Greatest Kronen Prime Build for Steel Path 2021

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Greatest Kronen Prime Build for Steel Path

This Kronen Prime Build makes enemies fall like dominos even after an hour in Arbitrations or on the Steel Path!

Kronen Prime being one of the best endgame melees out there will take you through Arbitrations and even the Steel Path without breaking a sweat due to its awesome slash, critical and status stats. Truly a well-rounded melee with huge potential if built right but that’s where this post comes into play.


Build Requirements

  • Orokin Catalyst
  • 1 Stance Forma

Mods for Endgame Kronen Prime Build

Kronen Prime Build for Steel Path
Blood Rush Mod

Critical Hits

As you can see, we are going for heavy crits and some decent status here with Blood Rush, Organ Shatter and Gladiator Might plus Condition Overload, Primed Fever Strike, Viscious Frost and Drifting Contact.

What this allows is combining our raw damage of the crits with powerful status effects like Viral which increases damage dealt to health by a whole 100% just for a single proc. Be aware that quite a few infested, especially in the Cambion Drift, are immune to Viral status effects so you might be better off with Corrosive there.

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Condition Overload Mod


For status chance, I decided to use Vicious Frost with smaller damage but extra status chance rather than going with the full 90% elemental damage mod because said status chance is vital to proccing effects and thus tremendously increase the bonus damage Condition Overload and Viral status effects give us. This leads to more DPS overall.

Drifting Contact Mod


Lastly, Drifting Contact allows us to keep our Combo Counter up so we don’t lose all of the crit chance that Blood Rush supplies us with while also helping our status chance decently.

For even more DPS, you can switch this out for Weeping Wounds or another 60/60 elemental mod like Volcanic Edge. I would only recommend this, though, if you are using Naramon with Power Spike or Ash with the Blade Storm Augment as I’ll explain below. It also requires an extra Forma.

Sovereign Outcast Best Kronen Prime Stance


Sovereign Outcast doesn’t fit the innate stance polarity of the Kronen Prime which is why we have to use a Stance Forma. While that seems weird on first look, it makes a lot of sense as Sovereign Outcast has incredible combos that hit all around the player making it a lot better than its counterpart, Gemini Cross.

Best Warframes to play with

As this build unfolds its true potential once you reach a high combo counter
there are a few Warframes that can be especially powerful when used combined.

Ash Prime Kronen Prime Combo


Ash is number one on the list because of his awesome Augment mod for Blade Storm (4). Rising Storm gives you another 10 seconds Combo duration and increases you Combo Counter by 4 every time his Shadow Clones hit an enemy. As a result, your Counter will go up extremely fast making you hit really hard thanks to Blood Rush. But there’s more: Ash’s Blade Storm (4) also benefits from your Combo Counter which means at 12x multiplier you will deal 375% of your regular damage with Blade Storm (4). Here’s a table of all the multiplier values (you have to expand the table).

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Khora Warframe


Khora is another great choice because of her Whipclaw (1) ability. Fortunately, it is affected by almost all melee mods equipped on your melee weapon and thus will receive all the positive aspects of our Kronen build except Condition Overload. As a result, you will reach insane amounts of damage once you’ve built up your Combo Counter as Blood Rush will help easily decimate all your enemies. On top of that, it receives the same damage bonus from Combo Multipliers as Ash’s Blade Storm (4).

Atlas Warframe


Atlas is also on this list for similar reasons. His Landslide (1) ability profits off of all those mods as well which means you will clear rooms in no time.



The Naramon Focus tree has a great passive called Power Spike. Once maxed it will make your Combo Counter decay by 5 instead of resetting it to zero completely. This is awesome for this build as we are relying heavily on the Combo Counter to reach huge crit numbers. As a small bonus, the very first ability on the Naramon tree also increases affinity earned by melee kills.


As for Companions, the Adarza Kavat can further increase your critical damage output thanks to Cat’s Eye. This ability grants an additional 60% additive critical chance.

Originally, I had Helios here for the Gladiator Set but that doesn’t work anymore…


Arcane Fury is the most obvious Arcane to use as it simply increases Melee damage on critical hits. Not much to say here.

Arcane Strike is similarly simple in that it increases attack speed on hits with any weapon.

Arcane Avenger adds an additive 45% critical chance upon taking damage which is especially useful due to our high critical multiplier.

Thanks for reading!


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