How to farm Credits: A Guide on the Index

Guide how to farm Credits index

How to farm Credits: A Guide on the Index

Credits are arguably the most important resource in Warframe. No matter what you want to craft or buy, you always need Credits and a lot of them. Especially upgrading mods later into the game can be a real sink, sometimes requiring over a million Credits for a single mod. As a result, no player will get around farming the Index, which is the best way to obtain Credits by a long shot, so here is how to farm Credits playing the Index.

Table of Contents

  1. What’s the Index?
    1. Points
    2. Credit Rewards of the Index
  2. How to farm Credits in the Index
    1. Team Composition
    2. Strategy
  3. Warframes to farm Credits with
    1. Damage Dealer
    2. Tanks
    3. Hybrids
  4. Builds to farm Credits with
    1. Mesa Prime
    2. Rhino Prime
  5. Conclusion: How to farm Credits

What’s the Index?

The Index is an arena-like node on Neptune with three different difficulties which dictate things like the reward you receive. You compete against special Corpus enemies called Brokers by paying an entry fee of 30k, 40k or 50k Credits. Once in the mission, your goal is to reach 50, 75 or 100 points before the enemy and before the time runs out. The time is either increased or decreased by ten seconds for every point earned depending on wether it was your or the enemy team who scored the points.


Points are obtained by killing an enemy, picking up the golden Token he drops and bringing it to a marked spot to cash in. But here’s the catch: On the one hand, every Token you are carrying debuffs you in a variety of ways like energy drain and reduced max HP and Shields. On the other hand, for every five Tokens you are carrying you receive some bonus points on cash-in.

To put it shortly, you are playing against enemies and the time simultaneously with the enemy also scaling as time goes by. This is especially important because the game mode is technically endless as, similar to defense, you can choose to stay for another round or extract after you hit the required amount of points. So if you choose to extract and restart the mission, you need to pay the entry fee again but if you stay for another round, you will face higher level enemies.

Credit Rewards of the Index

At the end of every round you receive 105k, 175k or 250k Credits which is affected by boosters. As a result, with a double Credit booster you can earn 950k (2 * (250k *2) – 50k) in 10-15 minutes playing two rounds of the highest level Index! Now you know the short answer to the question “How to farm Credits in Warframe?” but the long one still holds the secret about actually achieving a consistent 10-15 minutes so stick around.

Warframe Index Risk Levels Credit farming
The three difficulty levels of the Index

How to farm Credits in the Index

So how does one farm Credits? How is one actually successful in the Index? After all, if the timer reaches zero, you wasted time and the entry fee, too!

Team Composition

First of all, let’s go through which roles should be filled and which Warframes can fill these roles.

Damage Dealer

Obviously, you need a damage dealer who can kill enemies fast as time is quite important. But because it lies in the nature of most damage dealing Warframes that they’re either squishy, use abilities to kill, or both, the player filling this role will not pick up Tokens. This role has the sole purpose of killing and cannot be bothered by low health and energy problems. Usually, you will want to have only one, sometimes two, damage dealers as you don’t plan on covering too much ground anyway. As for Warframes, the top choice is Mesa, as she can kill anything within seconds, doesn’t need to aim and can sustain energy quite well.

Tank/Token Keeper

These are the ones to pick up Tokens and keep them safe until you cash them in. As a Tank, you won’t be able to cast a lot of abilities due to the energy drain and need to be tanky enough to not die even with a ton of Tokens on you.

With some decent weapons Tanks, too, can take care of enemies though you shouldn’t spend too much time on that as you need to pick up the Tokens your damage dealer leaves behind before a random enemy finds it and scores.

This role can make up the other two or three people next to your damage dealers as you really only need tanks to carry Tokens and damage dealers to farm them.

Unsurprisingly, Rhino is perfect for this job thanks to his Iron Skin ability (2). As long as it is strong enough to last until you cash your points in and you have the Iron Shrapnel augment to recast it afterwards, that’s enough to counteract the Tokens’ debuffs. With a really good build you can occasionally even buff your damage dealer with Roar (3) but that’s often difficult due to the energy drain.

Support (optional)

Having a support is all but necessary and shouldn’t be used if you have two damage dealers. Still, sometimes a support can enhance his teammates abilties to make him worthwhile. Naturally, your Job as a support greatly differs depending on which Warframe you use.

Some examples include Trinity for the extra energy, Oberon with the Pheonix Renewal Augment to keep your Token Carrier alive in case he fucks up, or Wisp for the all around buffs to survivability and damage output. Often, Supports only mitigate shortcomings that could be taken care of by good builds but especially newer players don’t always have the ability to complete those builds. And we all know the unpredictability of people in public matchmaking.


Team Behavior

As a team, ideally you will want to stay at one spot with good allround vision so you have line of sight to about a fourth of the map. This is because the enemies’ spawns depend on your location which means if you all stay in one spot, they will spawn near you and you won’t have the problem of having to look for them. You watch the map and when red dots pop up your damage dealers decimate them and your tanks pick their Tokens up. Repeat until the time is about to run out or you have enough points to cash in. Here are my recommendations for spots:

Warframe Index Map 1 Camping Spots for Credit Farming

Personally; I prefer spot 1 because enemies tend to spawn North, East or West of it and you can reach them all by moving like 5 metres at max. Pro Tipp: Mesa can comfortably shoot through the window where I put the white line making you able to oversee about a third of the map just from that spot.

Meanwhile, spot 2 has the convenience of an energy spawn at the cost of having to move a little bit further to reach some enemies.

Warframe Index Map 2 Camping Spots for Credit Farming

The second map really only allows for one camping spot (two if you count the mirrored one) as it is a lot more compact and thus, enemies like to spawn behind corners a lot more. The two cash-in points are the most open which is why they make the best spots.

Token Management

Tokens are the key to this gamemode so it is important to know how to handle them. You get the best efficiency when picking up 15 Tokens and cashing them in. Doing this, you receive 8 bonus tokens which is the best deal you can get. If you want to see the full bonus points table, here it is. Now, this is the ideal strategy if you only want to play a single round.

Personally, I like to do two rounds of high risk Index and then extract as going longer than that would dramatically increase the time you need to kill enemies due to them scaling. Two rounds feels like a sweet spot between time to kill and entry fee. Assuming you are aiming for two rounds, too, it makes sense to have one of your tanks gather 15 Tokens as explained before and another tank hoard as many Tokens as possible. Fortunately, you can carry Tokens over from one round to the next so by doing this you can gather a lot of points by killing lower level brokers. As a result, you will already have a lot of points in the second round thus needing to kill less higher level enemies.

Warframes to farm Credits with

Damage Dealer


Mesa Prime Index Credits

As already mentioned, Mesa is simply the best damage dealer for the Index. Her entire kit helps her decimate any enemy she comes across almost instantly.


Khora Index Credits Farming Warframe

Our crazy cat lady is also able to fill the role of damage dealer thanks to her Whipclaw (1) ability. While not quite as fast as Mesa, with enough range she can take out groups as well as single opponents.



Rhino Prime Warframe Tank Index

Again, no surprise here. Iron Skin (2) makes Rhino unkillable and that’s exactly what we want in a Token carrier.


Inaros Prime Credit Farming Index Warframe

I don’t think I need to explain a lot about Inaros. He is basically unkillable and even though the Tokens reduce maximum HP all this armor and the Adaptation mod keep him alive very well. On top of that, the Energy Drain doesn’t bother him either as he doesn’t need his abilities one bit to perform well.



Wukong Prime Index Farming

Wukong is kind of a hybrid between damage dealer and tank as he summons his clone and with a few decent weapons he will absolutely destroy every Broker he sees. Meanwhile, his passive and other abilities allow him to stay alive quite well which makes him a decent Token carrier, too.

Excalibur Umbra

Excalibur Umbra Credit Farming Index Warframe

Excal is tanky enough to withstand quite a few Token debuffs while dishing out great amounts of damage with Exalted Blade (4). This makes him a decent hybrid though he shouldn’t be the main Token carrier as the Energy Drain renders his fourth ability unuseable sooner or later.

Builds to farm Credits with

As for builds, I will only go about Mesa Prime and Rhino Prime as those are by far the most commonly used and the best ones at their job, too.

Mesa Prime

Mesa Prime Build Modding for Index Credits

For this build, I’ve altered my “Best Mesa Prime Build with Regulators and Arcanes” to better fit the playstyle required in the Index. What this means is using Enemy Radar and Vigilante Pursuit to find enemies as fast as possible. You will basically only look at the map and press 4 if you see someone in your line of sight because you don’t have to aim anyway and you’re not gonna pick up any points either. Furthermore, this build includes slightly less damage in comparison to the normal one as we are already killing every possible enemy in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, by switching out the Umbral Mods for normal Vitality and leaving Adaptation behind, we decrease survivability. That’s not a huge problem as you are killing them faster than they can kill you and even if you die, you arent carrying points anyway so it’s not the end of the world. Note that you want to use the Zenurik Focus School with Energizing Dash with this build or you will have switch Blind Rage for Transient Fortitude or Intensify.

Three Forma required while one of them can be an Aura Forma if you like.

Rhino Prime

As Rhino Prime is such a versatile and powerful Warframe I have created a whole post showing various builds for various situations, including the Index! There is even a build for beginners and one for veterans so if you want to stomp the Index, go check them out!

Conclusion: How to farm Credits

To conclude this post, I just want to say that once you’ve gotten a decent build with one of the good Index Warframes you can comfortable play the high risk Index in open matchmaking whenever you need Credits. While it won’t be as fast as it could be as most players aren’t aware of a lot of things I’ve gone over it is still quite good for a quick buck. Still, once in a while I suggest assembling a premade group and grinding out a little buffer of Credits for yourselves, preferably with a booster, on double Credits weekends, or both.

Thanks for reading!


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