Top 5 Rhino Builds – In-depth Beginner to Veteran Guide

Rhino Prime Builds 2020 Warframe

Top 5 Rhino Builds – In-depth Beginner to Veteran Guide

Warframe Top 5 Rhino Builds Beginner to Veteran Icon

Do you own Rhino? You should because Rhino is simply the one Warframe that is awesome for the whole game when equipped with one of the Top 5 Rhino Builds. He’s easy to get, very versatile and incredibly powerful so there is really no reason not to have Rhino in your arsenal!

Built as most players’ first new Warframe, Rhino can be picked up as early as Venus by killing the Jackal. From that point forward, he can take you through the Star Chart, the Index, Eidolon Hunts and even the Steel Path if you manage to unlock his full potential. For this purpose, I have created this post to guide you through all the best possible Rhino (Prime) builds, starting from a new player who just finished Venus, over the more experienced one who’s trying his hand at Tridolon Hunts to the Veteran who’s using Rhino Prime to beat the Steel Path.


  1. Best Beginner Rhino Build
  2. Resilient Iron Skin Rhino Build for Endgame
    1. Ability Strength and Armor
    2. Energy Conversion
    3. Iron Shrapnel
    4. Which Aura Mod is the Best for Rhino Builds?
    5. Forma Requirements of the best Iron Skin Rhino Build
  3. Roar Buffer Rhino Build for Incredible Damage Increase
  4. Fastest Rhino Builds for the Index
    1. Beginner Index Rhino Build
    2. Veteran Index Rhino Build
  5. Powerful Rhino Eidolon Hunting Build
  6. Best Arcanes for Rhino Builds
    1. Arcane Guardian
    2. Arcane Tanker
  7. A Word about Ironclad Charge

Best Beginner Rhino Build

Warframe Beginner Best Rhino Build

For beginners, I prepared an Allrounder Build as at that time you won’t have the mods to enable a more specific one. It includes all the standard mods for the four Ability-Stats as well as some Armor because Iron Skin’s (2) values are based on that, too. That should result in decent numbers on one of the greatest tanking abilities in the whole game and provide everything you need for Roar (3) and Rhino Stomp (4) on top of that.

These are all basic stat mods dropped in the Plains of Eidolon so with a bit of luck you will get these on the side while playing. As for the Aura, you won’t really have a big collection at the beginning of the game so use what sounds coolest!

Keep in mind, if you’re a newer player and just built Rhino, its completely normal to not have every mod listed in this build and you will definitely not have them maxed out. Rhino easily makes it through the Star Chart with very few mods so just use what you have at the moment and add/upgrade the other mods and possibly the Orokin Reactor as you get them. No need to burn yourself out over farming them for now, Rhino is strong enough by himself.

Resilient Iron Skin Rhino Build for Endgame

Best Rhino Iron Skin Build for Endgame in Warframe Steel Path

Iron Skin (2) is what makes Rhino beloved so let’s see how we can get the most out of this awesome ability!

Ability Strength and Armor

Primarily, this build is stacked with a mixture of Armor and Power Strength simply because those directly affect the amount of Iron Skin-Armor we receive. The new Carapace mods from the Cambion Drift are helping us tremendously in our endeavour thanks to their great Armor values.

By the way, I chose Blind Rage instead of Transient Fortitude because it not only provides more Strength but it also doesn’t reduce the duration of Roar (3) or even Rhino Stomp (4). As a result, whenever we have some energy to spare we can use those abilities to give our team another edge. But on the other hand, if you feel like efficiency is too low, you can switch Augur Secrets for Streamline.

Energy Conversion

As for Energy Conversion, this is a mod that is often overlooked as it is only being sold by Cephalon Simaris for 100k standing and it only applies its 50% Power Strength bonus on the next ability cast after picking up an Energy Orb. Since this is a build focused on Iron Skin (2), though, that’s really not a huge problem because we don’t plan on casting too many abilities anyway. We only want to refresh Iron Skin once in a while and maybe buff ourselves with Roar (3) occasionally which this mod is perfect for. If you really don’t like Energy Conversion or don’t have it yet, Transient Fortitude is a good substitute.

Iron Shrapnel

Speaking of which, Iron Shrapnel allows us to recast Iron Skin whenever we want instead of having to wait for it to break. This is incredibly useful because it will mostly break whenever you are under heavy fire (for obvious reasons) which is arguably the worst situation for it to happen. With the Augment mod, you can seek cover or wait for a calm second and recast Iron Skin in safety. On top of that, it doesn’t need to be levelled up as we really don’t care about the damage it deals but rather the simple possibility to recast our signature ability.

Which Aura Mod is the Best for Rhino Builds?

Lastly, I chose Corrosive Projection for the Aura slot as it usually increases damage more than any other Aura mod and the alternatives aren’t too appealing, in my opinion. Growing Power is one of said alternatives but it requires you to inflict a status effect with one of your weapons before giving you an actual buff. Combined with the prerequisite of Energy Conversion and possibly an Arcane (more on that later), I feel like that is too much to look out for just to cast Iron Skin once. Also, the 25% Power Strength it adds isn’t overwhelming in the first place. Still, especially against Corpus, Corrosive Projection falls off so you might want to use an Aura Forma so you can seamlessly switch around.

Requirements of the Best Iron Skin Rhino Build

This build requires an Orokin Reactor and 3 Forma one of which can be an Aura Forma as just mentioned. You will still have three capacity points left on normal Rhino or six on Rhino Prime as he has an innate Naramon polarity for Augur Secrets. If you are using Rhino Prime and want to maximise your builds power to the fullest, you can Forma the Iron Shrapnel mod, too, leaving you at nine capacity points for the Exilus slot which is perfect for Power Drift which gives you another 15% Ability Strength. On normal Rhino you would have to spend two Forma or an Umbral Forma to do that, though.

Roar Buffer Rhino Build for Incredible Damage Increase

Warframe Roar Best Buffer Build Rhino

No Exilus Mod? Yes, the only way to include an Exilus Mod is by either using an Umbral Forma or formaing Primed Continuity which would mean that you can’t switch to the other builds anymore. If you don’t care about compatibility, I put the other build at the bottom of this section.

As for this build, it is again packed with a lot of Ability Strength but this time Duration, too. 257% Power Strength and 254% Ability Duration result in a 128,5% damage bonus for 76,2 seconds. Casting Roar (3) costs 94 Energy with a comfortable radius of 31 meters.

You could switch Streamline for Fleeting Expertise for more Ability Efficiency but because of the negative on Duration the energy cost for each active second of Roar basically stays the same.

This build requires four Forma on normal Rhino and three on Rhino Prime with one of them being an Aura Forma if you like. Lastly, here is the fully maximised but incompatible build mentioned earlier:

Warframe Buffer Build Roar Fully Maximised 2020

This one requires two additional Forma as well as an Exilus Adapter. With use of the Exilus slot I was able to get rid of Overextended while keeping the same Ability Range as before. All the stats are the same except for Ability Strength which is increased by 36% in comparison to the build above increasing Roar’s damage buff from 128,5% to 146,5%.

Fastest Rhino Builds for the Index

Beginner Index Rhino Build

Best Index Rhino Build for Beginner to Farm Credits

Oh, the Index. For new players this is a very different experience from the rest of the game but it equally rewards a lot more Credits than anything else. Luckily, Rhino is excellent at this game mode, too, so you can instantly make use of it, once you’ve gotten it unlocked or your friends bring you there. In my Guide on the Index, I explain in more detail what Rhino’s job is but for now, let’s talk about the Build.

I have, again, oriented myself on easy-to-get starter mods for this Beginner Build with a focus on Iron Skin (2) and mods like Rush and Vigilante Pursuit. Those will help you in their own way, as explained in my Guide on the Index.

These new mods require sacrifices to fit into the build and those sacrifices are Stretch and Continuity or in other words: Ability Range and Duration. After all, you will be taking the roll of a Token Carrier and so Iron Skin is of great importance while the Energy drain will prevent you from using other abilities most of the time anyway.

This time, I went with some mods that are harder to get than the regular Beginner Rhino Build because to play the Index you have the Star Chart completed up to Neptune already. Armored Agility, for instance, requires you to play a few Nightmare missions but if you have Saxum/Carnis/Jugulus Carapace you can use those instead of Armored Agility or Gladiator Aegis.

If you’ve already been levelling your Syndicates, you can even add the Iron Shrapnel Augment in place of Gladiator Aegis which allows you to recast Iron Skin (2) as explained in the Iron Skin Build for Endgame.

Veteran Index Rhino Build

Index Build to farm Credits Warframe

Basically, the same principles apply here. I added Rush and Enemy Radar for Movement Speed and, well, Enemy Radar and went with Transient Fortitude instead of Blind Rage because we really don’t want to be left hanging without energy for Iron Skin. Other than that, I simply swapped one of the Carapace mods for Armored Agility because of the extra Movement Speed. Unfortuneately, if you aren’t using Rhino Prime, you will have to add another Forma for this build (or you stay with Augur Secrets instead of Rush, that wouldn’t be the end of the world either).

Powerful Rhino Eidolon Hunting Build

Warframe 2020 Eidolon Hunter Build Rhino / Prime

Last but not least, a Rhino Build for hunting Eidolons! Focused on a mixture of Range and Strength, this build allows you to keep Iron Skin up to prevent the energy spikes from draining your energy while buffing your team and yourself for just enough time to take a limb down. More specifically, you will add a 97% damage buff for 29 seconds in a 59 meter radius at the cost of 71 energy. That should be enough damage and duration to take a limb down while having the range to easily hit your (other) damage dealers at a very manageable cost energy-wise.

Again, you could make the case for Corrosive Projection instead of Dead Eye but honestly, I prefer using the Sarpa with Shattering Impact to strip the Eidolons Armor. Also, we are not using Energy Conversion this time because there aren’t many Energy Orbs in the first place.

A Rhino who’s doubling everyone’s damage and doesn’t ever go down due to Iron Skin is always a nice addition to any team especially when hunting Eidolons.

This build requires three Forma on Rhino and two on Rhino Prime and is compatible with the other builds if you install an Aura Forma.

Best Arcanes for Rhino Builds

Arcanes can significally step up Rhino’s game as they can often provide Armor which is essential for Iron Skin (2).

Arcane Guardian

Arcane Guardian has a 15% chance to increase your Armor by 900 whenever you get hit. This is one of the most comfortable Arcanes for Rhino as you get hit anyway and so naturally will have this Armor bonus most of the time. Still, make sure it’s active when casting Iron Skin!

Arcane Tanker

Obtained by rotation rewards in Arbitrations, Arcane Tanker increases your Armor by an insane 1200 points for 60 seconds whenever you summon your archgun. Now, this means you need to play a lot of Arbitration Alerts as well as already have an archgun with a Gravimag. On the other hand, it provides by far the highest amount of bonus Armor.

A Word about Ironclad Charge

Ironclad Charge Warframe Augment Rhino Builds

Now, you might have already heard of people using the Ironclad Charge Augment on Rhino to reach insane Iron Skin values. Ironclad Charge increases your Armor by 50% for 10 seconds (affected by Ability Strength/Duration) for every enemy hit by Rhino Charge (1).

So, the strategy goes as follows: You ideally infuse an ability that crams enemies together like Nidus’ Larva (2). Then, you wait for a lot of them to spawn so you can CC them in one spot with your infused ability. After that, you summon your Archgun to proc Arcane Tanker and charge into the pile of enemies increasing your Armor by a ton upon which you cast Iron Skin which will take all the bonus Armor into consideration granting you a huge buff.

Personally, I didn’t use this strategy in my builds as I feel that it has a very niche use and isn’t practical in the vast majority of missions. It is great in the Simulacrum but in real missions you will want to kill everything you see instantly and not “save them up for later”. On top of that, it requires you to infuse an extra ability, cast extra abilities with typically low Ability Efficiency and it takes up another mod slot. Still, I wanted you to know about this so if you’re a numbers lover, by all means go for it.

Conclusion: Top 5 Rhino Builds – In-depth Beginner to Veteran Guide

As this post shows, Rhino can be build in a variety of ways. To be honest, there are even more viable builds other than just my Top 5 Rhino builds. While Rhino Prime can be hard to get due to being vaulted (currently), simply putting another Forma on regular Rhino will make him 99% as good as Rhino Prime. Also, since Rhino is quite easy to farm by killing the Jackal on Venus, you can even get multiple Rhino’s for some builds that aren’t compatible with each other! Anyways, these Top 5 Rhino builds should give you a good guideline on how Rhino works in various stages of the game so be sure to try them out!

Thanks for reading!


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