How to get the Proboscis Cernos, Bubonico & more

How to get Proboscis Cernos, Bubonico and more Post Icon

How to get the Proboscis Cernos, Bubonico & more

The Deimos Arcana Update brought with it a whole six weapons for us to enjoy and this post is going to tell you how to get the Proboscis Cernos, Bubonico, Catabolyst, Pulmonars, Sporothrix & Arum Spinosa.


  1. Proboscis Cernos
  2. Bubonico
  3. Catabolyst
  4. Pulmonars
  5. Sporothrix
  6. Arum Spinosa


How to get the Proboscis Cernos Guide Warframe

Yup, this is the fifth Cernos we got. Anyway, the Proboscis Cernos is the successor of the Mutalist Cernos and thus enhances its infested abilities. On impact it creates appandages that pull enemies together and explode in a seven-meter radius dealing Viral damage.


The blueprint is simply purchased on the market for 30k Credits.


  • 15k Credits
  • 1 Mutalist Cernos
  • 1600 Polymer Bundle
  • 5 Nitain Extract
  • 25k Nanospores

Nano Spores and Polymere Bundles are easy to find along the Star Chart while Nitain Extract is most easily gotten by buying them in Nightwave Offerings. Other ways to get Nitain Extract are by finding all three Caches in Reactor Sabotage or Ghoul Bounties during a Ghoul Purge Event.

Unfortunately, we also need a Mutalist Cernos to build the Proboscis Cernos and the Mutalist one requires another normal Cernos. Both, the Mutalist’s and the normal Cernos’ blueprint can be bought from the market for 20k Credits each. The Mutalist Cernos requires these resources:

  • 15k Credits
  • 1 Cernos
  • 1400 Plastids
  • 1200 Cryotic
  • 2300 Nano Spores

The only notable one here is Cryotic which is a reward for completing Excavations in any Excavation mission. Plastids and Nano Spores are best farmed together on Piscinas, Saturn with a Desecrate Nekros for extra loot.

The normal Cernos needs these resources:

  • 15k Credits
  • 3 Gallium
  • 700 Plastids
  • 600 Polymer Bundle
  • 1750 Ferrite

Gallium can be gotten as a rare resource on Mars and Uranus while the others are, again, easy to find on the Star Chart, especially with a Nekros.
Finally, when adding all these costs up including the purchase-cost of their blueprints you will need these resources to build a Proboscis Cernos from the ground up:

  • 115k Credits
  • 2200 Polymer Bundle
  • 27300 Nano Spores
  • 2100 Plastids
  • 1750 Ferrite
  • 1200 Cryotic
  • 3 Gallium
  • 5 Nitain Extract

How to get the BUBONICO

how to get new infested Bubonico weapon

With mostly Slash damage on its primary fire and Viral on its secondary one, the Bubonico is a very versatile Armcannon. Furthermore, it fires fully automatically with innate Toxin damage and a multishot of seven pellets on primary fire, or a three round burst combined with a seven-meter explosion on secondary fire.


Like the Catabolyst, the Bubonico can be bought in the Bio Lab of your Dojo for 15k Credits.


  • 20k Credits
  • 10 Mutagen Mass
  • 3 Argon Crystals
  • 1200 Plastids
  • 22000 Nano Spores

For Argon Crystals, see Pulmonars.
For Mutagen Mass, see Catabolyst.

How to get the CATABOLYST

how to get new infested catabolyst weapon

The Catabolyst is a secondary beam-pistol with innate Corrosive damage, high status chance and critical multiplier but low critical chance. What makes the Catabolyst even more unique is its reload mechanic. Upon reloading, you throw the empty magazine creating an explosion of Corrosive damage on impact with 59% status chance and awesome critical stats.


To acquire the blueprint your Clan will have to research it in the Bio Lab of your Dojo and after that you can pick up the blueprint for 20k Credits.


  • 30k Credits
  • 5 Scintillants
  • 4 Stem Roots
  • 7 Mutagen Mass
  • 10 Stellated Necrathene

Firstly, Scintillants are a rare resource obtained from Isolation Vaults, though luckily, after the Deimos Arcana Update the new Bounties have made it a lot easier to farm them. For more information check out my Guide on Isolation Vaults.

Secondly, Stem Roots are fish parts obtained from the new fish Flagellocanth or, again, Isolation Vaults as their Containers drop all sorts of Fish Part. As for the Flagellocanth, you can find him by using Processed Fass Residue at a hotspot on the surface of the Cambion Drift. They are active in both Wyrm-cycles and no matter the size, each fish will yield one Stem Root.

Thirdly, Mutagen Mass is often rewarded in invasions but can also be crafted using blueprints bought at the Bio Lab in your Dojo.

And lastly, Stellated Necrathene is the refined version of Necrathene which is a mineral found in the Cambion Drift, too. The blueprint is obtained from Otak in the Necralisk.

How to get the PULMONARS

how to get new infested Pulmonars weapon

The Pulmonars are infested Nunchaku with good status and critical stats that deal two thirds Impact and one third Viral damage. On top of that, they grant nine seconds of Combo duration instead of the usual five.


The blueprint of the Pulmonars is purchased from the market, too. It costs 50k Credits.


  • 15k Credits
  • 2 Argon Crystals
  • 24 Parasitic Tethermaws
  • 60 Devolved Namalon
  • 24000 Nano Spores

Primarily, Argon Crystals are dropped in any Void mission but Corrupted Vor and Containers in Isolation Vaults offer other possibilities of getting your hand on them.

Similar to Stem Roots, Parasitic Tethermaw is a fish part that may be found in Containers when playing Isolation Vaults but, of course, they are also obtained from fish themselves. In this case, it’s the Lobotriscid, a common fish found during the Vome cycle on the surface of the Cambion Drift.

Lastly, Devolved Namalon is built from Namalon, Ferros, Rubedo and Lucent Teroglobes with a blueprint from Otak. Namalon and Ferros are minerals found in the Cambion Drift and Plains of Eidolon respectively while Rubedo is very common around the Star Chart and Teroglobes, again, in the Drift.

How to get the SPOROTHRIX

how to get new infested Sporothrix weapon

An infested sniper rifle with 1% critical chance, 53% status chance and, once again, a Viral explosion on impact. And this is how to get this new weapon:

Blueprint and Parts

The blueprint as well as the three required parts, Barrel, Receiver and Stock, are all rewarded by the new Arcana Isolation Vault Bounties. Similar to regular Bounties, these consist of five stages with the Blueprint dropping in Stage 1, Barrel and Receiver in 2 – 5 and Stock in 4 – 5. Also, they only drop in the highest tier of these Bounties which means you will need to finish all three regular Isolation Vaults before being able to access this Bounty. The blueprint is the only untradeable part. For more information on what these Missions are and how to play them, visit my Guide on Isolation Vaults.


For the Sporothrix you only need one of each part and two Craniel Foremounts.

Unfortunately, Craniel Foremounts are quite hard to get as they are only obtained by filleting the Myxostomata fish. This fish with almost unspeakable name appears only in Cave Hotspots in the Cambion Drift at both Wyrm cycles and can be lured out with Processed Vome Residue. Well, at least you only need to catch one of these as they always yield two Craniel Foremounts.

How to get the ARUM SPINOSA 

how to get new infested Arum Spinosa weapon warfan

These new infested Warfan weapons shine with their high base damage and status chance while its attack speed isn’t bad either. On top of that, it primarily dishes out Slash damage with the ability to shoot projectiles that deal Toxin damage when performing Heavy Attacks.

The Arum Spinosa requires these Components:

  • 5k Credits
  • 2 Guard Parts
  • 1 Rivet Part
  • 1 Trapezium Xenorhast
  • 1 Cabochon Embolos

Blueprint and Parts

Like the Sporothix’s blueprint and parts, these can be farmed by completing Arcana Isolation Vault Bounties. Only this time, you will need to play the second tier which means after completing the second Isolation Vault you will be able to access this one. Again, the blueprint is potentially rewarded after the first stage while the Guard is dropped after the second through fifth and the Rivet after the fourth and fifth. Keep in mind, you need two Guards to build the Arum Spinosa. All parts including the blueprint are tradeable.


Trapezium Xenorhast and Cabochon Embolos are minerals found in the Cambion Drift and crafted from Xenorhast and Embolos respectively. Since you only need one of each and you are forced to play Isolation Vaults for the parts anyway, you will most likely get these as a reward from tier one Isolation Vaults. If not, you can mine the raw materials in the Cambion Drift and buy the blueprints from Otak to refine them.

Thanks for reading!


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