Helios, the Deconstructor and Critical Hits

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Helios, the Deconstructor and Critical Hits

Deconstructor Prime Warframe Guide

At first glance, Helios and Helios Prime, being the only ones able to equip the Deconstructor (Prime) Sentinel weapon, seem to be like any other Sentinel. Its precept mods are useful but not overwhelming so what about Helios, the Deconstructor and Critical Hits?

Table of Contents

  1. What do Helios and the Deconstructor do?
  2. Helios Prime and Deconstructor Prime Builds
    1. Helios Prime Build
    2. Deconstructor Prime Build
  3. Conclusion

What do Helios and the Deconstructor do?

Coming right to the point, the Deconstructor is considered a glaive and thus, a melee weapon. As a result, we can equip melee mods including three mods of the Gladiator Set. This set applies a bonus that has the same effect as Blood Rush, increasing our Melees Critical Chance with Combo Multiplier. Here are the six mods that make up the Gladiator Set:

As you can see, three of those six mods are for melee weapons which means if we put those on our Deconstructor we will receive 30% crit chance every time we increase our Combo Multiplier. This means we get half the value of Blood Rush without having to sacrifice anything on our actual melee weapon and on top of that, this effect even stacks with Blood Rush meaning with a maxed Blood Rush on our Melee weapon we now gain 90% additional crit chance. Keep in mind, this doesn’t even include the three mods we could theoretically put on our Warframe because those are quite weak.

Helios Prime and Deconstructor Prime Builds for Critical Hits

Helios Prime Build

As mentioned above, Helios is nothing special of a Sentinel except for his gun, the Deconstructor and the Simaris mod Detect Vulnerability so this build shouldn’t be a big surprise. This build requires two Forma.

Helios Prime Modding

Helios Prime for Deconstructor Critical Hits Modding Guide Build Warframe

Helios Prime Stats

Loot Radar55m
Enemy Radar33m

Because this is so simple, I will keep this short. We have the standard survivability mods Primed Regen, Enhanced Vitality and Metal Fiber with of course Helios’ precept mods Detect Vulnerability and Investigator. If you already scanned everything you can swap Investigator for either more survivability like Repair Kit or Calculated Redirection, or utility like Shield Charger, Sacrifice or Synth Deconstruct. Furthermore, we’re using all the utility mods we are used to like Primed Animal Instinct, Guardian, Medi-Ray and of course Vacuum.

Deconstructor Prime Build

This is where the fun begins.

No Forma required.

Deconstructor Prime Modding

Helios and Deconstructor Prime Critical Hits Modding Guide Build

Deconstructor Prime Stats

Physical Dmg*75
Attack Speed2,062
*alternating Impact, Slash, Puncture
Critical Chance0%
Critical Multiplier0x
Status Chance92,5%
Gladiator Mods

First of all, we got our Gladiator Mods for the Set bonus but only Gladiator Vice is maxed. That’s because, Rush and Might only grant Combo Duration and Critical Damage respectively and since the Deconstructor has a 0% Critical Chance and can’t have a Combo Counter those stats are completely useless. Luckily, the Set bonus isn’t affected by their ranks so we keep them at rank 0 to save on capacity. On the other hand, Gladiator Vice provides 30% Attack Speed which is why we rank it up.

Everything else

Our second goal with the Deconstructor is to proc as much status effects as possible to further amplify our melee damage. How this works is that the more unique status effects our sentinel procs on an enemy, the more damage we deal with Condition Overload which is used in most, if not all, endgame builds.

The fact that the Deconstructor deals Impact on its first, Slash on its second and Puncture on its third shot with this cycling greatly helps our endeavour. Now we add Gas damage with Virulent Scourge and Volcaning Edge as well as Electricity damage with Voltaic Strike to increase our possible status effects to a total of five. Combine that with a whole lot of Attack Speed in Primed Fury (and Gladiator Vice) and some extra Status Chance in Melee Prowess and you end up with a Sentinel that shoots out Glaives like a machine gun and procs a status effect on almost all of them so when you jump in with your melee weapon you already deal a few hundred percent bonus damage from Condition Overload.

Status Effects

I went with Gas and Electricity damage for two reasons: Firstly, the electricity status effect has a small AoE so it can jump over to other enemies. This results in a chance to affect more enemies with a status effect than just one which of course increases our overall output of status effects. Secondly, Condition Overload only grants bonus damage on unique status effects so choosing a very commonly used one like Viral would most likely not result in a new effect and thus in no bonus damage. This means, as long as you equip a status effect that you don’t use on any other weapon, you can switch Gas for anything you want, really.


To put it in a nutshell, Helios and the Deconstructor are unique in their ability to amplify your melee builds. No other Sentinel can do that and not even the Adarza Kavat is able to provide as much Critical Chance. Especially in high level missions the extra damage the Gladiator Mods, Helios’ Detect Vulnerability and all those Status Effects enable can be a real gamechanger. Whenever going into missions in which you’ll play a Combo Melee build, this incredible duo is your best choice to increase damage output.

Thanks for reading!


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