How to farm Corrupted Holokeys fast in Warframe

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How to farm Corrupted Holokeys fast in Warframe

As part of the Sisters of Parvos update, a new resource has been added: Corrupted Holokeys. Corrupted Holokeys are needed to buy melee Tenet weapons as these are actually not obtainable from the Sisters of Parvos. To complete your collection, this guide will tell you everything about how to farm Corrupted Holokeys fast. 


  1. What are Corrupted Holokeys used for?
  2. Where to get Corrupted Holokeys
  3. How to farm Corrupted Holokeys fast
    1. What Void Storm mission is the fastest?
  4. Best Mission to farm Corrupted Holokeys

What are Corrupted Holokeys used for? 

As just mentioned, you need Corrupted Holokeys to buy melee Tenet weapons. More specifically, the Perrin Sequence sells these weapons for 40 Corrupted Holokeys each in their room in relays. There are currently 4 Tenet melees in the game: 

How to farm Corrupted Holokeys for Tenet Agendus
  1. Tenet Agendus, Hammer and Shield 
  1. Tenet Exec, Heavy Blade 
  1. Tenet Livia, Two-handed Nikana  
  1. Tenet Grigori, Two-handed Sythe 

The catch is that they come with a random elemental bonus (max of 60%), just like every other Tenet weapon. Unlike the ones you get from Sisters of Parvos, though, you can’t control which element is on it using a Progenitor Warframe. As a result, both the element and the amount of bonus damage they are sold with are random. This changes only every week so to get a Tenet melee with lots of bonus damage and the right element, you will have to wait a long time. 

Or you use Valence Fusion. As with Kuva weapons, other Tenet weapons and even Railjack parts nowadays, you can fuse the same ones together if you have them twice. This lets you choose which element you want to keep and multiplies the damage bonus by 1.1 based on the bigger bonus. Of course, this requires you to buy a weapon multiple times which leads us back to our first question: How do you farm Corrupted Holokeys fast? 

Where to get Corrupted Holokeys

Corrupted Holokeys are rewarded at the end of Railjack Void Storm missions but only with a chance of 37,5%. The amount dropped depends on the Proxima in which the Void Storm mission is played: 

Warframe Pluto
  • Earth and Venus: 3 
  • Neptune: 4 
  • Saturn: 5 
  • Pluto: 6 
  • Veil: 10 

It’s easy to see that the amount of Holokeys awarded scales with difficulty. And since more difficult missions tend to take longer to finish it’s not directly clear how to farm Corrupted Holokeys the fastest. On top of that, there’s a huge difference in speed between mission types likes Survival and Exterminate. Let’s check out what the ideal circumstances to farm Corrupted Holokeys would look like.

On top of this, each Sister of Parvos will reward a Corrupted Holokey once they are defeated in the confrontation mission so if you defeat 4 Sisters with a whole squad, you will gain 4 Holokeys. Obviously, this is not a practical way to farm them, though.

How to farm Corrupted Holokeys fast 

First of all, you will ideally want to find a squad you can coordinate with to farm Corrupted Holokeys. You will always have multiple objectives in Railjack meaning it is essential you aren’t running solo. In Corpus missions for example, you usually need to board a smaller ship to complete a task while also destroying Security Nodes or enemy Crewships with your Railjack before you can enter the main vessel. So, either use public matchmaking or, even better, find teammates and divide the objectives between all of you. The rest of the post will use the times it took for me to the complete missions with a coordinated squad but from what I’ve seen, a public squad is only about a minute slower if you aren’t matched with complete numbheads. 

What Void Storm mission type is the fastest? 

Without a doubt, the mission type you are playing greatly affects the duration of the mission. In my experience, these are all the Void Storm mission types from fastest to slowest. 

  1. Spy 
  2. Exterminate 
  3. Volatile 
  4. Skirmish
  5. Defense 
  6. Survival 
Warframe Wukong Prime to farm Corrupted Holokeys

Now, this assumes that you bring the right gear to the specific mission meaning using Wukong built for Cloud Walker (2) to do Spy missions or Mesa for Exterminate for example. Skirmish is a tricky one as you can complete it quite fast if you are coordinated and your Railjack is top tier but there’s a known bug where Fighters suddenly stop spawning leaving you to abandon it. On top of that, in a public squad the lack of coordination between opening up the reactors from the inside and shooting the radiators from the outside often leads to a lot of wasted time. If the bug gets fixed and you have competent teammates and a powerful Railjack with you, it can definitely be faster than Volatile or even Exterminate. 

Defense and Survival, on the other hand, are never a good idea. There is no way to speed up Survival. You will always need over 5 minutes inside of the ship which is simply too long. As for Defense, it might actually be fine with a good damage dealer frame and a Speed Nova if it wasn’t the worst tileset ever created in Warframe. It is extremely big, there is little open room, you need to wait for the platform to move and sometimes enemies even get stuck… You can’t make a worse map for Defense.

Best mission to farm Corrupted Holokeys

Warframe How to farm Corrupted Holokeys

To finish this off, what is the single best mission to farm Corrupted Holokeys? Well, just combining both of our lists leads us to the Spy mission in the Veil Proxima, Sabmir Cloud.

But what you need to keep in mind is that you don’t always have Void Storms everywhere and the equipment for every situation. Because of this, I want to end my guide on how to farm Corrupted Holokeys with a more realistic suggestion:

Playing any Spy, Exterminate or Volatile mission in the Veil or Pluto Proxima will reward comparable amounts of Corrupted Holokeys.

As of Update 30.7 (Nidus Prime), the amount of Holokeys gotten from the Veil has been increased dramatically. Because of this, the Veil easily outmatches any other Proxima if you have good enough equipment.

Of course, rather play the Veil missions if they are available but consider the increase in difficulty, too. If you need 3 minutes longer to clear a Veil Exterminate in comparison to a Pluto Exterminate, you should probably play the Pluto Exterminate. In fact, if the Veil mission is less than a fifth (20%) faster than the Pluto counterpart, it is less efficient because of the amount of Holokeys rewarded.

Thanks for reading!


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