Octavia Prime Relics: How to farm Octavia Prime fast

Post Icon Octavia Prime Relics: How to get Octavia Prime

Octavia Prime Relics: How to farm Octavia Prime fast

The music Warframe has gotten her Prime: Octavia Prime has been released on February 23. Since we all want to dance upon the dead bodies of our enemies as fast as possible, here is my guide on how to farm Octavia Prime, including Octavia Prime’s relics!

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  1. All Octavia Prime Relics
    1. How to farm Axi 05 Relics (Blueprint)
    2. How to farm Lith G3 Relics (Neuroptics)
    3. How to farm Neo Z7 Relics (Chassis)
    4. How to farm Meso D6 Relics (Systems)
  2. Resources for Building Octavia Prime
    1. Octavia Prime Neuroptics Resources
    2. Octavia Prime Chassis Resources
    3. Octavia Prime Systems Resources

All Octavia Prime Relics

How to farm Octavia Prime Warframe Picture

To keep this short: These are the Octavia Prime’s relics. Unfortunately, so far every part can only be found in one relic.

BlueprintAxi O5Rare
NeuropticsLith G3Common
ChassisNeo Z7Uncommon
SystemsMeso D6Common

First of all, it’s always a good idea to use spare Syndicate standing to buy relic packs if you want to farm a new Warframe. And don’t forget to use medallions you have lying around, too! Also, if you want to see every possible drop location for each relic, I linked to the wiki page in the table above.

How to farm Axi 05 Relics

Relics for Octavia Prime’s Blueprint are the hardest to farm and combined with the Blueprint being a Rare reward its gonna be by far the toughest to farm. Depending on which one you prefer, I suggest running either Disruption on Apollo, Lua, or Interception in one of these missions:

  • Xini, Eris
  • Berehynia, Sedna
  • Cerberus, Pluto

Both the Disruption mission and these Interception ones have in common that the relic only drops in Rotation B and C. Remember, reward rotations work in AABC order so you only have a chance to get the right relic as third or fourth reward before it restarts with A again.

How to farm Lith G3 Relics

Warframe Neuroptics Icon

To farm relics for Octavia Prime’s Neuroptics I recommend playing Hepit in the Void if you like Capture missions or Taranis in the Void if you rather play Defense missions.

How to farm Neo Z7 Relics

Warframe Chassis Icon

For Octavia Prime’s Chassis, there’s Belenus in the Void (Defense) or Kelpie on Sedna (Disruption). On Kelpie, I suggest restarting after the third wave as the relic only drops in Rotation A and B though with quite a high chance.

How to farm Meso D6 Relics

Warframe Systems Icon

Meso D6 Relics for Octavia Prime’s Systems are quite hard to come by as there’s no single mission dropping them very well. Still, there are some missions which have a decent chance to drop them in Rotation A which means as the first two rewards. Restart after those! These missions are:

  • IO, Jupiter (Defense)
  • Paimon, Europa (Defense)
  • Helene Saturn (Defense)
  • Ur, Uranus (Disruption)

Resources for Building Octavia Prime

Apart from the resources for the different parts shown below, you also need 5 Orokin Cells and 25k Credits to build them together into the Warframe using the blueprint. For advice on how to get Orokin Cells and Credits, check these posts:


  • 15k Credits
  • 8 Neural Sensors
  • 10 Control Modules
  • 250 Oxium
  • 3750 Salvage

Jump to Neuroptics


  • 15k Credits
  • 2 Argon Crystals
  • 8 Morphics
  • 1200 Rubedo
  • 4250 Ferrite

Jump to Chassis


  • 15k Credits
  • 2 Nitain Extract
  • 370 Cryotic
  • 875 Circuits
  • 4800 Nanospores

Jump to Systems

Octavia Prime Neuroptics Resources

Neural Sensors for Octavia Prime Warframe

Neural Sensors are a rare resource found on Jupiter or the Kuva Fortress. I suggest farming them by playing Defense with a looting Warframe such as Desecrate Nekros on either Sinai or IO, Jupiter. Sinai seems slightly faster, though on IO you can be rewarded with Meso D6 relics for Octavia Prime’s Systems. You can also run the Themisto Assassination on Jupiter because Alad V often drops Neural Sensors and you can look for deposits throughout the mission.

Control Modules Warframe

Control Modules are found on Neptune, Europa and in the Void. You will most likely already have 10 of them but if not, Psamathe, Neptune, offern a decent way to farm them by Assassinating the Hyena Pack.

Oxium from Oxium Ospreys Drop Warframe

Oxium is one of the harder ones to get. It is almost exclusively dropped by Oxium Ospreys, an uncommonly spawning Corpus drone. While it has a 100% drop chance for Oxium it does not drop anything if it self-destructs by charging against you or a wall. Because of this, you should try to burst it down to reap its Oxium. I suggest playing Corpus Defense or Excavation missions and bring a Nekros with a Desecrate build to maximise Oxium drops. Also, a resource booster or blessing obviously helps a lot, too. Again, IO on Jupiter would be a good mission.

Salvage Warfame

Salvage is commonly found on Mars, Jupiter and Sedna. As you already guessed, IO is a decent one for Salvage, too. Basically any other mission works though as long as you kill lots of enemies so don’t feel restricted. As always, a looting Warframe helps tremendously.


Argon Crystals Warframe

Primarily, Argon Crystals are dropped in any Void mission but Corrupted Vor and Containers in Isolation Vaults offer other possibilities of getting your hand on them. Because of that, Mot is a great mission as you will be killing (and possibly desecrating) a large amount of enemies while being able to explore to find deposits and having a chance of Corrupted Vor spawning.

Morphic Warframe

Morphics is one of the resources you will most likely already have. If not, run a few Assassination on Iliad, Phobos.

Rubedo Warframe

Rubedo isn’t rare to come by as it is being dropped on Phobos, Earth, Pluto, Europa, Sedna and the Void. The fastest way to obtain Rubedo is widely considered to be the Dark Sector Survival mission Zeugma on Phobos.

Ferrite Resource Farming Warframe

Ferrite is found on Mercury, Earth, Neptune and in the Void. Easiest place to farm it would be Apollodorus on Mercury which is a Survival mission.


Nitain Extract Warframe

Nitain Extract is gotten the easiest by buying it from Nightwave Offerings for 15 Creds or as a reward from Ghoul Purge Bounties during the Event. Other than that, there really are no decent ways to get your hands on them.

Cryotic for Octavia Prime Warframe

Cryotic is rewarded by finishing excavators in any Excavation mission. Which one you choose doesn’t matter at all, its always 100 Cryotic for an Excavator (200 with booster).

Circuits for Octavia Prime Warframe

Circuits are an uncommon resource found on Venus, Ceres and the Kuva Fortress. If you don’t already have enough of them, head out to Dark Sector defenses or Tessera on Venus.

Nano Spores for Octavia Prime Warframe

And lastly, Nano Spores can be farmed on Deimos, Saturn, Neptune and Eris but I recommend Piscinas on Saturn.

Ending – Octavia Prime Relics: How to farm Octavia Prime fast

And that’s how to farm Octavia Prime fast! Everything you need from Octavia Prime’s relics to the resources. Have fun grinding!

Thanks for reading!


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