How to farm Aya fast & How to Get Regal Aya for Warframe Prime Resurgence

How to farm Aya fast Warframe

The latest event, Prime Resurgence, allows us to get a bunch of vaulted Prime Warframes, weapons and more through the use of two new resources: Aya and Regal Aya. Let’s look into how to farm Aya as fast as possible so you can get your hands on all the shinies you want!


How to farm Aya fast in Open Worlds

That’s right, the best way to farm Aya is doing open world bounties. Specifically, the T5 (lvl. 40-60) and Steel Path bounties have the highest chance to drop Aya, though we will stick with the T5 ones for obvious reasons.

But which open world is the best to farm Aya?

Which Open World is the best to farm Aya?

To find an answer to this, we need to look at a few aspects.

Firstly, how difficult is it to complete the bonus objectives? If you complete the bonus objective of every stage, you will draw from the stage 5 drop table twice which is is crucial to have good rates!

Secondly, the drop chance of Aya is obviously very important. For simplicity’s sake, I added up the drop chances of every stage into a single number. This allows us to compare the different drop rates without much effort. Please note that a value of over 100 does NOT mean that you are guaranteed to receive Aya! You can still receive no Aya at all or up to 5 Aya from a single bounty because of the way chances work.

And thirdly, the completion time of those bounties matter a lot, too. This greatly depends on your personal loadout and skill but I will still give a general guideline.

Warframe How to farm Aya Orb Vallis Bounty

1. T5 Orb Vallis Bounty

  1. Bonus: Medium
  2. Drop: 171,43 (Highest)
  3. Time: Medium

Tips & Tricks

  • Spy stage can be difficult so it might be worth taking a stealth Warframe
  • Spy terminals can bug out if you’ve interacted with it in a previous bounty without leaving the Vallis in between.

How to farm Aya Plains of Eidolon Bounty

2. T5 Plains of Eidolon Bounty

  1. Bonus: Hard
  2. Drop: 169,32 (Middle)
  3. Time: Medium

Tips & Tricks

  • The bonus objective in the Capture stage is failed very easily. Do not kill anything apart from the target!

How to farm Aya Cambion DriftBounty

3. T5 Cambion Drift Bounty

  1. Bonus: Easy
  2. Drop: 166,32 (Lowest)
  3. Time: Fast

Tips & Tricks

  • The On-Call Crewmember can be useful to help you double the kill count of the Grineer due to his aimbot.
  • Mesa makes that stage a walk in the park, too.

Conclusion: How to farm Aya

On paper, the T5 Orb Vallis Bounty is the best mission to farm Aya.

But don’t only consider Aya. As the bounties are quite similar in their Aya yield, I recommend playing the bounty where you can get other things you need. If you have already maxed out your Cetus and Fortuna standing, it makes the most sense to complete bounties in the Cambion Drift for Aya and standing.

Similarly, you can play the Steel Path bounties instead of the T5 ones. They take a longer time but if you also need Steel Essence and have good equipment, you’ll spend less time in total than if you farmed for both resources separately.

You can also get Aya in some Void missions. The only notable one here is the capture mission Ukko, though. It is by far the fastest of the Void missions but still slower than the open worlds even if you achieve a mission time of less than a minute. Still a decent alternative if you are tired of the bounties and/or Ukko has an active Void Fissure.

Aya from Relic Packs

Relic Pack for Aya

Aya can be gotten from Relic Packs, too! The actual drop chance is not known but from observation we can guess that the chance to get Aya instead of a relic should be around 10-20%. Usually, you’ll get one to two Aya in three Relic Packs. That’s not a whole lot but considering many players have a bunch of Syndicate standing lying around, now is a good time to spend it. Still, it’s not worth it to specifically farm Syndicate standing for Relic Packs.

By the way, Teshin also sells Relic Packs for Steel Essence, though they are quite expensive. And don’t buy them for Platinum, they’re totally overpriced.

Tell me in the comments how much Aya you got from your packs and we might be able to narrow it down 😉

How to get Regal Aya

Warframe Regal Aya

Regal Aya is basically the premium version of regular Aya and can only be obtained by buying it for real-world money from Warframe’s website. You can instantly buy fully-built Prime Warframes and weapons for it. If you don’t want to grind, got a few bucks left and want to support the developers, here you go (I am not affiliated): Prime Resurgence Tokens

Thanks for reading!


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