Steel Path Baruuk Build – Best Warframe for Steel Path 2021

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Steel Path Baruuk Build – Best Warframe for Steel Path 2021

The monk Warframe, Baruuk, isn’t seen often even though his kit is incredibly powerful. He can be incredibly tanky due to multiple sources of damage reduction while dishing out huge amounts of damage in a big AoE! He excels at endless missions which is great to farm resources on the Steel Path, too. All this makes Baruuk with this Steel Path Baruuk build a strong contender for the best Warframe for Steel Path!


How to play Baruuk

Before we get into the build I want to explain Baruuk’s gameplay a little bit so you understand why we build him the way we do.

Serene Storm

Baruuk Restraint Meter

The core of his damage and kit is, of course, his fourth ability, Serene Storm. When activated, he pulls out his exalted weapon, the Desert Wind, which generates wind waves when hitting similar to Excaliburs Exalted Blade. These waves have a lot bigger AoE, though, making it easy to hit lots of enemies at once. On top of that, it provides us 40% damage reduction with sufficient Ability Strength (which this build has, of course). To keep this ability active, Baruuk doesn’t need energy but rather a low “Restraint” level. You have a little Restraint meter as seen on the picture which will refill while using Serene Storm.


So how do you keep it low? By using your other three abilities. The first one, Elude, lets you evade attacks but only while you aren’t attacking. Because we are always attacking, we can ignore Elude or replace it with another ability using the Helminth. Empower works well to add 50% Ability Strength to Serene Storm (4) but it’s up to you what you want to infuse.


Baruuks second ability, Lull, puts enemies around him to sleep and depletes his Restraint by 0,8% for every enemy put to sleep. We want to keep spamming this on groups of enemies whenever we are high on Restraint so we can keep using Serene Storm (4). The sleep itself isn’t of use to us as we want to kill everything as fast as possible anyway…

Desolate hands

And his third ability, Desolate Hands, gives important damage reduction. Depending on your Ability Strength, you summon a bunch of daggers around yourself which grant 10% damage reduction each up to a cap of 90%. If an enemy gets in range, these daggers will seek them out, disarm them and take 1,6% off of your Restraint meter. Additionally, they can duplicate and shield your allies and pets if you are close to them. These will hit enemies and erode your Restraint, too.

So in conclusion, you want to keep your 3 up at all times and hit lots of enemies with your 2 to keep your Restraint down. And as long as Restraint doesn’t reach 100%, you can keep punching everything in sight with this Steel Path Baruuk Build. In my opinion, the combination of all these factors make Baruuk the best Warframe for Steel Path.

Build Requirements

Steel Path Baruuk Build Requirements

  • Orokin Reactor
  • 6 Forma
  • Warframe Exilus Adapter

Steel Path Desert Wind Build Requirements

  • 4 Forma

Best Baruuk Steel Path Build

Ability Strength

As usual, this is an obvious one. 333% Ability Strength provides us with lots of damage on Serene Storm (4) as well as many daggers on Desolate Hands (3). To be more specific, Serene Storm has a base damage of 832,5 instead of the usual 250 and Desolate Hands (3) grants you 27 daggers so you won’t have it too often.

Reactive Storm

Reactive Storm Augment Baruuk Warframe

This is a must if you want to have the highest DPS. Reactive Storm is an augment for Serene Storm (4) which provides 250% status chance which is affected by Ability Strength. So with Desert Wind’s base status chance of 15% and 333% Ability Strength, you will have 125% Status Chance (0,15 * [2,5 * 3,33] * 100 = 124,875).

But that’s not all! With this augment, you will always deal the damage type the enemy is weakest to meaning it will change dynamically for each target!

Ability Duration

Duration is so low because we aren’t using Elude (1) for reasons explained above and it lets us recast Lull (2) more often. As I said, with this Steel Path Baruuk build we don’t care about the sleep effect, we just want to erode our Restraint and since Lull can only be recast once the duration runs out, low Ability Duration benefits us.

Ability Range

Cunning Drift Mod Warframe

And lastly, we add a little bit of range in our Eximus slot so you hit more with Lull (2) and Desolate Hands (3) can find targets more easily, be it enemies or allies. Sadly, this doesn’t affect Serene Storm (4) which is why we only add 15%.

Best Arcanes for Baruuk

Arcane Guardian

Arcane Guardian

Arcane Guardian is a classic to increase your Armor and thus survivability. Usually we have enough damage reduction through Desolate Hands, Serene Storm and Adaptation but in case our abilities are disabled or we lose our energy to an Ancient Disruptor for example, Arcane Guardian with Adaptation still help to keep us alive. On the Steel Path specifically, the Acolyte “Violence” can be a problem as he disables abilities within 20m of him.

Arcane Fury

Arcane Fury

Next to Guardian, Arcane Fury is the second Arcane I personally run in my Steel Path Baruuk build. It simply gives the highest reliable DPS increase by adding extra melee damage.

Arcane Strike

Arcane Strike

Arcane Strike can be an alternative to Fury should you not have it. It grants attack speed instead of melee damage which ultimately both lead to higher DPS. Arcane Fury is usually the superior one but you can also use both at the same time if you want to go full offense.

Best Desert Wind Build for Steel Path

Sacrificial Pressure Warframe

In essence, this isn’t anything fancy. A lot of crit mods because with 50% base critical chance and 2x critical multiplier, we need to build for that. Using Sacrificial Pressure instead of Primed Pressure Point actually results in slightly more DPS but you would need to use an Umbra Forma for that. Your call.

Other than that it’s just a little attack speed and a Primed Faction mod because it results in the highest DPS increase. If you REALLY don’t like faction mods, put another 90% elemental one in there but be aware that that’s quite a substantial hit to DPS.

Elemental damage type doesn’t matter thanks to Reactive Storm so we use Viral because Primed Fever Strike exists and the Desert Wind comes with the Vazarin polarity for North Wind. We don’t need extra status chance as Reactive Storm is more than enough. Don’t ask me why everybody on Overframe decides to forma away that polarity so they can put Corrosive for no reason at all…

Rant ahead!

Primed Heavy Trauma Warframe

Speaking of crazy builds on Overframe, DO NOT USE PRIMED HEAVY TRAUMA! I have no idea why nobody seemed to have had the idea to test it out before putting it in their build…

Primed Heavy Trauma actually only increases your damage if you deal Impact damage! If Reactive Storm decides that, for example, Radiation is the best damage type right now, Primed Heavy Trauma will have absolutely ZERO effect!

You can easily test it out in the simulacrum. Just take an empty Baruuk with only reactive storm and empty Desert Winds and then test it again with Impact damage mods like Primed Heavy Trauma and Collision Force. The very first hit always deals impact damage which will be increased but after that there is no difference between the empty build and the one with Impact damage mods!

And while we are at it, Condition Overload and (Primed) Reach don’t work on the waves either! Only the actual melee hit is affected by those.

Sorry for the rant but I’ve checked the current top 10 (by Rating) Desert Wind builds on Overframe and all of them have either horrendous DPS, Primed Heavy Trauma, Condition Overload or Primed Reach on it. Some of the ones with low DPS only require 3 Forma so I’ll give those a pass but most other ones even need 5. Whatever you decide to build on your Desert Winds, please do me a favor and don’t use any of the mods I just mentioned…

Baruuk Stat Stick

If you want to put the cherry on top of your Steel Path Baruuk build, you can use a Stat Stick for those sweet red crits. Basically, we want to reach a 12x Combo multiplier to benefit from the Gladiator Set. We can equip three mods of this set on our melee, which will grant 30% Crit chance stacking with Combo multiplier. This adds 12 x 30% = 360% crit chance to our build.

Relentless Combination Mod Warframe

Just put a bunch of Combo duration on it and definitely use Naramon’s Power Spike so your Combo counter decays instead of completely disappearing.

I like using the Orthos Prime for this as you can quickly build up the Combo multiplier due to its high range, attack speed and Slash damage plus status chance which you can take advantage of with Relentless Combination. Here’s a simple build without forma:

Thanks for reading!


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