How to farm Orokin Cells the fastest way possible

Orokin Cell Farming

How to farm Orokin Cells the fastest way possible

Orokin Cells are one of the rarer resources and yet one of the most needed ones so here’s how to farm Orokin Cells in the fastest way possible.

We all had it happen to us: Finally all those runs payed off and you got every part of your new Soma Prime (Oh look, Builds!) but when you type the words into the search bar of your foundry you suddenly see this familiar and despised grey telling you it’s not ready to build. And that’s exactly the moment you remember you wanted to go farm some Orokin Cells earlier…

Table of Content

  1. How to farm Orokin Cells by running bosses
    1. Mission
    2. Equipment
    3. How to run Exta
    4. Results
  2. How to farm Orokin Cells in endurance runs
    1. Equipment
    2. How to play survival
    3. Results
  3. Honorable Mentions
    1. Isolation Vaults
    2. Distilling Extractors

How to farm Orokin Cells by running bosses


Possible missions for farming Orokin Cells through killing bosses are either Exta on Ceres, Tethys on Saturn or Magnacidum on Deimos where you go after Lech Kril & Vor, Sargas Ruk or Lephantis, respectively.

Since they all have the same drop chance for Orokin Cells, the first one to rule out is Lephantis because of his fight consisting of two long stages and both of them are a pain with all those heads having their own invulernability.

Secondly, Sargas Ruk and Lech Kril both have invulnerability phases, too, but Vor hasn’t. On top of that, Sargas Ruk is a higher level mission so he naturally has higher EHP than both, Vor and Lech Kril. Now, keep in mind that when fighting Vor and Lech Kril, each of them has a chance to drop Orokin Cells so with one run we can kill two bosses, doubling the chance in comparison to Sargas Ruk.

In Conclusion, Exta on Ceres is the mission best suitable for Orokin Cell-farming.



For obvious reason, we are planning to complete the mission as fast as possible which is why I recommend Volt. He is fast through the use of Speed (2), easy to get your hands on and his Electric Shield (3) helps us greatly in the bossfight. If you want to go even further you can put on a helminth ability, such as Infested Mobility, to make him even faster. Here is a simple Speed-Volt build, though it is probably not as optimised as it could be.

Volt Prime Speed Build for Orokin Cell Runs


Ceres isn’t a high level planet so you probably won’t have a lot of problems with damage anyway but let’s still go through so recommendations.

For bosses, guns with high single target damage are usually the best. Snipers, bows and shotguns mostly fall into this category but the choices are near limitless. Vor and Lech Kril both have the Alloy Armor type which means Radiation will have a 75% damage bonus once you get rid of the shields. You might already see the picture here: “Radiation damage and accurate, single target weapons, that’s just like Eidolon hunting!” Exactly, if you have a good gun for Eidolon hunting, chances are it’s also good for this mission. But again, if you don’t have the perfect gun, that’s not a big problem as the enemies are quite low level.


This is a simple one: Smeeta Kavat for double resources or the occasional extra Orokin Cell thanks to Charm. If you don’t have access to one, Carrier with Looter is the next best choice as it will destroy a crate and pick up another cell from time to time.

How to run Exta

I advice not running this mission in public matchmaking as more often than not you will encounter people that are slower than you. Either get your friends together or do it solo.

Keep in mind that you can find a lot of Orokin Cell arrays along the way to the bosses. Don’t go out of your way to look for them but keep and eye to the left and right when rushing through the map with your speed boost. At least half of your total Orokin Cell yield will stem from these arrays:

Orokin Cell Array Warframe


Once you’ve reached the bosses, put down a shield to profit from its damage bonus and block Lech Kril’s freezing abilities. Then, you can start shooting down Vor until he goes invulnerable for the first time. While he’s doing his animations target Lech Kril. He will be invulnerable so to damage him take a look at his back where you will find an icy glowing ring:

Warframe Lech Kril Ice Ring

Shoot this ring to stop the glowing:

Lech Kril Shot Ring Warframe

After that, take a few steps back because if you go too close he will continue swinging his hammer at you. Once youre out of reach for that, he will slam the ground and freeze himself which is exactly when you will need to shoot him as he is now vulnerable.

Warframe Frozen Lech Kril

Take the second he needs to get back up to shoot Vor once more until he goes into invulnerability. After that, repeat this process three more times as you need to freeze and damage Lech Kril four times before he completely loses his invulnerability and you can kill him for good.

By the time you’ve done that you will probably have easily killed Vor and hopefully gotten a good drop. Don’t worry, you’re almost done. The last step is simply to finish off Lech Kril after he set himself on fire which marks the ending of his invulnerability. Keep in mind that he will gain a few abilities and generally become stronger after he burned but usually I one-shot him so for most players this second phase won’t be a problem.

Lasty, don’t forget to pick up the drops and keep your eyes peeled for Orokin Cell arrays on your way to extraction!


I ran this mission for 30 minutes straight and these are the average results for each run:

  • 2-4 minutes
  • 0-4 Orokin Cells
  • My 30-minute average: 1,77 min/cell

That’s a total of 18 Orokin Cells in 30 minutes!



  • a lot of mental focus needed to shoot Lech Kril’s ring and look for Cell Arrays

How to farm Orokin Cells in endurance runs

Endurance runs are another common suggestion around the community for farming Orokin Cells. Gabii, Ceres, in particular is mentioned on the wiki where it currently states:

“On Gabii, Ceres, you can get 4-7 Orokin Cells from opening containers or breaking Cell Arrays. Otherwise, a 10 minutes run with a Desecrate Nekros and a slash-based melee weapon such as the Atterax, will grant around 4-7 Orokin Cells.”

Now, that sounded quite promising as it’s a dark sector survival mission so I went for it.



I used Nekros Prime with a simple but efficient zero-forma Desecrate build as this mission is low level and doesn’t require me to pay much attention to survivability. Go check out the full build in its own post.


My slash-weapon of choice is the Paracesis because of its high range, 360° attacks and, of course, insane damage. As for the build, I used this one with Condition Overload replaced with Blood Rush. There was not a single infested that took more than two hits so life support was no issue at all.

Of course, there are other melee weapons that can complete this task such as the above-mentioned atterax. Just keep in mind that it needs to be slash-based so it occasionally slashes enemies in half when killing them. This allows Nekros to desecrate one enemy multiple times. Read more about how to use Nekros as efficiently as possible in my post on Nekros Desecrate Builds.

How to play survival

This isn’t as complicated as the first method so I’ll keep it short.

Step 1: Find a good open room which isn’t too small.

Step 2: Run around and swing your sword at anything that dares to enter your room.

Step 3: Grofit.

No seriously, as a solo player you can’t really camp in a tube, especially as Nekros, so to keep the enemy spawn rate high you want them to come into your room because whenever you change rooms the game has to set new possible spawn rooms for your enemies which delays their spawn. That’s why you stay in your room and run from entrance to entrance and slay anything in your path.


Maybe I’m just incredibly unlucky but 4-7 Orokin Cells seem very unrealistic in 10 minutes. To keep conditions fair, I again farmed 30 minutes and this was the result:

  • 5 Orokin Cells
  • 500 Endo
  • 46 Detonite Ampules
  • 2700 Circuits
  • 7000 Alloy Plates
  • 71 mods
  • My 30-minute average: 6 min/cell


  • some Endo
  • some other ressources
  • relaxed gameplay (in comparison to Bossfights)


  • WAY less Orokin Cells

Honorable Mentions

Isolation Vaults

The Isolation Vault bounty in the Cambion Drift can be a decent way to farm Orokin Cells while receiving other great rewards. On top of that, most people have to play them anyway if they want to get a Necramech or just need Scintillants. Anyway, running them with a Smeeta Kavat, Desecrate Nekros and slash-weapon isn’t too much of a change while still yielding a decent amount of Orokin Cells.

Distilling Extractors

Since the addition of Deimos you can have three Distilling Extractors running on planets with Orokin Cells so why not use them? They won’t dig up a lot of them but from time to time they will reward you with a few Cells for little to no effort. You can even download the Warframe app to make sure they keep running when you’re not home.

Thanks for reading!


Ignis Wraith Build – The Famous Flamethrower of Warframe

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