The Best Stropha Heavy Attack Build to kill Necramechs

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The Best Stropha Heavy Attack Build to kill Necramechs

If you’ve ever wondered how you can kill Necramechs as fast as your teammates, this Stropha Heavy Attack Build is the answer.


Build Requirements

  • Orokin Catalyst
  • 5 Forma or 3 Forma and 1 Umbral Forma

Mods for Stropha Heavy Attack Build

Warframe Heavy Attack Stropha Build Mods

Stats of Stropha Heavy Attack Build

Damage Output of this Stropha Heavy Attack Build

Attack Speed1
*On ranged shots
Critical Chance112,5%
Critical Multiplier5,9x
Status Chance14%
Slam Radius5m
Initial Combo30 (2x)

Now, these numbers don’t seem too impressive, do they?

But remember, this is not any other build, this is a heavy attack build so lets look at the numbers for heavy attacks!

Critical Chance195%
Critical Multiplier5,9x

More damage and a Wind-Up time of only 0,18 seconds due to Amalgam Organ Shatter and Killing Blow.

That’s a lot better already but there’s more:

This doesn’t include the Combo and Critical Multiplier, yet. Let’s run those numbers.

Critical Chance195%
Critical Multiplier5,9x

That’s more like it! Over 400k damage with each shot on average sounds quite insane and it truly is. Not many enemies can withstand this for long and seeing these numbers popping up feels great, too, which is why I encourage you to try this build out. As a lot of factors play into this number you will find some math in the next paragraphs but if you’re not interested, you can gladly skip those.

Some Math

(You can skip this if you don’t want to read it)

First, we start with our Base Damage of 4.655. Then, we add the 4x multiplier that Gunblades receive when performing heavy attacks according to this table, so 4.655 * 4 = 18.620. Thanks to Corrupted Charge, we always benefit from a Combo Counter of 30 which is a 2x multiplier, too. 18.620 * 2 = 37.240. Now, we add the Critical multiplier of 5,9x which means 37.240 * 5,9 = 219.716. Keep in mind, that our Critical Chance lies at a comfortable 195% so 19 out of 20 times we will actually deal a whopping 37.240 * 11,8 = 439.432 damage! This results in an average damage/hit of 428.446,2.

On top of that, 64,3% of this damage is Radiation which has another 75% bonus damage against the Necramechs’ Alloy Armor! That means an average damage of 669.447,19. Lastly, their 400 Armor reduce damage by 57,14% so we end up at around 286.925,07. Now, in-game things like Corrosive Projection or damage falloff will also alter those damage numbers so don’t expect to deal exactly this amount but still, I find it fun to theorise what’s possible.


After all this complicated stuff, let’s get into some lighter recomendations to get the best out of your Stropha.

How to kill Necramechs with a Stropha Heavy Attack Build

Firstly, I want to mention that I made a full guide on Isolation Vaults in which I explain in greater detail how to kill Necramechs while even featuring the Stropha. Here’s the link.

Primed Fever Strike

Secondly, if you are using your Stropha against other enemies than Necramechs, it can make sense to switch one of the elemental Mods for Primed Fever Strike as it provides more damage.

Primed Fever Strike Toxin Melee Mod Warframe

Adarza Kavat

The Adarza Kavat can further increase your damage output thanks to its Cat’s Eye ability increasing your Critical Chance by a flat 60%. This leaves you at 255% Crit Chance which is awesome considering the insane 5,9x Crit Multiplier. Just be aware that you will have to bring a very tanky Warframe and the Link Health Mod if you want it to stay alive against Necramechs. Otherwise, with the Medi-Pet Kit Mod you can leave the Cat in bleedout phase until you’ve killed the the Mech which doesn’t take long with this Stropha Heavy Attack build, anyway.

Cat's Eye Mod Adarza Kavat Warframe
Link Health Mod
Medi-Pet Kit Mod

Acquisition of the Stropha

Fourthly, the parts to build the Stropha are obtained from the Granum Void while the Blueprint is dropped by the Jackal on Venus. Here’s some more specific info.

Squishy Warframes

And lastly, I advice against using the Stropha with squishy Warframes. Due to the nature of heavy attacks you are always forced to stand still while shooting which can often be a death sentence for those Frames. While you will oneshot almost every enemy with this build, you cannot always hit 360° around you making you quite vulnerable.

Conclusion: The Best Stropha Heavy Attack Build to kill Necramechs

To end this off, the Stropha especially with this build can take down any Necramech within seconds. What you need to worry about is enabling it to do that which means bringing a decently tanky Warframe or positioning well. Just use the advice I gave here and in the Isolation Vault guide and let the magic happen. Have fun!

Thanks for reading!


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