Operation Orphix Venom Guide

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Operation Orphix Venom Guide

Orphixes are soon to appear in Railjack missions! Since they will work the same as in this operation, I will simply update this guide a little bit.

A new limited-time Event is out featuring a new Warframe as well as a good reason to put your Necramech to use! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know in this Guide on Operation Orphix Venom.


What are Orphix missions

In general, Operation Orphix Venom consists of three endless missions found under the “Event” tab on your Star Chart. It focuses around fighting off Sentients with your Necramech and this means, for the first time ever, we can use our Necramechs in normal Tilesets instead of just open worlds! But don’t worry, if you don’t have your own Necramech yet, there are inactive ones in each mission which can easily be taken over by using Transference (5) next to them. This Event ends on January 18 at 2 p.m. ET.

Orphix Missions Walkthrough

Once you are in the mission, you will soon see a marker like this pop up: Orphix Mission Icon

This is a Sentient Orphix, your target. These Orphixes have a big aura around them that deactivates Warframes which is why you will need to use a Necramech for this task.

How to destroy an Orphix

As soon as you are close enough to the Orphix, multiple red targets will appear. You need to destroy these before you can target the Orphix itself. As you do this, hordes of Sentients will spawn and attack you as well as regular enemies of the given Tileset so try not to get overwhelmed. After getting rid of the marked targets, return to the Orphix and shoot its “heart” which looks like this:

Warframe Operation Orphix Venom Heart

When reaching about 50% Health, the Orphix spawns new marked targets and turns invulnerable until you’ve once again destroyed those.

Sentient Control

Operation Orphix Venom Scoreboard

This is your first Orphix done but as I already mentioned, this is an endless mission and after some time, other Orphixes will spawn, too. This means, you will need to get rid of them at a similar speed as they spawn because every Orphix gradually increases Sentient Control. Sentient Control is what makes or breaks your mission as at 100% it forces you to extract. It is indicated in the top left corner of your screen alongside how many Orphixes are present at the time and more.

And that’s basically it, keep destroying Orphixes as long as possible and you will receive more and more Phasic Cells which are the Event Currency you can use to buy stuff like…

Phasic Cell Rewards

This part is speculation! I will update once we know more.

Father, being the mission control for this event, is willing to give you some exciting rewards in exchange for your Phasic Cells. The Rewards include: the new Warframe Lavos, new Weapons, Necramech Skins and Mods as well as Stance Forma blueprints and a whole collection of Arcanes. I recommend checking out my Warframe Showcase for Lavos or my post on the best Cedo build if you’re interested in those! Here are all the rewards you can buy:

Operation Orphix Venom Rewards 1
Operation Orphix Venom Rewards 2
Operation Orphix Venom Rewards 3
Operation Orphix Venom Rewards 4
Operation Orphix Venom Rewards 5

On top of buying your own rewards from Father, you will receive a rotational reward after every third Orphix defeated. These, too, reward Lavos and Cedo parts as well as Endo, Necramech Mods and all sorts of relics. For the official and full droptables, click here, press Ctrl + F and search for Operation: Orphix Venom.

Personal Opinion

As an end note, this seem like the first test to bring Necramechs out into normal mission tilesets so I want to give my personal opinion on this topic.

I feel like this endevour could work quite well in and of itself, though they need to give us a better motivation than simply forcing it. It doesn’t feel bad to run around in your huge killing machine except when the next target is 600m away. These things are slow as hell once you’ve depleted their energy and then it feels like ages to get to the next objective when compared to our very mobile Warframes. This could be mitigated by a faster transition between Warframe and Necramech but then you’re left with the question: Why do you even bother switching back into the Necramech?

Warframes like Mesa and Saryn are way more efficient at taking out enemies and, as just mentioned, they are way more mobile, too. So the only reason would be the Necramech’s durability. The problem with that is, in 95% of missions no Warframe has problems surviving anyway. You kill enemies instantly and if you get hit, between Shield Gating and the Operator’s Void Mode there is not much space for dying, especially for experienced players.

I would love to have a motivation to use my Necramech in normal missions but a good old Warframe is simply superior in any major way.

Thanks for reading!


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