Warframe Best Paracesis Build for Crits & Elemental Damage

Warframe Best Paracesis Build for highest Combo and Critical Damage

Best Paracesis Build for Crits & Elemental Damage

This time, I have a build about the most unique weapon in Warframe, the best Paracesis build. Why do I say that? Well, it is currently the only non-kuva weapon that can reach a max rank of 40 instead of the usual 30 and thus has a huge capacity.

Additionally, the heavy blade deals bonus damage against Sentients which will most likely become increasingly relevent in the future as we continue in the main Story. As a result, you don’t even need an Orokin Catalyst if you’re willing to switch a primed mod for a regular one.

Lastly, it posesses the highest critical damage multiplier of all heavy blades (tied with War and Gram Prime) with a respectable crit chance and even a decent status chance. As far as I’m concerned, the Paracesis is the second best heavy blade right after Gram Prime. Considering the Gram has a max level of 30, tough, you could only replicate this build using an Umbral Forma which is why I prefer the Paracesis.

Table of Content

  1. Best Paracesis Build for Critical and Elemental Damage
    1. Build Requirements
    2. Mods for Paracesis Crit and Elemental Build
    3. Paracesis Stats
  2. Best Paracesis Build without Catalyst
    1. Build Requirements
    2. Mods for Paracesis Build Without Catalyst
      1. Option #1
      2. Option #2
    3. Paracesis Stats
      1. Option #1
      2. Option #2

Best Paracesis Build for Critical and Elemental Damage

Build Requirements

  • Orokin Catalyst
  • 5 normal Forma

Mods for Paracesis Crit and Elemental Build

Paracesis Modding Guide Warframe

Paracesis Stats

Attack Speed1,605
3x Berserker, 1x C.O.
Critical Chance116,3%
Critical Multiplier4,9x
Status Chance22%
Combo Duration5s
Slam Radius8m

The very first thing that catches the eye is the impressive amount of slash damage. As slash is wideley seen as the strongest physical damage type thanks to its status effect, bleeding, and bonus damage against health this is very useful.

Furthermore, this build focuses on attack speed in Berserker combined with critical damage and chance in Organ Shatter and Sacrificial Steel. On top of that, theres Shocking Touch and Primed Fever Strike for Corrosive damage which also has a decent chance to proc with Paracesis’ 22% status chance. As that’s quite a high base status chance I added Condition Overload to further increase our damage on tougher targets but if you know you can keep up the Combo Counter, you can switch it for Blood Rush. Depending on the enemy you are facing Radiation can be a better choice than Corrosive so for that, simply switch Primed Fever Strike for Hellfire (see below).

Lastly, Tempo Royale is by far the best stance for heavy blades as its quick spins combined with Primed Reach make you clear out groups of enemies as if cutting through butter. Note that the stats in the tables are calculated with three stacks of Berserker, which only needs three hits as our crit chance is above 100%, and one debuff on the enemy.

Unfortunately, the level cap of 40 on this blade comes with a twist: We only increase its max level by 2 with every Forma, just like Kuva-weapons. This means, we actually have to keep formaing it up to five Formas even though we don’t need the capacity, if we want to reach max level.

Best Paracesis Build without Catalyst

Build Requirements

  • 6 normal Forma

Mods for Paracesis Build without Catalyst

Option #1

Paracesis Build without Catalyst

Option #2

Paracesis Build without Catalyst2
  • Primed Reach Replaced with normal Reach

Paracesis Stats

Option #1

The difference between the original build and this one is a loss of about 1/4th of its Corrosive damage. As you might’ve guessed, I’m a big fan of damage so I recommend Option #2 in most cases.

2023,81 Corrosive damage to 1428,57 Corrosive/Radiation damage.

Option #2

This is probably the most bang-for-your-buck build as you don’t need an Orokin Catalyst and yet your damage stays the same. You are losing almost 1/3rd of your range but 4m is still a lot. Also, if you know you’re going into a lower level mission and don’t need the extra damage you can simply have Option #1 on a different config and switch over with the press of a button as they share the same polarity layout.

Range: 5,9m -> 4m

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