Exceptional Saryn Prime Build for ESO

Exceptional Saryn Prime Build for ESO Warframe

Exceptional Saryn Prime Build for ESO

One of the most famous damage dealers, one of the most powerful Warframes in the game and the single best ESO farmer. That’s Saryn Prime, a top tier pick for many missions but especially ESO. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, or ESO, is the more difficult version of Sanctuary Onslaught and yields many useful rewards like Radiant Relics, Endo and Vandal weapons. On top of that, it is widely considered to be one of the best, if not the best, levelling spot in all of Warframe so having an exceptional Saryn Prime Build for ESO can really work wonders.


  1. How to Play Saryn Prime in ESO
  2. Saryn Prime Build for ESO
    1. Build Requirements
    2. Mods for ESO Saryn Prime Build
    3. Corrosive Projection
    4. Umbral Vitality & Intensify
    5. Regenerative Molt
    6. Power Strength
    7. Power Efficiency
    8. Power Range
  3. Does Saryn Prime need an Exilus Mod?
  4. Conclusion: Exceptional Saryn Prime Build for ESO

How to Play Saryn Prime in ESO

Exceptional Saryn Prime ESO Build Warframe

The thing that makes Saryn Prime the best ESO farmer is her Spores (1) ability. It scales indefinitely as long as it infects enemies making it a great ability for long ESO runs. Just keep in mind that it decreases in strength when no enemies are infected and in ESO it reduces by 30% points when entering a new zone. The current strength of Spores is indicated by the number on the bottom left of your screen.

For these reasons, our main goal will always be to keep Spores (1) up. They should spread across the whole map in an instance whenever casting them at the start of a new zone and from then on build up in damage until you proceed to the next one. While that would be the ideal scenario, it can happen that you get extremely unlucky with enemy spawn locations so that they are too far away, though with all the Power Range this build is packed with, it shouldn’t occur too often.

Furthermore, especially in the first few zones where enemies are lower level, you might kill everyone faster than they can spawn resulting in there being no enemies to infect. In any of these cases, try getting your spores on any enemy as fast as possible to prevent its damage from decaying. Now that we’ve got this out of the way, let’s get into the build.

Saryn Prime Build for ESO

Build Requirements

  • Orokin Reactor
  • 4 Forma (Without Exilus: 2)
  • Exilus Adapter

Mods for ESO Saryn Prime Build

Saryn Prime Build for ESO Modding Guide Warframe

Corrosive Projection

First of all, we put a Forma on the Aura slot because most Vazarin Auras are honestly quite bad and Corrosive Projection is still the best one out there.

Umbral Vitality & Infensify

Then, we add Umbral Vitality and Intensify for, well, health and Power Strength. We need the Power Strength to deal damage with our abilities and health for survivability so we can make the Augment mod count.

Regenerative Molt

Regenerative Molt Mod Augment for Saryn Prime Build Warframe

Regenerative Molt, said Augment, is a simple way to add sustain to Saryn as it allows her to regain 500 health over 10 seconds when casting Molt (2). This makes her second ability the ultimate panic button for when you’re in trouble: It heals you, it removes all debuffs and it creates a distraction for your enemies.

Power Strength

Next up is Blind Rage. This mod grants us the remaining Power Strength we need to reach a comfortable 194% at the cost of 55% Power Efficiency. It is a simple way to increase Power Strength without decimating our Power Duration which we need for Toxic Lash (3).

What do we need Toxic Lash for? Well, it allows our spores to spread on every hit even with a gun instead of only on death of their current host or when hitting the spore itself. As you can imagine, that increases our DPS (damage per second) tremendously and allows us to waste less time trying to specifically target the spores.

Power Efficiency

We’re topping this off with Streamline to counteract Blind Rage’s negative Power Efficiency. This way, we have enough energy to keep Toxic Lash up, occasionally heal ourselves with Molt and recast Spores (1) if need be.

Power Range

Now, what you need a ton of is Power Range so your spores can spread to far away enemies. That’s why I used all of our Power Range mods: Overextended, Stretch, Augur Reach and Cunning Drift should you decide to use the Exilus slot. We need all of this Range because the maps can get quite large in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught and so we want to minimise the need to recast Spores just because it couldn’t reach targets on the other side of the map.

On top of that, Power Range is also great for Miasma (4) though you shouldn’t be using that ability regularly anyway as it is very expensive and often leads to an energy shortage for your other, more important, abilities.

Does Saryn Prime need an Exilus Mod?

Warframe Endurance Drift Exilus Mod for Saryn Prime

Lastly, I want to discuss the Exilus slot. If you decide to use it, feel free to swap Cunning Drift for Power Drift or really anything else that you prefer. 15% in any of the Power stats will not make or break this build so you could even make the case for something like Endurance Drift for the slight increase to your maximum energy if you like (though I wouldn’t reccomend it).

But it is also perfectly fine to leave out the Exilus slot altogether. As I just said, the Exilus mods aren’t making a big difference anyway but you will need to spend two Forma and an Exilus Adapter to use one. If you’re not into min-maxing your builds, I think the investment is not worth it because Saryn Prime frankly doesn’t need it.

Conclusion: Exceptional Saryn Prime Build for ESO

In conclusion, this Saryn Prime Build for ESO provides the mixture of survivability, damage and Power Range that you need to thrive in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. Without an Exilus Mod, it only needs two Forma while carrying you through stage upon stage in this lucrative game mode. Keep Toxic Lash up and your Spores spreading and you will soon find yourself with the highest damage output of your whole squad.

Thanks for reading!


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