Mastery Rank 30, Nezha Prime, Nightwave & more!

Update: Mastery Rank 30, Nezha Prime

Mastery Rank 30, Nezha Prime, Nightwave & more!

On the 27th Oktober 2020 [DE]Rebecca released a post on the Warframe Forums about a new update named “Heart of Deimos: Nezha Prime: 29.3.0 +” adding Mastery Rank 30, Nezha Prime, Nightwave Episode 5 & more!

Table of Contents

  1. The Update that added Mastery Rank 30
  2. New Primes released
    1. Nezha Prime
    2. Guandao Prime
    3. Zakti Prime
  3. Vaulted Primed
    1. Mesa Prime
    2. Redeemer & Akjagara Prime
  4. Riven Dispositions
  5. Nightwave Episode 5
  6. Bugfixed & Optimization

The Update that added Mastery Rank 30

Long have we waited and here it is: The Update that added Mastery Rank 30. Without further ado, here are the rewards for reaching MR30:

  • 3x Umbra Forma
  • 15 Loadout Slots
  • 30 Riven Slots
  • Special Chat Emoji & Emote
  • Landing Craft accessory
  • Relay Blessing

This Relay Blessing is a new mechanic allowing MR30 players to bless every player in a Relay once every 23 hours. A Blessing lasts for three hours and is made up of one of the following things:

  • Affinity Boost
  • Credit Boost
  • Resource Boost
  • Damage Buff
  • Health Buff
  • Shield Buff

All of these Blessings apply an extra 25% of their respective buff/boost so for example an Affinity Blessing will, unlike a booster, not double your Affinity earned but only increase it by 1/4th.

New Primes released

Nezha Prime

Nezha Prime Warframe Update

Our new primed Warframe, Nezha, is here and combined with the addition of MR30 people are going crazy to get him though his stats are quite disappointing. A slight armor and sprint speed increase is all he got. Here’s where you find his parts:

  • Blueprint
    • Meso C6 (U)
  • Neuroptics
    • Lith N6 (R)
  • Chassis
    • Neo N13 (R)
  • Systems
    • Neo D2 (C)

Guandao Prime


The Guandao, already one of the best polearms, now has a prime counterpart and boy is it an upgrade! Higher base damage, highest critical chance of all polearms, higher critical multiplier, higher status chance, higher attack speed and even an extra second Combo Duration. In short, it’s a straight up increase to all important stats so definately worth getting. These relics contain its parts:

  • Blueprint
    • Lith P5 (U)
  • Handle
    • Meso G2 (R)
  • Blade
    • Neo Z6 (U)

Zakti Prime


Zakti’s signature mechanic is the Gas clouds it creates on impact and Zakti Prime improves on this greatly with higher AoE damage, bigger magazine size and more than double the status chance (42%!) among other things. Again, here are the relics:

  • Blueprint
    • Axi Z1 (R)
  • Receiver
    • Lith T4 (U)
  • Barrel
    • Neo E2 (U)

Vaulted Primes

Mesa Prime

With new Prime releases old ones must enter the Vault and this time it hits our favorite damage dealer Mesa. This means, if you really want to get your hands on her, now might be the last time to get her parts or relics at a reasonable price on the player market.
If compared to Saryn Prime, another top tier vaulted Warframe, her price right now lies at a respectable 175 Platinum.

Redemer & Akjagara Prime

The Redeemer Prime is another big loss as it is the figurehead of Gunblades while being quite popular, too.

At least the Akjagara Prime isn’t worth shedding a tear.

Riven Dispositions

As announced earlier, the new Riven Dispositions are released! I’ll quickly go through the (in my opinion) biggest changes.

Corinth 1,05 > 1,1
Tombfinger (primary) 0,6 > 0,75
Kuva Nukor 0,65 > 0,5
Telos Boltace 1 > 1,05 | a possible alternative to Kronen Prime
Gram Prime 1,05 > 0,9
Karyst Prime 0,5 > 0,75
Kronen Prime 1,05 > 0,85
Paracesis 0,7 > 0,6
Redeemer Prime 0,8 > 0,65

Here’s the full list.

Nightwave Episode 5

The final Episode of Nightwave is here. Well, I don’t want to spoil you so I’ll just say that there’s a bossfight and a new weapon at the end of it. See for yourselves!

Bugfixes & Optimization

Digital Extremes went ahead and further optimized performance in line with the announcement they made in “The Great Ensmallening“.

On top of that, they fixed a bunch of bugs. Most notably, Latrox Une’s Bounty stage in the Cambion Drift!

Fixed the Latrox Une “Sample Collection” Bounty phase taking longer than intended to complete due to the samples not dropping in their entirety. We found that 20% of the time a sample was meant to drop, it wouldn’t.

Thanks for reading!


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