Ignis Wraith Build – The Famous Flamethrower

Ignis Wraith Build

Ignis Wraith Build – The Famous Flamethrower

Our favourite flamethrower, the Ignis Wraith, is a beam weapon capable of taking out large groups of enemies even at high levels thanks to its insane Status chance and innate Heat damage. As this stat-monster should be a staple in everyone’s arsenal, here’s my Ignis Wraith Build. 

Table of Contents

  1. How to get the Ignis Wraith
  2. Requirements of my Ignis Wraith Build
  3. Ignis Wraith Build
  4. Ignis Wraith Build Stats
  5. When to use the Ignis Wraith
  6. Conclusion

How to get the Ignis Wraith

First of all, how do you actually get your hands on the Ignis Wraith? Well, thanks to a group of very generous players you can get the blueprint completely for free! They’ve made it their mission to never have another player pay for its blueprint again. Try messaging them through their reddit post or simply ask in trade chat which can work, too. 

As for the other building requirements, the only really notable are five Detonite Injectors. You can get your hands on those by either playing Invasion Missions that reward them, buying blueprints in the Chem Lab of your dojo or doing the Level 30-50 Fortuna Bounty. The other resources needed are 30k Credits, 10k Ferrite, 5k Rubedo and 3 Argon Crystals.

Requirements of my Ignis Wraith Build

  • 6 Forma
  • Orokin Catalyst

Unfortunately, the Ignis Wraith only has a single Polarity on the Exilus Slot and that one is not even beneficial. This forces us to forma it ourselves a whole 6 times. 

Ignis Wraith Build

Warframe Ignis Wraith Build Modding

Ignis Wraith Build Stats

As already mentioned, the Ignis Wraith comes with innate Heat damage which means with the two Elemental Mods we put on, we only have two damage types. On top of that, Heat damage itself only deals half damage against Shields and the Viral Status effect of increasing damage to Health also doesn’t work on Shields, either. As a result, we are quite weak against Corpus but incredibly powerful when facing Grineer or Infested. Heat reduces their Armor and CCs them while Viral increases our damage output against Health. 

And keep in mind, with a Fire Rate of over 15 “bullets” per second thanks to Vile Acceleration, 90% Multishot and almost 50% Status Chance you will proc a lot of those awesome Status Effects. Combine that with a magazine size of 200, a reload speed of 1,7 seconds and infinite punchthrough against bodies, even large groups of enemies take mere seconds to set ablaze! 

Now we only add Vital Sense and Point Strike to make use of the awesome Critical Multiplier as well as Serration and Heavy Caliber to generally increase damage and you end up with 35k DPS

I haven’t Included an Exilus Mod in this build because frankly, the Ignis doesn’t need it and it would cost an additional one to two Forma as the innate Madurai Polarity of the Slot is extremely hindering.

When to use the Ignis Wraith 

I think you already got the gist of this Ignis Wraith Build but let me just get a little bit more specific.  

Obviously, Grineer and Infested are where this weapon shines as it can easily deal with Health and Armor, just not Shields. Furthermore, long ranges are also a problem for the Ignis as it only has a range of 27m but this weakness can often be mitigated by a good secondary gun, like the Euphona Prime which I also made a build for. 

As already established, large groups are its speciality, so where do we find Grineer or Infested in large groups at close ranges? Isolation Vaults come to mind but also most Survival missions.

As for Isolation Vaults, enemies in these Cambion Drift missions tend to spawn in groups and in very large numbers so that’s great. On top of that, you’re usually in small to medium sized tunnels so the infinite punchthrough comes into play greatly. Definitely a good choice to bring the Ignis Wraith there and by the way, a decent way to farm Orokin Cells, too.

In Survival missions, its ability to clear groups is especially useful as you want to have as much kills per second as possible to keep Life Support up. Not having to shoot every single enemy individually is perfect for that. 

Lastly, the Ignis Wraith is able to clear rooms very fast, too, which makes it suitable for Exterminate missions as well. 


Even though this Ignis Wraith Build requires a lot of effort to assemble, it will serve you greatly in many missions to come. It’s a real game changer against Grineer as well as Infested and will step up your game in those fast-paced Exterminate missions. 

Thanks for reading!


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