The New War release date, crossplay and cross save: Warframe’s biggest Updates

The New War Release Date

The New War Release Date, crossplay and cross save: Warframe’s biggest Updates

The New War is coming and with it a new Warframe, more lore and even new gameplay mechanics! The biggest Update in Warframe’s history is right around the corner but that doesn’t mean it’s going to get boring afterwards. The long awaited feature to play together with your friends on other platforms is already in the works, too! Below you’ll find out everything about The New War release date, as well as crossplay and cross save in Warframe.


The New War Update

First of all, The New War centers around a huge quest which can take up to 8 hours to complete depending on your playstyle! As a reference, Rebecca, the community director, took 4 hours and 45 minutes on her first playthrough. It’ll be entirely solo and cannot be replayed at launch (so maybe don’t take your pink Rhino). To prepare for this quest you need to have a Railjack, a Necramech and all the story quests completed. Since we can expect to fight lots of Sentients in this quest, I also recommend having an Excalibur Umbra and/or the Paracesis at the ready, as they are able to reset the their damage resistance.

Other than that, we’ll be getting Harrow Prime and a whole new Warframe: Caliban! More on him below.

The New War Release Date

Release Date

The New War will be released on December 15th!

While it is separated into three acts, all will be playable on the 15th.

New Warframe Caliban

New Warframe Caliban

The New War comes with the brand new Sentient-themed Warframe Caliban and his Scythe, the Venato!

Below you’ll find the showcases of his abilities or check out the whole article on

Official Trailers

Crossplay and cross save in Warframe

Crossplay allows us to play on our PC with our friends on Playstation, for example! You will no longer be limited by which platform any of you are playing on! But it gets even better: With cross save you can change the platform yourself! So no matter where you originally started playing Warframe, you can now switch around however you like. Wanna move from your PC to the couch? Just keep playing on your Playstation or Xbox. Bored on the train? Pull out your phone and continue!

Warframe Crossplay Cross save release

Crossplay platforms

As it stands right now, we will be getting crossplay and cross save for PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and even Mobile so virtually every platform!

Crossplay release

Crossplay and cross save will be coming in 2022! Unfortunately, Digital Extremes hasn’t given us a specific date yet but considering they claimed to have already hunted an Eidolon together on four different platforms, some groundwork must’ve already been done.

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  1. Losopher says:

    I hope it happens soon. I ditched my playstation days years ago and sadly haven’t been able to play warframe since i bought a pc and didn’t want to start over i spent hundreds of hours on the PlayStation but have moved to PC gaming and it’s really sad that this is the only thing keeping me from playing i hope to jump back in soon it’s honestly my favorite game ever..

    • Lars says:

      I hope so too but since they just released The New War, I think it will take a few more months sadly. :/
      There’s so many people who can’t play because of different platforms.

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