Who is the next Warframe? – Complete Sevagoth Showcase

Who is the next Warframe Sevagoth Showcase Icon Warframe

Who is the next Warframe? – Complete Sevagoth Showcase

Devstream #151 gave us a whole lot of new information about the future and showed us the final form of the next Warframe: Sevagoth. Under codename “Wraithe” he has been teased before but now we actually know about his abilities, look and when he’ll be released. That being said, let’s get into the Sevagoth showcase!


  1. Sevagoth Abilities Showcase
    1. Reap
    2. Sow
    3. Gloom
    4. Shadow Form
    5. Passive
  2. Sevagoth Release Date
  3. Conclusion: Complete Sevagoth Showcase

Sevagoth Abilities Showcase

Sevagoth Showcase Concept Art Warframe

1 – Reap

Sevagoth’s first ability, Reap, sends out his shadow form to autonomously attack enemies. Of course, this alone deals damage, but on top of that it debuffs the enemies it attacks so they take more damage from all other sources, too. As already mentioned, it can work completely independantly but if you want, you can aim down your sight to command the shadow to fly towards the point you are aiming at.

2 – Sow

Sow is arguably the simplest of Sevagoth’s abilities. It covers every enemy in an area around you in darkness which drains their health for a period of time. The interesting part here is that the shadow of Reap will deal area of effect damage when attacking enemies affected by Sow. On top of that, said damage is based on the remaining health of the attacked enemy.

3 – Gloom

Gloom creates a large circle of dark energy which is always centered on him. Enemies within its radius are slowed while allies gain lifesteal. Gloom is a toggled ability so it doesn’t have a set duration but drains energy until you deactivate it. Furthermore, you can cast this ability before using Shadow Form (4) to gain its benefits while in your ultimate ability.

4 – Shadow Form

Sevagoth Showcase Soul Meter Warframe

In short, Shadow Form lets you play as the ghost of Reap (1), though to do that you need to fill up your soul meter which looks like the picture on the left (Sorry for quality, picture taken from Devstream). This is done by killing enemies affected by your abilities so be sure to use them. As for the Shadow Form itself, it has its own health pool and you can only attack with its melee claws. On top of that, you also gain three new abilities:

The first one pulls enemies in a cone in front of you towards you making it easy to kill them with your melee attacks. Additionally, it ragdolls them so they can’t fight back, too.

The second ability is a dash similar to Revenants Reave (3). When passing through enemies, you deal damage and heal yourself while sending their souls into the air. These souls slowly descend back down but until their host reunites with them he will attack both his friends and foes.

And the last ability is basically an area of effect Reap (1) meaning when using this ability you will affect all enemies in range with the damage amplifying debuff of Reap.


When downed, Sevagoth doesn’t simply enter bleedout but summons his Shadow Form for you to play as. If you manage to harvest enough souls in time, Sevagoth will be revived giving you another chance.

Sevagoth Release date

Unfortunately, Digital Extremes hasn’t given us an exact date. We know that Sevagoth is going to be released alongside Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii which is said to be out in March. On the upside, we will be getting a quest with Sevagoth!

Conclusion: Complete Sevagoth Showcase

Even though Sevagoth shares a similar theme with Nekros, I feel like DE has done a good job of making him very unique. His shadow isn’t an army of weak souls like Nekros’ but rather this single, very powerful one around which all of his abilities revolve. You use Sow (2) to increase Reaps (1) damage, you cast Gloom (3) before Shadow Form (4) to gain lifesteal and you need to affect enemies with all abilities to bring out your Shadow Form, too. That makes Sevagoth’s gameplay interesting even though his abilities alone aren’t as complicated as Lavos’ for example. Now, we only hope they balance him right and don’t make farming for him a pain.

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