Railjack Rework – 6 Major Changes you need to know [UPDATED]

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Railjack Rework – 6 Major Changes you need to know

A Railjack rework has been needed for a long time now. Thankfully, on Devstream #152 the developers finally gave us a few changes they are working on and now even released the full Dev Workshop! Keep reading to find out everything important about the Railjack Rework as condensed as possible!


  1. Avionics Changes
    1. Avionics as Mods
    2. Addition of the “PLEXUS”
  2. Command Intrinsic
  3. Gameplay Improvements
    1. Warframe Energy instead of Flux
    1. Railjack Design & Quality of Life
    2. Gamemodes
  4. Corpus Railjack Missions
  5. Orphixes in Railjack
  6. Grinding
  7. Conclusion: Railjack Rework – 5 Major Changes you need to know

1. Avionics Changes

Avionics are getting a few great tweaks. Some have been removed (with refund of course), others have been changed and all of them underwent these two changes:

Avionics as Mods

To make the system of Avionics easier to understand, DE turned all the Avionics into Mods! See for yourself:

Plexus Harness Railjack Rework Mods

Because we already know how mods work and how we equip them, this will make it a lot more intuitive for everyone. A very important thing to note, though, is that there are no health and armor mods! Instead, your Railjack now has a new component which : The Hull.On top of that, Dirac is turned into Endo with a ratio of 1:1 so you can level these Avionics/mods with regular Endo now!

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Addition of the “PLEXUS”

As the first point on their list of things to solve, the PLEXUS will be a system to personalize Avionics. This means, you will no longer rely on the Avionics the host who’s Railjack you are using has equipped but rather equip them on your own PLEXUS. As a result, you will have way more control over your strengths in the missions and aren’t relying purely on the host’s Railjack. Every time you join a mission, you can now play with the Avionics you want to play with. As you already saw in the picture above, there’s also an aura slot which works exactly like aura mods on Warframes! By the way, you can also forma the PLEXUS.

2. Command Intrinsic

Not only has DE changed lots of Intrinsics we already know, but now there’s a whole new one! By leveling the Command Intrinsic you will gain slots for crewmates. These crewmates will join you in your missions if you don’t have a full Squad of four Tenno so thanks to crewmembers, you will never run solo again! Of course, you will first have to hire them before they join you on your ship. To do so, visit Ticker in Fortuna who will put you in touch with different kinds of people with very different hire prices. This is important because every crewmate starts out with different competencies which you can level, too!

Railjack Rework Command Intrinsic Crewmate

The price of each crewmate is determined by the Syndicate it belongs to and, of course, your standing with them. A Syndicate that hates you will double the price while one you are friendly with might even lower it.

My personal favourite is that you can even use a converted Lich as crewmember!

3. Gameplay Improvements

Warframe Energy instead of Flux

As undoubtably one of the biggest changes in terms of gameplay, Flux is gone. For all your Battle and Tactical abilities, you will now use exclusively your Warframe’s energy pool. Not only does this mean that mods like Flow are extremely important but also that energy restores and Protea’s Dispensiary (3) will get you more energy for your Railjack. Last but not least, the Battle Forge will now be able to make Warframe energy, too.

Railjack Design & Quality of Life

These are more changes in the direction of quality of life and intuitive design which is always great.

Firstly, streamlining the Railjack interior and reducing it in size. Until now, its been quite confusing where something specific, like a leak, is located due to the layout of the Railjack. This will change that while at the same time reducing the distance you need to run.

Secondly, boarding a Railjack is too unintuitive. You will now no longer need to go into all the way into your Railjack to start a new mission if you don’t find an open slot but rather access it from the star chart… exactly like we are used to.


Railjack Rework New Missions Void Storm and Orphix

As for Gamemodes, DE is planning to add a completely new one as well as add a few returning gamemodes like Exterminate and Defense. This shall include a lot of things they planned for the actual release of Railjack like Void Storm missions and enemy ships using various methods to attack. As for a new one, its called “Volatile” and includes sabotaging an enemy ship from the inside to cause a reactor failure. Furthermore, there will be the Orphixes we’ve gotten to know in Operation: Orphix Venom but more on that below.

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As just mentioned, the Railjack rework will include “Void Storms”. We don’t know much yet but we do know that these missions will allow us to crack relics similar to fissures! It is planned that even vaulted Relics will be unvaulted for that including Ash Prime! Unfortunately, these are only planned for Update 30, not Update 29.10.0 so we will have to wait a bit longer.

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4. Corpus Railjack Missions

As we’ve been teased for some time now, we will not only have Grineer but also Corpus Railjack missions with this update. Apart from this short clip, we sadly didn’t get to see much, yet.

5. Orphixes in Railjack

If you’ve watched the clip above, you heard and saw the Orphixes from Operation: Orphix Venom which will now appear in Railjack missions, too. As far as I can tell, you will be infiltrating enemy ships to destroy these Orphixes. And for the icing on the cake, the mission rewards include Arcanes! This means, we finally get a second way to farm Arcanes apart from Eidolon-Hunting. Obviously, this means we will be able to use our Necramechs again!

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6. Grinding

As for Grinding, it has been heavily reduced in all aspects of Railjack. Firstly, the conversion of Dirac to Endo so we can farm it anywhere. Secondly, dramatically reduced cost and time to build a Railjack during the Rising Tied Quest. And thirdly, significantly reduced wreckage cost. (And you can buy a Railjack for Platinum now.)

Conclusion: Railjack Rework – 6 Major Changes you need to know

In my opinion, this seems like a huge step in the right direction. Especially bringing actually good rewards into Railjack like Arcanes and cracking Relics means aligning it with the rest of Warframe. Now, if new gamemodes make getting these rewards fun for the player, then Railjack’s future is looking bright. It may be a little late (they announced most of this at Tennocon 2018) but rather later than never.

To keep this short, I only went over the (in my opinion) most important changes so if you want to read the full Dev Workshop, here you go.

Thanks for reading!


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