December 2020 Prime Vault Opening

Banshee&Mirage Prime Unvaulted Next Prime Vault

December 2020 Prime Vault Opening

The Prime Vault opened so let’s take a look at what fun things we can wish a warm welcome this time, shall we?


  1. When does the next Prime Vault Open?
  2. Which Weapons will the next Prime Vault contain?
    1. Euphona Prime Unvaulted
    2. Kogake Prime Unvaulted
    3. Akbolto Prime Unvaulted
    4. Helios Prime and Deconstructor Prime Unvaulted
  3. Banshee Prime Unvaulted
  4. Mirage Prime Unvaulted
  5. New Accessories
    1. Banshee Prime Accessories
    2. Mirage Prime Accessories

When did the December 2020 Prime Vault Open?

In time for Christmas, the Prime Vault opened on the 15th December at 2pm ET on all platforms. In these times of staying home, at least you can give your friends Prime Packs as a digital gift (or spend Christmas together farming Prime parts).

Which Weapons did the December 2020 Prime Vault contain?

Apart from two Warframes, we will get to farm three Weapons and even a Sentinel!

Euphona Prime Unvaulted

Euphona Prime in Next Prime Vault

The Euphona Prime is a very unique sidearm in that it has two firing modes: Primary fire shoots a single buck with incredibly high damage that’s quite accurate, too. Secondary fire is meant for closer combat as it is basically a shotgun with, again, high damage. Visit my Euphona Prime Build to learn how to get the most out of it.

Kogake Prime Unvaulted

Kogake Prime Unvaulted

These claw-like gauntlets shine with their high status chance and base damage. On top of that, it increases your movement speed by 5% when equipped which is a cool gimmick.

Akbolto Prime Unvaulted

Akbolto Prime in Next Prime Vault

With 36% Critical Chance and 2,8x Critical Multiplier the Akbolto Prime are one of the best critical hit secondary weapons. This is rounded off by a total of four innate polarities so you don’t even need to forma this gun often.

Helios Prime and Deconstructor Prime Unvaulted

Helios Prime and Deconstructor Prime in Next Prime Vault

These two are the stars of this Unvaulting (together with the Warframes of course!) as Helios Prime with his Deconstructor Prime gun is the single best Sentinel in most endgame scenarios. I’ve created a whole post about their amazing ability to increase critical damage output:

Helios, the Deconstructor and Critical Hits

Banshee Prime Unvaulted

Banshee Prime Unvaulted

Our sound-Warframe Banshee will be released from the Prime Vault featuring higher Armor, Energy, Sprint Speed and an extra polarity compared to her non-prime counterpart. Her kit is designed around crowd control, supportive abilities and some damage making her capable of nuking low level missions while staying useful in higher levels, too.

Mirage Prime Unvaulted

Mirage Prime Unvaulted

Mirage Prime is the second one to visit us back from the Vault. Being one of the popular nuking frames for Sanctuary Onslaught, I’m sure this will make many of you very happy. Comparing her to the non-prime Mirage, she brings more polarities as well as extra tankiness which can go a long way with her Hall of Mirrors (1) and Eclipse (3) abilities.

New Accessories

As usual, with the opening of the Prime Vault there are a few different packs you can buy for real-life money which feature the unvaulted equipment and/or new and exclusive accessories.

Banshee Prime Accessories

Banshee Prime Pack Accessories
  • Capella Prime Syandana
  • Ictus Prime Sentinel Accessories

Mirage Prime Accessories

Mirage Prime Pack Accessories
  • Abbera Prime Syandana
  • Atavist Prime Armor

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