Isolation Vaults Guide: Necramechs, Scintillants & more!

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Isolation Vaults Guide: Necramechs, Scintillants & more!

The recently added Cambion Drift brought with it a very special Bounty featuring the new Necramechs, the very rare resource Scinitillant & more. To make sure you know exactly what to do and are perfectly equipped for what’s to come, here’s my guide on Isolation Vaults!

Table of Contents

  1. What are Isolation Vaults?
  2. Rewards of Isolation Vaults
  3. Isolation Vaults Walkthrough Guide
    1. Starting
    2. Necramechs
    3. Loid & Otak
    4. Puzzle
  4. Deimos: Arcana Update Bounties
  5. Secrets
  6. How to kill Necramechs
    1. Necramech Abilities
    2. Where to shoot Necramechs
  7. Gear Guide for Isolation Vaults
    1. Warframes for Isolation Vaults
    2. Weapons for Isolation Vaults
  8. Conclusion

What are Isolation Vaults?

First things first, what even are Isolation Vaults, you may ask. Found in the Bounty selection screen of Mother in the Necralisk, Isolation Vaults are an essential part of the Heart of Deimos Update as they are the only way to gain certain exclusive resources. There are tier one, two and three Isolation Vaults which you have to complete within one Vome-Fass cycle and in order.

Rewards of Isolation Vaults

The Rewards are a cornerstone of Isolation Vaults as many of them are unique to this mission. This includes Scintillants and Necramech parts which are needed to build Xaku and your own Necramech, respectively. Other loot includes:

Isolation Vaults Walkthrough Guide


Starting out, you enter the tier one vault mission in the Necralisk by speaking to Mother and then heading into the Cambion Drift. There you will have a waypoint leading you to a “Bait Station” which is just a stop-by until you’re shown the next few waypoints. These will lead to multiple residue areas with the objective simply being to pick up the residue.

Once you’ve done that, you need to return to the Bait Station and activate it upon which enemies start spawning and try to attack for some time similar to mobile defence. After that, pick up the concoction from the Bait Station and enter the marked cave until you reach an infested door at which you will need to throw the concoction to open it. Continue through the tunnels to reach another infested door and start another mobile defence. Here, simply keep killing the upcoming Infested to keep toxicity under 100%.


Now you’ve reached the ruins in which you will find one, two or three Necramechs waiting for you depending on which tier you are currently playing. To beat these, read the How to kill Necramechs” section below. On death, they may drop a Scintillant or parts of themselves which you need to build your own Necramech so make sure you pick them up! By the way, you can also find Scintillants flying around the ruins similar to Cetus Wisps. They look like this:

Warframe Scintillant Isolation Vaults Guide

Unfortunately, the next step isn’t well indicated in the game itself as it basically tells you to extract from the mission. Of course, you can actually do that and be fine with the Necramech parts but the majority of work is already done so you might as well finish it. To do so, look for this huge door:

Isolation Vaults Guide Door Activation

Loid & Otak

Activate the Crystal by shooting it with your Operator and Loid + Otak will spawn. To nobody’s surprise, this stage is basically another mobile defence. Loid and Otak will go through a series of four crystals to charge each of them before returning to the door at which you spawned them. Your job is simply to keep them alive on their journey though, admittedly, that’s not really difficult as the spawning enemies rather attack you instead of them.


Once you’ve all reached the door, the four small structures in the corners of the room will each display a symbol while the same symbols will start appearing on the door. Quickly memorize the symbols on the door and shoot the respective crystals in the right order. After that, enjoy the loot and continue to one of the two locations below and speak with Mother to access the next tier.

Warframe Cambion Drift Mother Locations for Isolation Vaults

Deimos: Arcana Update Bounties

As of the 20. November 2020 a new kind of bounties has been added to the Isolation Vaults. Again, there are three tiers of them with each tier being bound to the normal Bounty of the same tier. This means, you can finish the first Isolation Vault and then access the first tier of the new bounties, but to access for example the third tier of them you will have to finish the third Isolation Vault.

You find these new missions at the same mother you initially started the Isolation Vault Bounty at which is always the closest one to your location when exiting the Vault after the normal Vault Bounty.

After starting the bounty, you will have to return to the Vault and complete a series of objectives most of which we are already familiar with from the normal Combion Drift Bounties.

As for the rewards, they contain a lot of the newly added Arcanas and Weapon parts as well as awesome stuff like Necramech Matrixes and Mods, Scintillants and Endo. Here are the full droptables.

By the way, unlike the normal Isolation Vault Bounties, you can actually replay these ones as often as you like!


When exploring the Entrati Ruins you might come across locked, orange doors. These contain some extra containers or even a deactivated Necramech and can in fact be opened by charging the respective hidden crystals. The Wiki explains it as well as possible so I`ll just link you there.

How to kill Necramechs

Let’s talk about the core part of this mission: Necramechs and how to kill them.

Necramech Abilities

To start out, be careful of their abilities. The first one, Storm Shroud, is similar to Rhino’s Iron Skin (2) in that it makes them invulnerable for a short amount of time before adding a damage-negating buff in relation to how much damage they took while being invulnerable. On top of that, they reflect damage taken while the ability is active. As a result, you should abstain from shooting them whenever they go invulnerable.

Next up is Gravemines, which is basically a huge storm of grenades emerging from the Necramech. This deals huge amounts of heat damage in a 3m radius of every grenade so you should get away as fast as possible once they use this.

Necraweb is another ability and consists of a hurled projectile that will greatly slow you in a 20m radius for 20 seconds which is extremely annoying.

Lastly, they also possess a small nullification aura which is invisible. It prevents you from casting abilities and cancels active ones, too. On top of that, if you use things like Void Dash as the Operator, you will be thrown back into your Warframe so be careful if you use your Operator to dodge Gravemines for example.

Where to shoot Necramechs

If you like, you can shoot off their arms which will make them a lot less dangerous and show another weak spot were each arm was attached. To do so, you will need to aim at their shoulders. Just be aware that after some time they will go to pick it up again if you don’t kill them fast enough and upon losing both arms they will immediately cast Storm Shroud and Gravemines so step away.

So how do you actually get rid of them for good? In short, shoot the glowing weak point on the back. Its enclosed by these dark, armored parts and can sometimes be hard to see if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Warframe Necramech Weak Point
Necramech weak point

Gear Guide for Isolation Vaults

Warframes for Isolation Vaults


Warframe Octavia for Isolation Vaults Guide

Top of the list makes Octavia because of her exceptional damage buffing abilities and most importantly, Mallet (1). Mallet deals increased damage depending on how much enemy fire it absorbed and Necramechs put out a lot of damage. This means smacking a Mallet in front of them often results in a quick suicide on the Necramech’s part. Combine that with her Metronome (3) and Amp (4) ability and you will have no problems taking them out with your regular weapon, too, giving you another edge. As a result, she has no problems with Necramechs whatsoever and the usual Infested aren’t a problem either thanks to her awesome kit of damage-dealing but also supportive abilities.


Nova Prime for Warframe Isolation Vaults Guide

Next up, we have Nova or more specifically, slow Nova. As most of the Isolation Vaults are somewhat similar to Mobile Defence the slow of Nova’s Molecular Prime (4) ability can be extremely helpful against the hordes of Infested. After all, most Infested are melee which means if they can’t reach you, they can’t kill you. On top of that, the on-death explosion often leads to a chain reaction, dealing a lot of damage. As for Necramechs, the slow actually works, too! A Necramech that’s slowed by up to 75% is way less dangerous to you and your team making Nova a great pick. On top of that, Null Star (1) adds a little more survivability which is always great.

Looting Warframes

Bringing a looting Warframe isn’t a bad idea either. Though they aren’t exceptionally great at clearing enemies, the extra loot is always appreciated and considering the number of enemies spawning, you will have a lot to loot. Namely, Nekros because of Desecrate (3), Hydroid with the Pilfering Swarm Augment, Khora with Pilfering Strangledome or Atlas with his Ore Gaze Augment. Personally, I feel like Khora and Atlas are the best picks as they also bring decent damage in a good AoE to the table.

Damage Dealer

Last but not least, damage-dealing Warframes that can deal with all those Infested simply by getting rid of them very fast. Saryn, Mesa, partly Equinox and Volt come to mind, though the latter two also bring some utility. If you’re interested, here’s my endgame build for Mesa Prime.

Weapons for Isolation Vaults

As for weapons, we need to focus on two parts: Area of Effect (AoE) damage to fight the hordes of Infested and decently accurate, high damage weapons to deal with the Necramechs.


This is the simpler part because we don’t need too much specific gear. As already mentioned, it’s really just AoE damage so don’t take my small list as complete, I simply didn’t want to list every weapon with good AoE damage in Warframe.



Unfortuneately, there is currently a bug which prevents anyone but the host from using Punchthrough against Necramechs but especially if you are the host, this weapon is superb for the following reasons:

Warframe Stropha Gunblade against Necramechs in Iso Vaults

The Stropha is a special Gunblade that is exceptionally great at taking out Necramechs due to its innate Punchthrough. When built for Heavy Attacks you can basically shoot the weak spot from any side and deal a lot of damage as long as you are the host. A few shots will suffice to take any Necramech out. Even when not playing as the host it does a good job as long as you can hit the weak point. Here is my complete Heavy Attack Stropha Build.

Keep in mind that Radiation (Electricity + Heat) damage has the highest bonus against the Necramechs’ Alloy Armor. Only if you strip their Armor completely using Shattering Impact or even Amalgam Argonak Metal Auger, you should use Blast Damage.


Due to their high accuracy they are well suited to hit the small weak point if you are somewhat decent at aiming. As stated before, Radiation is king against Necramechs so you can really just use your Eidolon hunting sniper if you have one. Vectis Prime, Rubico Prime and the Lanka, among others, fit into this category.


While definitely not as quick as the Stropha, the Corinth shotgun isn’t bad at taking out the Necramechs, either. Its high damage can be devastating if aimed well. Just be aware that you will need to get very close to them so bring a tanky Warframe.


To wrap this Isolation Vaults Guide up, the most important things to remember are to focus on the weak point on the back of the Necramech and bring a weapon that can shoot that spot (or Octavia). Also, don’t forget where to find Mother for the tier two and three Bounty and don’t fail the combination on the Vault door three times or you won’t get in.

Thanks for reading!


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