Warframe Best Soma Prime Builds for Highest Crit Damage

Warframe Best Soma Prime Builds

Best Soma Prime Builds for Highest Crit Damage

The Soma Prime doesn’t need a long introduction, as we’re all familiar with this super high fire rate and critical hits monster. Best used in medium to short ranged engagements the Soma will not stop spitting out bullets until you see the end-of-mission screen. To make sure you suffer the least from its low base damage and profit the most off of its insane critial multiplier here are the best Soma Prime builds for highest crit or elemental damage in Warframe.

Table of Content

  1. Best Critical Hits Build for Soma Prime
    1. Build Requirements
    2. Mods for Soma Prime Crit Build
    3. Soma Stats
  2. Best Elemental Build for Soma Prime
    1. Build Requirements
    2. Mods for Soma Prime Elemental Build
    3. Soma Stats
  3. Companion Suggestions
    1. Adarza Kavat
    2. Smeeta Kavat
    3. Carrier (Prime)
  4. Best Exilus Mods for Soma Prime
    1. Which to choose
    2. How to build
      1. Crit Build
      2. Elemental Build

Best Critical Hits Build for Soma Prime

Build Requirements

  • Orokin Catalyst
  • 3 Forma
  • Exilus Adapter (Optional)

Mods for Soma Prime Crit Build

Warframe Soma Prime Best Critical Hits Build Mods

Soma Stats

Fire Rate15
Critical Chance115,5%
Critical Multiplier10,2x
Status Chance10%
Magazine Size200
Reload Time3s
Incl. Argon Scope & Bladed Rounds

As already mentioned, Soma’s crit stats are extraordinary while its base damage is quite low. Therefore, we are going all-in on crit which means, of course, Point Strike and Vital Sense. On top of that, Bladed Rounds gives us an extra Vital Sense with the only exception that you need to kill something every 9 seconds to keep it up. And last but not least, Argon Scope is the icing on the cake that pushes us over the 100% crit chance threshold. By the way, if you want to include a riven, crit damage or chance are, of course, god tier.

This means you will crit every single hit as long as you keep Argon Scope active and even have a chance of 15,5% to do an orange crit. For your interest, orange crits double your crit multiplier making you hit for an impressive 20,4 times your base damage!

Unfortunately, the Soma suffers from a low status chance. For this reason I added hunter munitions because it has a chance to proc a slash status effect with critical chance instead of status chance. Thanks to our over 100% crit chance we will have a 30% chance to proc a slash status effect on every single hit making us proc one on almost every third hit which is quite a lot considering the fire rate.

Best Elemental Build for Soma Prime

Build Requirements

  • Orokin Catalyst
  • 4 Forma
  • Exilus Adapter (Optional)

Mods for Soma Prime Elemental Build

Soma Prime Best Elemental Build

Soma Stats

Fire Rate15
Critical Chance75%
Critical Multiplier6,6x
Status Chance10%
Magazine Size200
Reload Time3s

In comparison to the crit build, this one has added elemental damage at the cost of critical chance and multiplier. As a result, we have higher base damage and more diversity in damage types which, in turn, means we are less susceptible to an enemy being, for instant, resistant against slash.

As a bonus, the mods that were switched out were Bladed Rounds and Argon Scope and those needed a kill and a headshot respectively to actually give us their stats. On top of that, they required you to aim so if you’re not into doing that this build might be more your style.

On the downside, this build needs an additional forma and I suggest putting it on Vital Sense (as the picture above shows) instead of Stormbringer or Infected Clip because that allows you to switch between the two builds seemlessly. In theory, it would be possible to forma the last slot and then putting Argon Scope with the wrong polarity in there when switching but that would only get us one more capacity point on the elementary build and lose six capacity on the crit build.

Companion Suggestions

Adarza Kavat

Warframe Adarza Kavat Cats Eye Ability

Because of its reliance on crits, I suggest using this build with an Adarza Kavat to maximize damage as its Cat’s Eye ability will give you an additional 60% additive crit chance for 10 seconds with a 50% uptime. As a result, you will have a 75,5% chance to hit orange crits (20,4x multiplier) and the others will still hit with a 10,2x multiplier as a normal, yellow crit. Pro Tip: Use Tek Enhance to increase this buffs duration to 13 seconds.

Smeeta Kavat

Warframe Smeeta Kavat Charm Ability

An honorable mention is the Smeeta Kavat with its Charm ability. One of the buffs Charm gives you is setting your crit chance to 200%. That’s unfortunately not a bonus but 200% still means every hit is an orange crit with 20,4x multiplier. After all, the Adarza Kavat gives you a lot more uptime on its crit bonus and the difference between 200% and 175% crit chance is easily negated by that. On the other hand, the Smeeta Kavat provides you other useful buffs and enhances your farming ability so if DPS isn’t your only goal it can still be a great choice. Obviously, Tek Enhance is great here, too.

Carrier (Prime)

Warframe Carrier Ammo Case Ability

Lastly, the Carrier can be a great companion if you find yourself running out of ammo a lot. Thats an issue that occasionally occures when using the Soma because of its high fire rate and huge magazine but Carriers Ammo Case ability takes care of that. Personally, I prefer using a squad ammo refill or an exilus mod as shown below. Of course, Carrier can also use Vacuum which is a nice quality of life addition.

Best Exilus Mods for Soma Prime

Warframe Soma Prime Best Exilus Mods Guide

Which to choose

Primed Rifle Ammo, its non-prime counterpart and Ammo Drum all deal with the same problem: running out of ammo. This doesn’t happen too often but its nothing out of the ordinary either. Depending on your playstyle it might be easier to use a squad ammo refill once in a while or using the Carrier with its Ammo Case mod as mentioned above.

Tactical Reload reloads your gun while its holstered, allowing you to seemlessly reload your Soma as you go without actually having to wait those three seconds it usually takes. This is great for an especially dynamic playstyle and makes a lot of sense on the Soma because of its huge magazine. You simply switch over to your secondary and either keep shooting or use a few of your warframes abilities like recasting Chroma’s Elemental Ward (2) and Vex Armor (3). After that, you simply switch back and have a few hundred bullets more.

Agile Aim is aimed (hehe) more at the critical hits build as it increases movement speed while aiming and you will almost always be aiming while shooting because of Bladed Rounds and Argon Scope. On the downside, it has a Madurai (V) polarity while Soma’s Exilus slot naturally comes with a Naramon (-) polarity which means that’s an extra forma you got to invest.

How to build

For the first, critical hits build, you will have to forma one more slot to be able to use any of the shown exilus mods except Agile Aim as it has a different polarity and thus needs another Forma on the Exilus slot itself. On the upside, this also gives you the possibility to switch the crit and elemental build around seemlessly, as I already mentioned above.

For the second, elemental build, you will need to forma one of the elemental slots, too. Naturally, this results in a wrong polarity on one of the mods in the crit build but if you forma the last slot so Argon Scope has the wrong polarity on the crit build you can still use all the Exilus mods on it except Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation.

If this part was a bit hard to understand then here are a few images showing you the possible combinations. Note that you can switch Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation for Tactical Reload and Rifle Ammo Mutation for Ammo Drum as they have the same capacity cost and polarity.

Crit Build

Crit Build For Soma Prime Wiht Exilus 1
Crit Build For Soma Prime Wiht Exilus 2
Crit Build For Soma Prime Wiht Exilus 3

Elemental Build

Elemental Build For Soma Prime With Exilus Warframe

Thanks for reading!


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