The Great Ensmallening

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The Great Ensmallening

On the 9th September 2020 [DE]Glen created a post on the Warframe Forums named: “The Great Ensmallening”

What The Great Ensmallening is about

Glen’s own TLDR is the following:

TLDR: We’re going to free up 6.6GB of space on PC next week but we need a 6.5GB update to do it. Most platforms will see similar improvements.

[DE] Glen – Source

As you can see, we’re getting some disk space back but theres more to this update than what Glen’s TLDR reads.

Lets cut right to the chase, in total they are planning to free at least 15GB of disk space, but divided into three parts. The first part were the above mentioned 6.6GB but the other two parts will come some time in the rest of 2020, too!

To achieve this, Digital Extremes is using Oodle Texture to reduce the size of files while barely reducing the quality of textures, etc. Check out the before and after pictures in their post and see if you can find any differences.

Reduced file sizes means your machine has less data to load which results in shorter loading times. On top of that, DE is optimizing old formats in terms of quality and performance while they’re at it.

The downside though, are those three big updates. Yes, we actually have to download all these newly “ensmallened” files, there’s no way around that. DE planned for a 6.5GB (in reality it was 6.9GB) update for a reduction in file sizes of 6.6GB so about a ratio of 1:1. As a result, we can assume that we have to download at least 15GB of data in total which means the other two updates will still be at least 8.4GB.


  • at least 15GB of free disk space
  • shorter loading times
  • three updates to download, one already done
  • about 8.4GB left to download
  • finished until the end of the year

Thanks for reading!


Update: Mastery Rank 30, Nezha Prime, Nightwave & more!

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