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How to farm Aya fast Warframe

How to farm Aya fast & How to Get Regal Aya for Warframe Prime Resurgence

The latest event, Prime Resurgence, allows us to get a bunch of vaulted Prime Warframes, weapons and more through the use of two new resources: Aya and Regal Aya. Let’s look into how to farm Aya as fast as possible so you can get your hands on all the shinies you want! Contents How to…
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Operation Plague Star Guide

Warframe Plague Star 2021 – Full Plague Star Guide and Dates

Warframe Plague Star 2021 – Full Plague Star Guide and Dates After waiting for so long, Plague Star finally returns in 2021! To prepare you for some efficient runs, here is my full Plague Star guide. Contents Warframe Plague Star Return 2021 Plague Star Guide Walkthrough Stage 1: Find Thrax Toxin Stage 2: Mix the…
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Warframe Operation Orphix Venom Background Icon

Operation Orphix Venom Guide

Operation Orphix Venom Guide Orphixes are soon to appear in Railjack missions! Since they will work the same as in this operation, I will simply update this guide a little bit. A new limited-time Event is out featuring a new Warframe as well as a good reason to put your Necramech to use! Keep reading…
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