How to farm Nidus Prime Relics – Nidus Prime Release

How to farm Nidus Prime Relics Icon Warframe

Nidus Prime Release – How to farm Nidus Prime Relics

The Nidus Prime release has finally happened so today we will go about how to farm Nidus Prime relics and resources!


How to farm Nidus Prime Relics

First of all, Nidus Prime’s part are currently each found in a single relic:

  • Nidus Prime Blueprint: Axi A14 (Uncommon)
  • Nidus Prime Neuroptics: Neo N16 (Rare)
  • Nidus Prime Chassis: Lith N7 (Rare)
  • Nidus Prime Systems: Meso B5 (Common)

Pro Tip: Instead of farming for the Relics, you can always buy relic packs from the syndicates if you have enough standing!

Operation Plague Star Guide

Plague Star

Operation: Plague Star has been launched simultaneously to the release of Nidus Prime and so they have added all of his relics to the events’ droptables, too! Simply by playing the event, you have a chance to get one of these relics after each stage. Not to mention the other awesome rewards. Check out my Plague Star Guide to find out how to efficiently farm Plague Star:

Full Plague Star Guide and Dates

How to farm Axi A14 Relics

How to farm Axi A14 Relics – Nidus Prime Blueprint

For Axi A14 relics, I recommend farming the Disruption mission Apollo on Lua. It’s generally considered the best place to farm Axi relics and apart from the Plague Star event, pretty much the only reasonable way to farm Nidus Prime’s blueprint relic.

You’ll get the relic in rotations B and C. Check this table to learn how rotations work in Disruption missions:

Warframe Disruption Rotations
How to farm Neo N16 Relics

How to farm Neo N16 Relics – Nidus Prime Neuroptics

For Neo N16 relics you can again, farm the Lua Disruption but it’ll only drop in rotation A.

If a Ghoul Purge is available, I suggest farming the lower level Ghoul bounty for some good drop chances in all but the first stage.

And last but not least, the Defense mission Belenus in the Void can drop the relic in all rotations, too!

How to farm Lith N7 Relics

How to farm Lith N7 Relics – Nidus Prime Chassis

The fastest way to farm Lith N7 relics is the Capture mission Hepit in the Void. It’s low level and can easily be rushed in under 2 minutes.

Alternatively, Olympus on Mars is a Disruption mission that has relatively high chance to drop it in rotation A and B. Because of how rotations work in Disruption (see the table above), you only have to defend a single Conduit for the chance to get the relic.

How to farm Meso B5 Relics

How to farm Meso B5 Relics – Nidus Prime Systems

Mesa B5 relics can be rewarded on Helene, Saturn (Defense) but only in rotation A so restart the mission after 10 waves.

The Disruption missions on Sedna (Kappa) or Uranus (Ur) can drop them in rotation A, too. Again, don’t defend too many Conduits or you won’t get the rotation A reward as seen in the table above.

Nidus Prime Building Requirements

Lastly, I will quickly go over the resources needed to build Nidus Prime and his parts as well as where and how to farm them.

For the main Warframe you need:

  • 25k Credits
  • Neuroptics
  • Chassis
  • Systems
  • 5 Orokin Cells
  • Blueprint
Nidus Prime Neuroptics


  • 15k Credits
  • 2 Argon Crystals
    • Look for deposits or play Mot in the Void
  • 600 Cryotic
    • Any Excavation mission
  • 1100 Circuits
    • Dark Sector Survival/Defense on Venus/Ceres
  • 4975 Nano Spores
    • Piscinas on Saturn
Nidus Prime Chassis


  • 15k Credits
  • 2 Tellurium
    • Railjack Skirmishes
  • 450 Plastids
  • 1425 Polymer Bundles
    • Assur on Uranus or Stephano on Uranus when it is a Fissure
  • 5500 Alloy Plates
    • Gabii on Ceres or Tessera on Venus
Nidus Prime Systems


  • 15k Credits
  • 2 Nitain Extract
    • Nightwave Offerings
  • 3 Neurodes
    • Deimos Survival/Defense
  • 1250 Rubedo
    • Zeugma, Phobos
  • 3800 Salvage
    • IO, Jupiter

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