbs picked up until you take damage. Each one adds 450 Armor so with three orbs you gain an extra 1350 flat Armor. Now, if you ever played Nekros before, you know he’s picking up A LOT of health orbs especially considering the drain of Despoil so keeping this up won’t be a problem.

Since you need quite a lot of standing with Simaris to get this mod, you can instead use either Adaptation or Steel Fiber if you don’t own Health Conversion. By the way, that would also allow you to use a different Aura as Health Conversion has an insane capacity cost.

Gear to Use with the Best Nekros Prime Desecrate Build

Weapon-wise, I definately recommend using a Slash-based (melee) weapon as your main way of killing enemies. Weapons with high slash damage have a chance to tear enemies into multiple pieces when killing them and Desecrate actually works on all the different parts seperately, increasing the chance for extra loot. Cold-procs actually behave in the same way but that’s a lot harder to utilise efficiently.

Slash-based weapons I would recommend include:

Atterax 1
  • Kronen Prime (Build)
  • Atterax
  • Paracesis (Build)
  • Galatine Prime
  • Guandao Prime

Since Nekros’ Desecrate Builds are usually used for farming resources, I suggest taking a Smeeta Kavat with you. Smeetas have the unique ability Charm which grants you a multitude of random buffs. One of these buffs doubles all your affinity and all your picked up resources for 120 seconds while another buff straight up gives you one of the rare resources of the planet you’re playing on. For example, on Saturn your Smeeta simply gives you an Orokin Cell for free. This makes the Smeeta Kavat the absolute best choice for farming any resource.

Here’s a list of all possible Buffs:

Arcanes to Use with the Best Nekros Prime Desecrate Build

Arcane Pulse for Best Nekros Builds

The very first on the list for my Nekros Desecrate Builds is undisputably Arcane Pulse. With a cooldown of 15 seconds, picking up a health orb with maxed Arcane Pulse has a 60% chance to heal yourself and nearby allies for 500 additional health. As just mentioned, Nekros will pick up health orbs left and right proccing this everytime it is off cooldown. Obviously, that’s already great to keep yourself and your teammates topped up with health but on top of that, it heals all of your shadow clones, too. So especially with the second build, Arcane Pulse is a must-have.

Other than that, there are only the standard Arcanes that are good on most Warframes. I’m talking about Arcane Guardian, Fury/Strike, Victory and so on. I would refrain from using Energize as you shouldn’t really have energy problems on any of the two builds. Afterall, the first one only uses energy to cast Pull with 160% Ability Efficiency and the second one only needs you to cast Shadows Of The Dead for 100 energy once in a while.

Thanks for reading!


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