How to farm Sevagoth and Epitaph Parts – Sevagoth Warframe Released

How to farm Sevagoth and Epitaph Icon Warframe

How to farm Sevagoth and Epitaph Parts – Sevagoth Warframe Released

Our second Shadow-Warframe, Sevagoth, is released in the (currently) latest update: Call of the Tempestarii. If you’re interested in his abilities, I recommend heading over to my Complete Sevagoth Showcase because in this post I will cover how to farm Sevagoth, the Epitaph and their parts.


  1. How to farm Sevagoth
    1. Sevagoth Parts Locations
    2. Sevagoth Resources
    3. Sevagoth Neuroptics Resources
    4. Sevagoth Chassis Resources
    5. Sevagoth Systems Resources
  2. How to farm the Epitaph
  3. Ending

How to farm Sevagoth

First of all, the easy part: Sevagoth’s blueprint. Update 30.0 not only added Sevagoth but also its name-giving quest “Call of the Tempestarii”. Without spoilering, the completition of this quest rewards you with Sevagoth’s blueprint. It is a solo-only quest and requires you to have your own Railjack, be Mastery Rank 4 and have completed the quest “The Deadlock Protocol“. If you want to get a second blueprint to subsume Sevagoth, Cephalon Simaris sells them for 50k standing.

Sevagoth Parts Locations

Now to the actual farming… All the blueprints for Sevagoth’s parts have a 10% chance to be rewarded by Void Storms in the Pluto, Neptune or Veil Proxima. Following the trend of the quest, you will need to play Railjack missions to farm Sevagoth.

Once you’ve gotten the gist of the missions, you can finish one even solo in about 5-10 minutes depending on the mission type. Considering you usually get quite a few bonus rewards, Sevagoth isn’t as bad to farm as other Warframes (*cough* Khora *cough*). And you’ll be receiving Radiant Relics, Void Traces, Endo and some other stuff along the way which is nice.

Nekros Prime Desecrate Warframe

Tip: Bringing a looting Warframe such as a Desecrate Nekros is highly beneficial to farm any resource (except in Railjack). Here’s my build for Desecrate Nekros.

Sevagoth Resources

Fortunately, Sevagoth isn’t too expensive resource-wise. As usual, the Warframe itself only needs a few Credits, the parts and three Orokin Cells. You’ll find two guides for that just below the list.

  • 25k Credits
  • Sevagoth Neuroptics
  • Sevagoth Chassis
  • Sevagoth Systems
  • 3 Orokin Cells

Sevagoth Neuroptics Resources

  • 15k Credits
  • 6 Neural Sensors
  • 1200 Titanium
  • 750 Rubedo
  • 2750 Salvage
Neural Sensor Resource

Neural Sensors are a rare resource found on Jupiter or the Kuva Fortress. I suggest farming them by playing Defense with a looting Warframe such as Desecrate Nekros on either Sinai or IO, Jupiter. Sinai seems slightly faster, though on IO you can be rewarded with Meso D6 relics for Octavia Prime’s Systems. You can also run the Themisto Assassination on Jupiter because Alad V often drops Neural Sensors and you can look for deposits throughout the mission.

Titanium Warframe

Titanium is a very common resource in any Railjack mission. For this reason, you will most likely get enough while farming Sevagoth’s parts.

Rubedo Warframe

Rubedo isn’t rare to come by, too, as it is being dropped on Phobos, Earth, Pluto, Europa, Sedna and the Void. The fastest way to obtain Rubedo is widely considered to be the Dark Sector Survival mission Zeugma on Phobos.

Salvage Warframe

Salvage is commonly found on Mars, Jupiter and Sedna. Again, IO is a decent one for Salvage, too. Basically any other mission works though as long as you kill lots of enemies so don’t feel restricted. As always, a looting Warframe helps tremendously.

Sevagoth Chassis Resources

  • 15k Credits
  • 8 Morphics
  • 650 Cryotic
  • 2 Nullstones
  • 3300 Alloy Plates
Morphics Warframe

Morphics is one of the resources you will most likely already have. If not, run a few Assassination on Iliad, Phobos. It drops quite frequently.

Cryotic Warframe

Cryotic is rewarded by finishing excavators in any Excavation mission. Which one you choose doesn’t matter at all, it’s always 100 Cryotic for an Excavator (200 with booster).

Nullstones Warframe

Nullstones are a rare resource which you will find in Railjack missions. Farming Sevagoth will probably yield you enough but if not, play a few more missions and focus on destroying asteroids, etc.

AlloyPlate Warframe

Alloy Plates are a common resource on Venus, Jupiter, Sedna, Ceres, Pluto and Phobos. As you can see, it is anything but hard to come by but if you need a bit more, Gabii on Ceres or Tessera on Venus are good places.

Servagoth Systems Resources

  • 15k Credits
  • 2 Argon Crystals
  • 250 Oxium
  • 15 Asterite
  • 2959 Nano Spores
Argon Crystal Warframe

Primarily, Argon Crystals are dropped in any Void mission but Corrupted Vor and Containers in Isolation Vaults offer other possibilities of getting your hand on them. Because of that, Mot is a great mission as you will be killing (and possibly desecrating with a looting Nekros) a large amount of enemies while being able to explore to find deposits and having a chance of Corrupted Vor spawning.

Oxium Warframe

Oxium is one of the harder ones to get. It is almost exclusively dropped by Oxium Ospreys, an uncommonly spawning Corpus drone. While it has a 100% drop chance for Oxium it does not drop anything if it self-destructs by charging against you or a wall. Because of this, you should try to burst it down to reap its Oxium. I suggest playing Corpus Defense or Excavation missions to maximise Oxium drops. Also, a resource booster or blessing obviously helps a lot, too. Again, IO on Jupiter would be a good mission.

Asterite Warframe

Asterite is, again, a Railjack resource making it hard to farm other than simply playing Railjack. It simply drops everywhere at the same rate so go play some more Railjack, I suppose.

Nano Spores Warframe

And lastly, Nano Spores can be farmed on Deimos, Saturn, Neptune and Eris but I recommend Piscinas on Saturn.

How to farm the Epitaph

Farming the Epitaph is a simpler undertaking as you don’t need to craft every single part. Once you have gotten them as mission reward, you can craft them together into the Epitaph. On the downside, you need to obtain the blueprint as mission reward, too, but that’s still only three parts. For the Credits and Orokin Cells, I’ve linked my guides above. This list contains everything you need for the full gun:

  • Epitaph Blueprint
  • 20k Credits
  • Epitaph Barrel
  • Epitaph Receiver
  • 7 Orokin Cells

Similarly to Sevagoth, you will need to complete Void Storm missions but this time in the Earth, Venus or Saturn Proximas. In the Earth and Venus Proximas the drop chance for each part and the blueprint is 10% while Saturn offers a 15% chance for the blueprint and 12,5% for each part.

Ending: How to farm Sevagoth and Epitaph Parts – Sevagoth Warframe Released

If you enjoy playing Railjack, farming Sevagoth and the Epitaph will be a breeze for you. If not, well, I hope the other rewards motivate you enough! Anyways, you will find that the grind for Sevagoth is quite doable due to the relatively low resource requirements and high amounts of bonus rewards. Now you know how to farm Sevagoth and the Epitaph!

Thanks for reading!


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