Warframe Star Days Event: Everything you need to know

Warframe Star Days Event Guide Icon

Warframe Star Days Event: Everything you need to know

This years Valentines Day Event has launched: Warframe’s Star Days Event. This short post will tell you what its all about, what it rewards and what the start- and enddate are.

Star Days Start- and Enddate

Warframe’s Star Days Event launched on February 11 on all platforms. February 24 was set as enddate.

Warframe Star Days Event Guide

The Star Days Event works similarly to the Naberus Event with Daugher around Halloween. This time though, our friend Ticker in Fortuna is the main character and shopkeeper of this event. You can find him in the quicktravel menu or head up the elevator on the left when entering Fortuna from the star chart. He shouldn’t be hard to find thanks to his new event outfit!

Warframe Star Days Event Ticker with wings

Again, similarly to the Naberus Event, Star Days is basically Ticker selling you cool stuff for Debt-Bonds. So let’s get into these items…

Warframe Star Days Event Rewards

Below you find all the rewards with their respective prices! To buy one of everything you would need: 36 Training, 45 Familial, 15 Medical, 35 Shelter and 35 Advances Debt-Bonds.

First of all, we’re getting a few new Glyphs:

Star Days Gauss
  • Star Days Gauss (5 Shelter)
Star Days Deimos Glyph
  • Star Days Deimos (15 Medical)
Star Days Helminth Glyph
  • Star Days Helminth (10 Shelter)
Star Days Lavos Glyph
  • Star Days Lavos (10 Shelter)
Star Days Necramech Glyph
  • Star Days Necramech (10 Shelter)

Secondly, there’s the Cherub Color Pallet (25 Familial), the Eros Arrow Skin (1 Training, one time use) and a Ticker Floof (10 Familial)!

Star Days Cherub Color Pallet
Eros Arrow Skin Star Days reward Warframe
Star Days Ticker Floof Price

Thirdly, we are able to buy Ignis Wraith (25 Advances) and Snipetron (10 Advances) blueprints which is quite rare. Usually, the only way to obtain the Ignis Wraith blueprint is through the help of older clans who give it away for free. As for the Snipetron, you would only get it from Nakak during Operation: Plague Star until now.

I saved the best for last: The Eros Wings Ephemera for 35 Training Debt-Bonds!

Star Days Eros Wings Ephemera Reward Warframe
Star Days Eros Wings Ephemera
Star Days Eros Wings Ephemera
Star Days Eros Wings Ephemera

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