Top 10 Best Melee Weapons for Beginners – Warframe Guide 2021

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Top 10 Best Melee Weapons for Beginners – Warframe Guide 2021

Due to the huge amount of different weapons, it can get very confusing which ones are actually reasonable to farm and which ones are even worth it for new players. For this reason, here is my opinion on the top 10 best melee weapons for beginners! Please use this as a guideline instead of a list you need to follow as there are other weapons which may just be more fun to you!

All weapons are sorted by their Mastery Rank requirement, or MR for short. This is NOT sorted by which weapon I think is the best.

Overview: Top 10 Best Melee Weapons for Beginners

  1. Orthos
  2. Galatine
  3. Nikana
  4. Guandao
  5. Bo
  6. Xoris
  7. Atterax
  8. Dual Raza
  9. Pennant
  10. Hate



Warframe Orthos Best Melee Weapon for Beginners

The Orthos is a simple polearm with low attack speed, high slash damage and decent status chance. Its biggest strength is the incredible range of 3m making you able to hit a lot of enemies simultaneously. You can buy its blueprint from the market while its resources aren’t hard to get either. Only Mastery Rank 2 is required to use the Orthos. Alternatively, the Scindo acts similarly to the Orthos with the same attack speed, slightly higher damage but shorter range.



Warframe Galatine Melee Weapon

Next up is the Galatine. This heavy blade deals 95% slash damage while benefitting from 20% status chance, great range and the fastest attack speed of all heavy blades. It requires MR3 to build and its blueprint is purchaseable from the market. On top of that, (SPOILERALERT) it builds into the Paracesis which is another weapon you will build later on within a quest.



Warframe Nikana starter weapon

The Nikana is a MR4 weapon and relatively expensive to build early on. Namely, it requires a Forma and 3 Argon Crystals among other things. On top of that, you get its blueprint from the Tenno Lab in Clan Dojos so you will also have to join a Clan to get the Nikana. On the other hand, it has good critical stats, status chance and slash damage and most importantly: It builds into the Dragon Nikana for hardly any further investment. Once you hit MR8, you can buy the Dragon Nikana’s blueprint from the market, add an Argon Crystal and 75 Oxium and you’ve got yourself a great melee weapon for the mid-game, too!



Warframe Guandao Beginner Melee Weapon

As the next polearm on the list, the Guandao is for people that fell in love with the long range of the Orthos. It inherits the same 3m range while featuring slightly higher damage but lower attack speed. But thats not all because with 28% critical chance and 2.2x critical multiplier, the Guandao takes the cake for the highest critical stats of all polearms except for its own Prime counterpart. At MR4 you might already have gotten a few critical chance, critical damage and attack speed mods so slam them on it and start dealing some serious damage. The blueprint is gotten from the Tenno Lab in your Clan’s Dojo and as it’s quite cheap resource-wise, too, the Guandao is easily one of the best melee weapons for beginners and even intermediates.



Warframe Bo Best Melee Weapon for Beginners

Some of you may already be familiar with the MK1-Bo from the very start of the game but the regular Bo features some unique advantages. Considering it’s a MR4 weapon, it has got decent damage with good status chance and great range though it admitably can’t challenge the Guandao with them. Still, it’s easy to build with a blueprint from the market and some basic resources and can be combined with the Kunai into the Tipedo. At MR9 you can even upgrade the Tipedo into the Lesion which is an incredible status beast. With innate Toxin damage, 37% status chance and great attack speed, the Lesion is an awesome goal to work towards. This opportunity makes the Bo a solid starter weapon with good long-term prospects.



Xoris Melee Weapon for Beginner Warframe

The Xoris glaive makes the list of the best melee weapons for beginners because it is very easy to get and allows for interesting possibilities. Simply finish the MR4 quest “The Deadlock Protocol” and you will be able to build it for just a few additional credits. The interesting part about the Xoris is not the good critical stats or attack speed but rather the infinite combo duration. Once you’ve built it up, you can benefit from it for the whole mission which gives the Xoris a lot of potential if equipped with the right mods. Namely, these mods are Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds and Condition Overload which are arguably not that easy to get but increase your Xoris’ damage like nothing else. They can all be gotten on Deimos by either Bounties (Lvl. 15-25 for Weeping Wounds; Lvl 25-35 for Blood Rush) or from rare mobs (Condition Overload) but aren’t a must to use this weapon, either!



Atterax Starter Weapon

As the first whip on our list, the Atterax has been a stable even in endgame arsenals just some time ago. After some changes that changed but with nice critical stats, good status chance and lots of slash damage it’s still a great weapon for beginners. Resource costs are a little higher than for most other weapons I’ve mentioned but the blueprint can be bought from the market. Your Mastery Rank needs to be at least five to build the Atterax. Keep in mind that the absolute strength of it lies in slide-attacks as whip combos can be a bit wonky. As a result, if you manage to get the Maiming Strike mod from the level 15-25 bounty on Deimos, you can expect some serious critical hits!


Dual Raza

Dual Raza Warframe Melee Weapon

The Dual Raza is mainly on this list for Mastery points. It can be build by buying the blueprint from the Tenno Lab in your Dojo and requires the Dual Kamas among other resources. The Dual Kamas themselves require a blueprint from the market, an Orokin Cell and two Kamas. The blueprint for the Kama is gotten from the market, too. Kama and Dual Kamas have a Mastery requirement of one while the Dual Razas need MR6. With a 3x critical multiplier and 25% critical chance the Dual Razas aren’t bad but, as I said, they aren’t one of the best melee weapons for beginners purely because of their ability in combat but also because of the amount of mastery points you can earn on the way.



Pennant Best Melee Weapons Warframe

The Pennant is a so-called “two-handed Nikana” and features a wide set of awesome stats. Mainly, its critical chance and multiplier are incredible at 32% and 2.4x but also its range of 3m and base damage of 200 are great. On top of that, your attack speed increases when killing something with a heavy attack. Of course, this comes at a price as its quite hard to get the blueprint.

You need to kill special commanders in Empyrean missions for a 7,61% chance of it dropping. I suggest running “Kasio’s Rest” in the Saturn Proxima because there will always be a Grineer Asterioud base which you need to enter to find either a “Glacik” or “Lektro” Commander. Next to the blueprint you also need 2 Tellurium, 2100 Rubedo, 1550 Polymere Bundles, 5300 Ferrite and MR7 so building the Pennant is by no means cheap but for this investment you not only have one of the best melee weapons for beginners but also all the way up to endgame, too!



Warframe Best Melee Weapons for beginners Hate Scythe

The Hate is kind of hard to farm for as it exclusively drops from the Stalker but if you are lucky to get it early on it will serve you very well. Great base damage, high critical chance, high critical multiplier, decent status chance and great range make this scythe one of the best melee weapons for beginners. Unfortunately, it requires MR8, quite a few resources and of course a lot of luck to have the blueprint drop.

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