Ultimate Ash Prime Build – The King of Slash Damage

Ash Prime Build Modding Warframe

Ultimate Ash Prime Build – The King of Slash Damage

Ash, being one of the oldest Warframes this game brings forward, has always been the king of Slash Damage and to this day, nothing could take this title away from him, which is why here is the Ultimate Ash Prime Build.

Table of Contents

  1. Ash Prime Build Requirements
  2. Mods for Ash Prime Build
  3. Stats of this Ash Prime Build
    1. Power Strength
    2. Power Duration
    3. Power Range & Efficiency
  4. Melee Weapons to use
  5. Arcanes
    1. Trickery
    2. Ultimatum
    3. Fury
    4. Strike
    5. Guardian
    6. Conclusion on Arcanes

Ash Prime Build Requirements

  • Orokin Catalyst
  • 1 Forma
  • Exilus Adapter

Mods for Ash Prime Build

Ash Prime Build Modding

Stats of this Ash Prime Build


Power Strength

First and foremost, Power Strength is simply to increase damage with Blade Storm which this build is focused around. Blade Storm is your main way of killing enemies along with your melee weapon thanks to Rising Storm’s buffs to Combos.

Power Duration

Secondly, having some Power Duration is important for Smoke Screen (2) which is useful in two ways.

  1. The invisibility it provides is your main way to stay alive as Ash is a very squishy Warframe. We use Vitality so any random bullets that hit you don’t instantly down you in high level missions as well as Rolling Guard to prevent gas clouds and toxin procs from killing you. Other than that, stay invisible either with Smoke Screen which has a duration of almost 10 seconds or with an Arcane which we will get to later.
  2. Being invisible cuts the cost of marking an enemy with Blade Storm (4) in half. Once you encounter bigger groups of enemies you will need to be invisible to mark them all because of our low energy pool of 150. Otherwise you will find yourself running out of energy quite frequently but when playing correctly, energy isn’t a big problem.

Power Range & Efficiency

This is quite simple as we don’t need too much range since we are mostly fighting close up with our melee weapon but range still affects all of our abilities except Shuriken (1). We need it for decent marking range on Blade Storm (4), obviously teleport range on Teleport (3) and Smoke Screen (2) also staggers close enemies when cast.

Meanwhile, we are packing this build with Fleeting Expertise and Streamline to counteract Blind Rage and get to a decent level of 135% Efficiency so we can comfortably cast all of our abilities.

Melee Weapons to use

As already mentioned, the melee weapon you use with this build is quite important.

Firstly, because Blade Storm (4) receives a damage multiplier of up to 3.75x at maximum Combo Counter. In turn, this improves damage dealt with the Slash procs that Blade Storm (4) creates which are also amplified by Ash`s passive resulting in huge damage over time even after the initial hit.

And secondly, because Rising Storm can ramp up your Combo Counter faster than anything else and on top of that adds 10 seconds to Combo Duration. This can turn any Melee weapon that is build for Combo into a monster in a matter of seconds. Not using this potential would of course be a waste so I won’t leave you hanging. Here are my top picks to use with Ash:

Kronen Prime

Kronen Prime Combo Build with Ash Warframe

The famous Kronen Prime is simply one of the best melees in the game with beautiful Crit and Status stats. On top of that, the high Slash damage results in a lot of Slash procs which are amplified by Ash’s passive making the Kronen a real no-brainer to use.

I suggest using this full Combo Build for Kronen Prime as Rising Storm’s extra 10 seconds of Combo duration makes it easy to keep the Combo up and if not Blade Storm (4) will easily regain it.

Redeemer Prime


Redeemer Prime or other Gunblades like Stropha are a good choice if you want to have ranged attacks while benefitting from your Combo Counter. Built similarly for Combo it can easily take care of high level enemies, too.

Gram Prime


Heavy Blades like the Gram Prime or Paracesis (Builds) are great if you want to clear large groups of enemies and Blade Storm is too slow for your liking.

Note that Berserker does NOT affect the Speed of Blade Storm’s (4) Shadow Clones though other attack speed mods do! Consider switching to Primed Fury to maximize Ash’s potential.



Arcane Trickery has a 15% chance to make you invisible for 30 seconds on Finishers. Now, the interesting part is that Blade Storm (4) kills count as finishers! (no, Finisher mods don’t work)

This means if you continuously kill enemies with Blade Storm (4) you will be invisible for most of the time thanks to this Arcane. Thanks to this, Smoke Screen’s (2) duration of 10 seconds doesn’t affect our energy management too much, either.


Similarly to Trickery, Arcane Ultimatum increases your Armor by 1200 for 45 seconds on Finishers. As a result, Ultimatum will basically always be active with its high duration and 100% proc chance. You might rather choose one of the Arcanes below than this one as you want to be invisible all the time anyway making Armor kind of obsolete. This comes down to personal preference, though.


Firstly, Arcane Fury is a simple way to further increase your damage output if you don’t need the extra survivability Ultimatum grants. It provides a 60% Chance for 180% melee damage on critical hits and since you will always be critting it’s going to be active all the time, too. Luckily, the bonus damage applies to Blade Storm (4) which greatly helps both, the damage your Shadow Clones initially deal and also the damage of the following Slash procs. Keep in mind, thanks to this increase in damage you will more often instantly kill an enemy with Blade Storm (4) which in turn activates Arcane Trickery more often.


Secondly, Arcane Strike is another, though in my opinion, inferior way of putting out more damage. By increasing attack speed by 60% on any hit it increases overall DPS with melee weapons which is great. On the other hand, it benefits Blade Storm (4) a lot less as you lose out on all the benefits Arcane Fury has and only increases the Shadow Clone’s animation speed. Of course, that’s somewhat useful, too, especially against large groups of enemies but if you need to mark every enemy more instead of just killing them with one hit of your clone and some slash procs, it slows you down, too.


Arcane Guardian can be a decent way to increase survivability if you don’t have access to Ultimatum. It similarly increases Armor but only by 900 instead of Ultimatums 1200 and in order to activate it you already have to take damage which is a huge downside.

Conclusion on Arcanes

In conclusion, Arcane Trickery is a must-use with this Ash Prime Build while the second slot is more up to personal preference. Personally, I like running with Arcane Fury simply because invisibility, Rolling Guard and Shield Gating is enough for me to stay alive so I’m rather taking the increase in damage.

Thanks for reading!


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