Strongest Euphona Prime Build for highest DPS

Warframe Strongest Euphona Prime Build Highest DPS

Strongest Euphona Prime Build for highest DPS

The Euphona Prime is one of Warframes high-damage secondaries making it a great choice to carry as a backup in any kind of mission. For this purpose, here is the strongest Euphona Prime build for highest DPS.

The best summary for the Euphona Prime would be: “High damage, slow fire rate.” This means we need to build and play around that to make use of its huge potential but thanks to the two fire modes we got a range of possibilities to use the Euphona Prime.

Table of Contents

  1. Highest DPS for Strongest Euphona Prime Build
    1. Build Requirements
    2. Mods for Strongest Euphona Prime Build
    3. Euphona Stats
  2. Best Exilus Mods for Euphona Prime
    1. Which to choose

Highest DPS for Strongest Euphona Prime Build

Build Requirements

  • Orokin Catalyst
  • 4 normal Forma

Mods for Strongest Euphona Prime Build

Warframe Best Euphona Prime Build Modding Guide

Euphona Stats

Fire Rate2,4
Primary Fire Mode
Critical Chance86,1%
Critical Multiplier5,3x
Status Chance9%
Magazine Size5
Reload Time2s
Primary Fire Mode

First of all, these are the stats for the primary fire mode which is a single shot with awesome crit stats and 90% impact damage. Naturally, we will use it the most as critical hits are the only way we can reach highest possible damage.

Opposing that, the secondary fire mode is a shotgun-like shot with 10 pellets, only 2% crit chance and 75% slash damage. On the upside, it has higher base damage and 9% status chance on every pellet so a 90% chance if every one hits. As a result, if we’re close up and want to inflict status effects, the secondary fire is superior while for longer engagements and pure DPS we prefer the primary mode.

The build itself is focusing on critical chance and multiplier with a lot of multishot and elemental damage. Said elemental damage in this case is Radiation because the use of Primed Heated Charge allows us to reach highest DPS though, as always, Corrosive can also be a great choice (switch Primed Heated Charge for Pathogen Rounds).

Magnum Force, though giving us serious amounts of damage, decreases accuracy by equally serious amounts. Without it we would have perfect accuracy making the Euphona a very good choice for very long range, too, but due to its arcing projectile bullet that’s quite difficult anyway. If you still prefer going with more accuracy at the cost of damage, I suggest switching Magnum Force for Augur Pact.

The most limiting stats of the Euphona Prime are magazine size and fire rate. To increase fire rate we use Lethal Torrent though magazine size is difficult to fix. After all, we have to remember that we are building a secondary weapon and not a primary one so the goal isn’t to permanently use this in a mission but rather to take out a few tougher enemies or shoot a nullifier bubble for which it should be sufficient.

Best Exilus Mods for Euphona Prime

Warframe BesT Exilus Mods for Euphona Prime

Which to choose

In general, I advice against using an Exilus mod with this build altogether for the simple reason that it’s too expensive. You need two more Forma and an Exilus Adapter because there are only two capacity points left with the shown build and the Exilus slot even has a Madurai (V) polarity which you need to get rid of.

Though, if you want to maximise this builds potential, Eject Magazine is my favorite as it reloads your magazine while the Euphona is holstered. This is perfect for the role it is supposed to play as a secondary pistol: Pull it out whenever a Nullifier bothers you or a high-level Bombard won’t go down, pump your five shots into it and switch back to your primary and the next time you need it again it will be fully reloaded.

Trick Mag, Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation and its non-prime counterpart fill the same role in keeping your ammo stocked up. As the Euphona doesn’t have a big maximum ammo capacity, this can happen from time to time but personally, I prefer using a Carrier instead of spending two more Forma.

By the way, if you’re looking for more suggestions as to which companion to use with this build, check out my Soma Prime Build-suggestions as the same principles in terms of companions come to play.

Thanks for reading!


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