How to Farm Plastids in Warframe – 2021

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How to Farm Plastids in Warframe – 2021

Plastids are considered an uncommon resource around many planets of the Star Chart but due to how often it is required for crafting recipes it is also not uncommon to run out of them. To refill your supply as fast and as easiest as possible, here is my Guide on How to farm Plastids in Warframe.


  1. Where to Find Plastids
  2. Best Missions to Farm Plastids
    1. Plastids farm on Phobos
    2. Plastids farm on Saturn
    3. Plastids farm on Uranus
    4. Plastids farm on Pluto and Eris
  3. Gear for Farming Plastids
    1. Looting Warframes
    2. Smeeta Kavat
  4. Extractors
  5. Conclusion: How to Farm Plastids in Warframe – 2021

Where to Find Plastids

Warframe How to farm Plastids 2021 TennoHQ Icon

Plastids are generally found on Phobos, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris though they are also rewarded in some Cetus and Fortuna Bounties. As an uncommon resource it is mostly dropped in stacks of 10-30 at a time.

As for farming Plastids, I will give you a list of a number of different missions and locations which all have different pros and cons. Some of those will have downsides to them but shine with other benefits like getting Orokin Cells or Polymer Bundles on the side. This way you can do multiple things at once which might be interesting for players that don’t need a ton of Plastids right now but rather want to keep their stockpile at a decent level while opening Relics, for example. Also, I’ve sorted them by level going lowest to highest so new players can see where to hop in.

Best Missions to Farm Plastids

Plastids farm on Phobos

Zeugma is your mission of choice when farming Plastids on Phobos. The survival mission grants +25% resource drop chance which is always useful and due to its very low level of 15-25 even new players can use Phobos to farm Plastids.

Plastids farm on Saturn

The survival mission Piscinas on Saturn impresses with its relatively low level and chance of obtaining Orokin Cells and lots of Nano Spores. Other than that, there’s not much special to farming Plastids on Piscinas, it performs better than Zeugma on Phobos but if you don’t need the Orokin Cells or Nano Spores and you can manage higher levels, I suggest going for one of the following missions.

Plastids farm on Uranus

A personal favourite of mine, Stephano on Uranus drops both Plastids and Polymer Bundles which is equally hard to farm. On top of that, this defence mission tends to be a Neo fissure very regularly and one of its two Tilesets is extremely open and thus extremely fast for a defence mission. A downside to this of course is that the other Tileset is quite cornered and slow. Especially on the good Tileset, though, you will find yourself farming Affinity, Telurium, Gallium, Plastids, Polymer Bundles and you can even open Neo Relics if it is a fissure.

Warframe How to farm Plastids on Uranus Stephano Neo Fissure

Plastids farm on Pluto and Eris

You might already know Hieracon from my Guide on How to farm Endo. It is an Excavation mission on Pluto and as such it yields Plastids, Cryotic and even Neo and Axi Relics and a bit of Endo, as I just hinted. Due to the nature of Excavation missions you will be roaming the map a lot going from one Excavator to another which makes it easy to open crates along the way, yielding many Plastids. On the other hand, you need to look out for two things: Firstly, you need to stay close together with your teammates to not miss Plastids which can be hard in public squards. Secondly, try to find a nice sweet spot in missions time because sooner or later you will have destroyed every crate but the longer your missions goes, the more Plastids you will gain from enemies.

If you don’t like Excavation missions or the flaws I just mentioned, Akkad on Eris is a defense mission with the same level that can work quite well, too.

Pluto Hieracon How to farm Plastids Warframe

Gear for Farming Plastids

For this part, I want to tell you about some equipment that can increase your Plastids farm speed greatly:

Looting Warframes

Nekros Prime Desecrate Build to farm Plastids faster

Most of you know about Nekros’ ability to extract extra loot from his enemies and that can drop a whole lot of Plastids over a longer run. Perosnally, I prefer him over other looting Warframes for his simplicity: You turn on Desecrate (3) and that’s it. Check out my full guide on Nekros if you want to know how to build him.

Still, there are other looting Warframes and you can even combine many of them with Nekros to get even more loot! Such Warframes include: Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm, Khora with Pilfering Strangledome and Atlas with Ore Gaze.

Smeeta Kavat

Warframe Smeeta Kavat Charm to farm Plastids

I’ve written about the Smeeta Kavat in the aforementioned Nekros guide already so I’ll simply paste it here again:

Since Nekros’ Desecrate Builds are usually used for farming resources, I suggest taking a Smeeta Kavat with you. Smeetas have the unique ability Charm which grants you a multitude of random buffs. One of these buffs doubles all your affinity and all your picked up resources for 120 seconds while another buff straight up gives you one of the rare resources of the planet you’re playing on. For example, on Saturn your Smeeta simply gives you an Orokin Cell for free. This makes the Smeeta Kavat the absolute best choice for farming any resource.

Here’s a list of all possible Buffs:


Warframe Distilling Extractor for Plastids

As many of you might know, Extractors can be another way to bring in resources. While they don’t yield a lot, they work almost entirely passive in the background. Keep in mind, Distilling Extractors have a higher chance to dig up rare and uncommon resources like Plastids so they are your best bet. If you’re interested, you can simply buy the blueprint on the market, craft them in your foundry and finally deploy them by using the buttons on the bottom right of your screen when hovering over one of the aforementioned planets on the star chart.

Conclusion: How to farm Plastids in Warframe – 2021

Depending on where you are in the game you should pick a mission fitting to your level range. If you can manage all of the ones mentioned you can either choose a mission by pure Plastids yield, which would be either Pluto or Eris, or you can take other benefits into account. Saturn, for example, grants Orokin Cells and Nano Spores while Uranus has the benefit of dropping Polymer Bundles and occasionally being a Neo fissure.

Still, no matter the mission you picked, a looting Warframe and Smeeta Kavat will always be a great addition. Lastly, don’t forget your resource and drop chance booster and/or blessing if you want to see really good results. I wish you good luck farming!

Thanks for reading!


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