What are Flawed Mods?

What are Flawed Mods Warframe

What are Flawed Mods?

Streamline Flawed Warframe What are Flawed Mods

Especially at the start of the game, you will often encounter flawed mods. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t explain what they do very well so here I am answering your questions like: What are flawed mods? What can you do with flawed mods?

What are these broken-looking Mods?

In short, flawed mods are worse counterparts of normal mods. They provide less stats than their counterpart and have a lower maximum level. While a normal Continuity can be upgraded five times, a flawed Continuity can only be upgraded three times, for example. On top of that, the stats of every level are worse, though the cost is lower, too. Here’s a table comparing the two:

Rank +Duration (Normal)+Duration (Flawed)Capacity Cost (Normal)Capacity Cost (Flawed)

Why do Flawed Mods exist in Warframe?

Of course, I can’t read the developers minds but my thoughts are that they bring the concept of some very essential mods to new players without instantly giving them their full power. On top of that, some flawed mods actually add more of their respective stat than the non-flawed version when compared by the capacity cost. For example, Continuity as seen in the table above provides 5% Ability Duration at a capacity cost of four while flawed Continuity gives 9% giving new players a small advantage. After all, they usually don’t have a lot of capacity to work with.

Can you fix a flawed mod?

Currently, there is no way to fix flawed mods in Warframe. If you don’t want to use them anymore you can dissolve them into Endo or Credits, though I recommend Endo as it is harder to farm. For Credits you can simply farm the Index while there are a lot of different ways to farm Endo which usually require more work. Other than that, you might just want to keep them to use whenever you don’t quite have the capacity for the normal mod and they provide a better effect at lower capacity cost as mentioned previously.

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