How to Farm Endo in Warframe – 2021

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How to Farm Endo in Warframe – 2021

Endo is one of the most important resources in Warframe and it always seems to run out so to counter that here’s how to farm Endo in Warframe. Check the bottom for a comprehensive list of the best methods!

Table of Contents

  1. Arbitration Alerts
    1. Math Warning
  2. Excavation Missions
    1. Missions
    2. Equipment for Excavation
  3. Cambion Drift Bounties
  4. Sorties
  5. Ayatan Treasure Hunts
  6. Conclusion: How to farm Endo in Warframe – 2021

Arbitration Alerts to farm Endo

How to farm Endo in Arbitration Alerts Warframe

First on the list are Arbitrations and for good reason: The amounts and chances of getting Endo or Ayatan Sculptures are unmatched in all of Warframe. (Here are the Droptables for Arbitration Alerts.) Keep in mind that Arbitrations follow AABBCCCC… rotations instead of the usual AABC so after receiving four rewards you will exlusively draw from the rotation C droptable which contains the highest amounts of Endo. As a result, the longer you endure, the higher your Endo/minute ratio will be. Here is my full Guide on Arbitrations with everything you need to know.

Math Warning

In the drop table for rotation A you will find 3 Ayatan Sculptures with a 9% drop chance for each of them. Now, if we take the value of Endo of the Sculpture times its drop chance we receive the average amount of Endo we get from this drop on each rotation A. For the Valana Sculpture that would look like this:

1375 * 0,09 = 123,75

Note, that I subtracted 50 Endo for every cyan Ayatan Star and 100 for every amber one from the sculptures as I only want to calculate the pure profit and you could sell those seperately for these prices.

When repeating this with all the other Sculptures and Endo drops you end up with the average amount of endo for that rotation in total. The results where the following:

RotationAverage amount of Endo

Finally, to get a comparable Endo/minute value I assumed a 40 minute run with two drops of each rotation so for example 30 waves in defense.

2 * 751,5 + 2 * 909 + 2 * 985 = 5291

5291 / 40 = 132,28

In conclusion you will earn about 130 Endo/min on average if you need 40 minutes for 6 drops. Though, if you only need 30 minutes, like in survival, that’s already 176 Endo/min. As you can see, this all depends on how fast you are in the mission itself so speeding this up with for example a Speed-Nova in defense can really work wonders. On top of that, the length of your mission will also increase your Endo/min as well as the Endo that enemies drop in the mission itself.

If you want to learn more about Arbitrations, here’s my guide:

A Guide on Arbitrations: Everything you need to know

Bonus tip: You can even buy the Zambuka Ayatan Sculpture (fully slotted 2400 Endo) for 50 Vitus Essence from the Arbitrations Honors if you want even more Endo.

Excavation Missions to farm Endo

Excavation missions are a good alternative for farming Endo especially for newer players who aren’t able to do arbitrations yet. Also, they can be a great way to earn some Endo while farming Cryotic.

A very limiting factor, though, is that they only have Endo in their rotation A droptable. As a result, you will only finish two excavators before leaving (and restarting) the mission.

For my calculations, I used a time of two minutes for each excavator which means four minutes in total for a single run. This can be optimised since you can have multiple excavators running at the same time but considering the time it takes to restart the mission and the delay between the first and second excavator spawning I feel that 4 minutes is reasonable.

Finally, here are all the star chart missions sorted by their respective Endo/min value:


50 Endo/min

25% Chance for 400 Endo

  • Despina, Neptune
  • Hieracon, Pluto
  • Cholistan, Europa

25 Endo/min

50% Chance for 100 Endo

  • Valefor, Europa

21 Endo/min

42,87% Chance for 100 Endo

  • Kiliken, Venus
  • Everest, Earth
  • Tikal, Earth
  • Augustus, Mars

Equipment for Excavation

As for Equipment, Warframes to keep the excavators alive are key. Some of these include:

Other than that, theres only some fire power left to bring but since these are regular missions on the star chart and you will only play the first two rotations that shouldn’t be a big problem for most players.

Cambion Drift Bounties to farm Endo


As you probably know, bounties in open worlds have a chance of rewarding you with Endo, too. One thing that’s unique to the Cambion Drift, though, is that a single stage alone can give you 1000 Endo if you play the level 40-60 or Steel Path one. This makes these bounties a viable way to farm Endo while also gaining standing with the Entrati.

If we also add the Amber Ayatan stars to the Endo we end up with these numbers:

StageAvg. Endo

Unfortunately, the fifth stage doesn’t drop any Endo but you still receive standing and other drops like Axi relics. If you’re looking for the highest amount of Endo and you can manage these bounties, you can also manage Arbitrations and should do these instead of abandoning your squad at the last stage just for some efficiency.

Moving on, if we assume that we need 10 to 20 minutes for this bounty, these are the Endo/minute values:

Time in minutesAvg. Endo/min

Sorties to farm Endo

Your daily Sortie-Mission is also a decent way to earn yourself some Endo while sometimes receiving awesome other rewards like Rivens, Orokin Reactors or boosters.

Sorties have a 12,1% chance for 4000 Endo and 28% for Anasa Ayatan Sculptures which yield 3150 Endo when selling (3450 – (2 * 100 + 2 * 50) Endo for Stars). Once again, running the numbers on these values and assuming 20 minutes for the three missions results in 68 Endo/min. Here’s the droptable.

Ayatan Treasure Hunts to farm Endo

Last but not least, the weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt is the quickest way to get your hands on some Endo once you’ve completed the Second Dream quest. After all, you’ll receive a guaranteed Ayatan Sculpture in a mission that should only take about 4 minutes. I’ve averaged down the values of all possible Sculptures and their chance to spawn. This results in 397 Endo/min which is by far the highest! Obviously, the limiting factor is that you can only do this mission once a week but make sure you don’t forget it as it provides the best value for your time. With more than double the Endo/min of the second place, Ayatan Treasure Hunts answer the question: “How to farm Endo the fastest?”

Conclusion: How to farm Endo in Warframe – 2021

Ayatan Treasure Hunts397
Arbitration Alerts179
Cambion Drift Bounties137
Excavation Missions50

To conclude this post, do your weekly hunt and if you don’t desperately need Endo right now, you can keep a steady flow just by doing your Sorties and the occiasional bounty which provide other useful drops, too. And once you want to upgrade the new mod you just got you can get farming Arbitrations.

Thanks for reading!


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