Best Railjack Battle Mods/Avionics 2021

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Best Railjack Battle Mods/Avionics 2021

It’s no secret that your Railjack’s ability to deal damage and consequently destroy enemies mostly lies in the battle mods you equip! They can take out whole fleets of enemy ships within seconds or completely disable Crewships for your artillery to take out. Because of this, I have ranked all currently available battle mods so you have an easy overview of what are the best Railjack battle mods for you!

These lists go from weakest (No. 1) to strongest (No. 3) and reflect my opinion so feel free to discuss in the comments!


What are Railjack Battle Mods?

Battle mods are what you equip in the second part of your Plexus and ultimately decide which abilities you can use when piloting a Railjack or sitting in a gunner seat. No matter who’s Railjack is being used, you will always be able to use the mods YOU equip in YOUR Plexus.

Warframe Railjack Plexus Mods

Railjack battle mods are divided into three types: Defensive, Offensive and Super. You can always equip one of each type and each type has three different mods to choose from. All battle mods use your Warframe’s energy to activate so Zenurik’s Energizing Dash, Squad Energy Refills and/or (Primed) Flow can be very useful. Alternatively, Hildryn requires her Shields to activate these abilities and Lavos simply has cooldowns. That’s the reason you see lots of people playing Lavos in Railjack, by the way. Defensive battle mods generally cost 50 energy, Offensive ones 100 and Super 200 and this isn’t affected by your Warframe’s Ability Efficiency.

Range, Duration and Strength (Damage) of these abilities can be increased by using different Reactor components in your Railjack.

Warframe Railjack Battle Mod Types

Best Defensive Railjack Battle Mod

Countermeasures Mod


Countermeasures makes little sense as a well-built Railjack will be able to tank even high level missions without needing to evade a few rockets and in the chaos of battle, it’s hard to keep an eye out for that, too.

Munitions Vortex Mod Warframe

Munitions Vortex

Munitions Vortex again helps to deflect damage from you while also dealing this damage back but has a relatively small radius of effect making it hard to actually hit something with it. If combined with Void Hole or Tether, one could make the case to use it but I don’t recommend it.

Blackout Pulse Railjack Battle Mods Warframe

Blackout Pulse

Blackout Pulse is great to disable Crewships so you can easily hit it with your Artillery. You can always shoot out their engines to make them stop but those are weakpoints so if you can hit an active engine with your Artillery, you will usually oneshot the ship even if it still has a lot of health. With Blackout Pulse, you can completely disable a Crewship for 3 seconds and easily shoot their engines with your Artillery.

Best Offensive Railjack Battle Mod

Particle Ram Mod

Particle Ram

Honestly, who wants to ram enemy ship with Particle Ram if you can shoot them for a lot more damage from a distance? In my opinion, this needs to deal like 3 or even 5 times its current damage to be worthwhile.

Tether Mod


Tether can be nice to Crowd Control lots of enemy fighters together for some easy kills and on its own is a pretty good mod. In reality though, you can use Shatter Burst or Seeker Volley to kill them without aiming basically no matter how far out they are.

Shatter Burst Mod

Shatter Burst

As just mentioned, Shatter Burst can deal great damage and is simply the strongest option of the offensive battle mods. Especially with lots of Ability Range, this covers a huge area.

Best Super Railjack Battle Mod

Phoenix Blaze Mod

Phoenix Blaze

Pheonix Blaze, again, sounds good on paper but why would you tediously aim and shoot fighters with your turrets when you can press a button for Seeker Volley and everything dies to homing missiles?

Void Hole Mod

Void Hole

Void Hole is similar to Tether in that it pulls everything together which makes them easy kills but yet again, why bother?

Seeker Volley Railjack Battle Mods Warframe

Seeker Volley

Seeker Volley is simply the king of Super Railjack battle mods as it takes care of everything (except Crewships, of course) once you press the button. 25 missiles fly out and deal incredible damage. Seeker Volley alone usually takes out a fleet of fighters by itself.

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