Warframe Best Mesa Prime Build with Regulators and Arcanes

Best Mesa Prime Build and Regulators

Best Mesa Prime Build with Regulators and Arcanes

This Mesa Prime build with Regulators is designed to give you quite a lot of survivability while also dealing all the damage the Mesa Warframe is known for making it one of the best ones out there. Naturally, this makes it quite expensive but at the end of the post you will find an alternative which is almost as strong.

Table of Content

  1. Build Requirements
  2. Best Mesa Prime Build Mods
    1. Mesa Prime Stats
  3. Mesa’s Regulators Build
    1. Regulators Prime Stats
  4. Best Arcanes for Mesa Prime
    1. Arcane Velocity
    2. Arcane Guardian
    3. Arcane Energize
  5. Best Build for Mesa without Umbral Forma

Build Requirements

  • Orokin Reactor
  • 1 Exilus Adapter
  • 1 Umbral Forma
  • 6 normal Forma or 5 normal Forma and 1 Aura Forma

Best Mesa Prime Build Mods

Mesa Prime Build Umbral Best

Mesa Stats


Ability Power

Mesa is one of those warframes which use ability power in two different ways: Firstly it makes her deal more damage but secondly it gives her more survivability through Shattershield (3) which provides damage reduction.

With 234% ability strength we are at 95% damage reduction which is the maximum this ability can provide. Now combine that with over 1100 health and you get yourself a very tanky Mesa compared to other builds. One thing to look out for, though, is that Shattershield (3) doesn’t provide any damage reduction against AoE and melee attacks.

Also, this sweet 234% ability strength increases the damage she deals with Peacemaker (4) tremendously. With 100% ability power we would end up at 251.796 DPS using the build for her Regulators you will see below but with 234% power we are already at 650.577 DPS! This does not even include the almost 60% damage buff she receives from Shooting Gallery (2). By the way, this buff stacks additively with other damage mods meaning its calculated as if you had another +60% damage mod on your weapon.

Ability Duration and Efficiency

Meanwhile, 166% duration and 160% effiency allows us to cast Shooting Gallery (2) and Shattershield (3) at a combined cost of 50 energy for 50 and 40 seconds respectively. On top of that, activation of Peacemaker (4) costs 10 energy and drains 3,75 per second which is the minimum possible. With an energy pool of 531,75 that means we can cast Peacemaker (4) and keep it activated for a whole 2 minutes and 20 seconds assuming no other sources drain or supply us with energy.

Ability Range

On the other hand, these awesome stats come at the cost of range. Range affects two things on Mesa: The range which Shooting Gallery (2) will travel to stun enemies and the radius around you to which Shattershield (3) will send deflected non-hitscan bullets. Considering this, we really couldn’t care less about range.

In fact, having less range is even beneficial for us as it means Shooting Gallery (2) is more likely to stun melee enemies getting close to us because it has less targets to choose from. Now remember what I wrote in the second paragraph: “Shattershield (3) doesn’t provide any damage reduction against AoE and melee attacks.” This weakness is now partially eliminated by the fact that Shooting Gallery (2) will simply stun those melee enemies.

As for Shattershield (3), the deflecting part of the ability can be ignored because of the fact that enemies in Warframe have an insane damage to EHP (effective health points) ratio. This means, even if you hit them with a deflected projectile it will barely deal any damage which is why we simply don’t care about hitting them.

Mesa’s Regulators Build

Mesa Prime Regulators Build Radiation

Regulators Prime Stats

As you can see, this is a pretty standard build with high critical chance and damage as well as multishot and a lot of fire rate. Especially Anemic Agility is is good here because the faster you ramp up your focus with Peacemaker (4) the more damage you deal so fire rate is quite important.

On top of that, this build uses Radiation damage because there is a primed version of Heated Charge. That’s far from the only possible build, though! Going with viral damage by switching Primed Heated Charge and Convulsion for Pathogen Rounds and Frost Bite (for the extra status chance) is especially good when facing really beefy enemies as the viral status procs will ramp up and boost your damage. This version also needs one less forma.

Best Arcanes for Mesa Prime

Arcanes are always a nice touch in every build. Mesa especially can make unique use of one of them:

1. Arcane Velocity

Mesa Prime best Arcane Velocity

90% proc chance on critical hits120% fire rate bonus9s duration
On Level 5 Arcane

Arcane Velocity has a chance to increase secondary weapon fire rate whenever you hit critically. The fun part is, it works on Mesa’s Regulators, too! You will activate this nearly instantly whenever you start shooting giving you an extra 120% fire rate at level 5 which is perfect to further increase damage output!

If you’re not looking to increase your damage, here are some other great choices…

2. Arcane Guardian

ArcaneGuardian Best Mesa Arcanes

15% proc chance on damage taken900 armor bonus20s duration
On Level 5 Arcane

Arcane Guardian has a chance to increase your warframes armor upon receiving damage. As stated above, this build has over 1147,5 hp but no extra armor whatsoever. As a result, difference in EHP between 125 armor and 1025 armor is huge:

Health PointsArmorEffective HP
Without Guardian1147,51251625,625
With Guardian1147,510255068,125
Formula: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Armor#Effective_Health

As you can see, your EHP more than triples if this arcane procs while you’re full HP! Perfect for increasing survivability but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we got one more option…

3. Arcane Energize

Mesa Prime Build Best Arcanes Energize

60% proc chance on energy pickup15m range150 extra energy15s cooldown
On Level 5 Arcane

Arcane Energize gives a chance to receive extra energy for yourself as well as allies within its range whenever you pick up an energy orb. At high levels this arcane is extremely potent in supplying you with energy at an insane 60% proc chance and 150 extra energy. On top of that, your allies also receive the bonus energy if they are within a 15m range. Truly a great choice if you’re struggling with energy.

Best Mesa Prime Build without Umbral Forma

I’m aware this build is extremely expensive which is why here is a way to make it more attainable while keeping as much of its power as possible.

Best Mesa Prime Build Without Umbral Forma

Starting out, this build great if you don’t have an umbral forma (or don’t want to spend it) which is arguably the biggest challenge. After all, the only difference between this build and the original one is that you leave out augur secrets. Because of that, you lose 24% ability strength which is not gonna make or break you in most cases. On the upside, you are saving:

  • 1 Umbral Forma
  • 1 Normal Forma
  • 1 Exilus Adapter

By the way, if you want to add the umbral forma later on to complete the build, you should go ahead and already forma the exilus slot with the augment polarity and put Mesa’s Waltz in there like this:

Mesa Prime Build Without Umbral Forma

Otherwise, you would need to forma the normal slot where Mesa`s Waltz is in above once when putting together this easy build and another time when you finish it with the umbral forma. On top of that, you would still need to forma the exilus slot eventually.

Thanks for reading!

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