How to get Lavos – Warframe Showcase Icon How to get Lavos Warframe Showcase

How to get Lavos – Warframe Showcase

The Alchemist Warframe, Lavos, has finally been released alongside his signature shotgun Cedo and the Operation Orphix Venom Event. This Guide will provide you with an overview on how to get Lavos and give you a quick showcase of what this alchemist is capable of.


  1. Lavos’ Ability Showcase
    1. Lavos’ Passive
    2. Ophidian Bite
    3. Vial Rush
    4. Transmutation Probe
    5. Catalyze
  2. How to get Lavos
    1. Resources for Lavos
    2. Resources for Lavos’ Neuroptics
    3. Resources for Lavos’ Chassis
    4. Resources for Lavos’ Systems

Lavos’ Ability Showcase

How to get Lavos Alchemist Warframe

Lavos’ Passive

There’s a few things special about Lavos: Firstly, he doesn’t use Energy but instead relies on a cooldown system. Because of this, Energy Orbs purge negative Status Effects when picked up and grant Lavos 10 seconds of complete status immunity. This has a cooldown of 5 seconds so with enough Orbs around you could keep this up indefinitly.

Secondly, all of his abilities have a hold-mechanic. When keeping the button pressed for a short amount of time, Lavos will add bonus damage to the next ability he casts. The type of damage depends on which ability you held down and since these are all elemental damage types you can even create secondary ones like Viral and Corrosive, too.

For example, Lavos’ first ability infuses Toxin while his second one infuses Cold damage. By holding down both keys you would combine Toxin and Cold, creating extra Viral damage for your next ability.

Here’s a picture explaining how to create all the different elements.

Ophidian Bite

Toxin Damage Warframe 1

Ophidian Bite inflicts Toxin and imbued damage to targets up to 8 meter in front of Lavos while healing him for 15% of damage dealt. This ability has guaranteed status proc and opens enemies up to finishers. With a cooldown of 8 seconds this keeps Lavos topped up with health while bringing some extra utility.

Ophidian Bite infuses Toxin damage on Lavos’ next ability.

Vial Rush

Cold Damage Warframe

With Vial Rush, you dash forward while throwing out Vials dealing Cold and imbued damage for a few seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 5 seconds and can be canceled mid-charge which dispenses all remaining Vials. Lastly, Vial Rush is granted when subsumed by the Helminth.

Vial Rush infuses Cold damage on Lavos’ next ability.

Transmutation Probe

Electricity Damage Warframe 1

Transmutation Probe sends out a Probe in the direction you are looking for three seconds. This Probe deals Electricity and imbued damage to enemies nearby and enhances Energy and Health Orbs as well as Ammo Pickups. Orbs turn into Universal Orbs which grant both, 25 Energy and Health, while enhanced Ammo Pickups replenish 10% of all equipped weapons. On top of that, each enemy shocked by the drone will lower the cooldown of all other abilities by 1 second each.

Transmuation Probe infuses Electricity damage on Lavos’ next ability.


Heat Damage Warframe 2

When using Catalyze, Lavos summons 9 drones and sends each of them in a different direction in which they fly in a zigzag pattern. On their way they set every enemy around them on fire dealing Heat and imbued damage and Status Effects. If an enemy is affected by one or more Status Effects before being hit by a drone, Catalyze’s damage is increased by 100% for each unique one. Unfortunately, Catalyze has a long cooldown of 30 seconds.

Catalyze infuses Heat damage on Lavos’ next ability.

How to get Lavos

After Operation Orphix Venom has ended, Lavos blueprint and parts can be bought from Father using Entrati Standing. You will need a total of 20k Standing with each costing 5k. Also, you will need to have the “Associates” rank with the Entrati to buy the blueprint. The three parts only require “Acquaintance” which is one tier lower.

For building the Warframe itself you will need:

  • Main Blueprint
  • 25k Credits
  • Lavos’ Neuroptics
  • Lavos’ Chassis
  • Lavos’ Systems
  • 3 Orokin Cells

and below you will find out how to get everything for Lavos!

Resources for building Lavos

Starting out with the most basic, here is my full farming-guide for Orokin Cells:

How to farm Orokin Cells the fastest way possible

and this is my farming-guide for Credits (if you even need one for 70k Credits):

How to farm Credits: A Guide on the Index

Resources for Lavos’ Neuroptics

Warframe How to Get Lavos Neuroptics
  • 15k Credits
  • 6 Trapezium Xenorhast
  • 3750 Copernics
  • 750 Oxium
  • 2750 Rubedo

Trapezium Xenorhast is obtained by refining Xenorhast using a blueprint from Otak. The raw material Xenorhast is found in the Cambion Drift as a gem which means you will need to mine the blue-ish spots.

For Copernics I recommend Railjack missions. You don’t need to specifically look for them there but rather get them on the side while playing.

Oxium is one of the harder ones to get. It is almost exclusively dropped by Oxium Ospreys, an uncommonly spawning Corpus drone. While it has a 100% drop chance for Oxium it does not drop anything if it self-destructs by charging against you or a wall. Because of this, you should try to burst it down to reap its Oxium. I suggest playing Corpus Defense or Excavation missions and bring a Nekros with a Desecrate build to maximise Oxium drops. Also, a resource booster or blessing obviously helps a lot, too.

Rubedo, on the other hand, isn’t rare to come by as it is being dropped on Phobos, Earth, Pluto, Europa, Sedna and the Void. You will most likely get enough of it while doing other things on these planets anyway, but if not, you can send out Extractors to any of these planets to passively collect resources or grab yourself a looting Warframe like Nekros and play endless missions on Dark Sectors or the Void.

Resources for Lavos’ Chassis

  • 15k Credits
  • 2 Argon Crystals
  • 5 Nitain Extract
  • 1500 Cryotic
  • 5500 Polymer Bundles

The rare resource Argon Crystal is mostly found in the Void but can also be dropped by Corrupted Vor who also appears in the Void or in containers of Isolation Vaults. Similar to farming Rubedo, I suggest doing a defense mission in the Void with a looting Warframe.

Nitain Extract is gotten the easiest by buying it from Nightwave Offerings or as a reward from Ghoul Purge Bounties during the Event. Other than that, there really are no decent ways to get your hands on them.

How to get Nitain Extract Nightwave Offering

As for Cryotic, you probably already know that it is rewarded after finishing Excavators in any Excavation mission.

Polymer Bundles are found on Mercury, Venus and Uranus with it being the primary resource on Uranus. For this reason, I suggest farming for it on Ophelia, Assur or Stephano if there’s a Fissure on the latter one. Uranus also drops Plastids which is always useful, too. And of course, don’t forget Nekros or a similar looting Warframe.

Resources for Lavos’ Systems

  • 15k Credits
  • 6 Cabochon Embolos
  • 5500 Nano Spores
  • 550 Hexenon
  • 3000 Circuits

Once again, Cabochon Embolos are the refined version of Embolos and those are gotten from mining blue mineral veins in the Cambion Drift.

Nano Spores are a very common resource found on Saturn, Deimos, Neptune and Eris. You will most likely already have enough of these but if not, a short Dark Sector defense mission with Nekros on any of the just mentioned planets will do it.

Hexenon is a special yet not very unique resource in that it is exclusively found on Jupiter and it is only used very rarely but it can be farmed like any other resource. Jump into a (Dark Sector) defense on Jupiter with a Nekros or send out a Distilling Extractor, that’s it.

Lastly, Circuits are again an uncommon resource found on Venus, Ceres and the Kuva Fortress. If you don’t already have enough of them, head out to Dark Sector defenses or Tessera on Venus for the lowest level.

Thanks for reading!


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