Unkillable Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path – 2021 Warframe Build

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Unkillable Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path – 2021 Warframe Build

Wukong Prime is the result of combining incredible survivability and awesome damage potential. This Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path builds upon that to create the perfect Warframe for Steel Path missions. Keep reading to find out more.


Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path Overview

Before we get into the build, I want to talk about some of Wukongs abilities and explain some of my decisions.

Is Primal Fury good for Steel Path?

In short, no and that’s why this build does not use Primal Fury. The Iron Staff used by Primal Fury cannot equip mods like Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds or any Combo mods (except Drifting Contact).

Unfortunately, endgame melee builds rely on the combo counter for high crits with Blood Rush and tons of Status effects with Weeping Wounds. Only these mods in combination with Condition Overload allow them to deal as much damage as they do. The fact that we cannot use them on the Iron Staff removes every opportunity to scale and renders it worse than regular melee weapons at least for Steel Path and beyond.

Wukong Prime Steel Path Display

How to play Wukong Prime

That means that you will usually want to be using your melee weapon to make use of its combo-based damage potential while your twin shoots from a distance with a primary weapon. Your twin sadly doesn’t have a combo counter which is why the usual endgame melee builds won’t work on him. Still, since he naturally deals double damage, he can comfortably deal lots of damage with a primary weapon, too. Below you will find a few ideas for good weapons to use.

Wukong’s Cloud Walker

Secondly, Wukong is not only great for fighting! His Cloud Walker (2) ability is awesome for Capture, Rescue, Sabotage and especially Spy missions. You simply float past all enemies while being invulnerable and fully mobile until you reach your objective so you don’t need to worry about fighting at all. As for Spy missions, Cloud Walker allows you to fly past cameras and even through lasers without triggering them at all! You simply press one button and rush towards the console without causing any alarms. Just don’t summon your twin in Spy missions as he might do something stupid. Furthermore, it’s only 25 Energy even with only 100% efficiency so with an energy plate at the start of the missions or simply Zenurik’s Energizing Dash you can go a long way.

Build Requirements

  • Orokin Reactor
  • 2 Forma

Wukong Prime Steel Path Build

Unkillable Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path Warframe Modding

Wukong Prime’s Survivability

To start with the focus of this build, we’ve got a strong combination of Umbral Vitality and Umbral Fiber which are further amplified by Umbral Intensify thanks to their set bonus. That alone brings us to incredible 1605 health point and 804 Armor. On top of that, we can gain up to 90% resistances with Adaptation and additional 1500 Armor with Defy (3)! And as the cherry on top we recover 40% faster when knocked down with Constitution. That usually allows us to get up fast enough to press our Cloud Walker (2) panic button before being killed.

Wukong’s Passive Explained

Even if we somehow manage to get ourselves downed with this much effective HP, our passive saves us three times per mission, too! Everytime you would normally enter bleedout or die, we gain 3 seconds of invulnerability, are healed by 50% of our max. HP and receive one of five buffs:

  • Invisibility, 30 seconds
  • Invulnerability, 30 seconds
  • +300% elemental damage, 60 seconds
  • extra loot from killed enemies, 60 seconds
  • 4x orb effectivity, 60 seconds

The Celestial Twin

As you may already know, our awesome twin, who is a big part of our damage output, will always use its primary weapon when we are fighting with our melee or vice versa. But if you only equip one weapon, it of course keeps using that one. Keep this in mind when you want him to use a specific weapon.

Generally, our friend will always stay close to us and aggressively attack any foes he can find but if you shortly press the ability button on an enemy, your clone will focus it down with double damage! Note, since we are using the Celestial Stomp augment with this Wukong Prime build for Steel Path, holding down the button for too long will cause your clone to perform the slam attack which costs you 25 energy.

Celestial Stomp Augment Mod for Wukong

As already mentioned above, we want to use a strong melee weapon with a good endgame build ourselves while our twin uses a fitting primary weapon to maximise damage output. This kind of maximising damage output isn’t always needed or fun so feel free to play differently if you prefer. I’m simply showing what I think is most powerful.

One last thing about your twin: He will be healed when you use Cloud Walker (2) and mirror Defy (3) as well as emotes when you use them.

Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path Twin Handshake

Ability Strength on Wukong Prime

Ability Strength increases the multiplicators of Defy (3) as I’ll get into later but not only that, it increases the health and shield multiplicator of our Celestial Twin, too. With our 166% Ability Strength, the twin has 3,32x our health and shields which means 5329 health and 1195,2 shields. Unfortunately, there is no way to increase its damage multiplicator, though.

Celestial Stomp Augment Mod

Celestial Stomp is simply a nice little way to add Crowd Control by making your twin stun enemies in a 29m radius for 8 seconds. This mod is by no means a must so if you don’t like it you can basically swap it out for any mod that costs up to nine capacity. Just keep the polarity in mind when formaing the slot. Mods I can recommend for this slot include:

  • Saxum/Carnis/Jugulus Carapace
  • Streamline
  • Augur Secrets/Message/Reach
  • Surefooted
  • Gladiator Resolve

Ability Range on Wukong Prime

I added a little bit of Ability Range with Stretch as it increases the range of Celestial Stomp from 20m to 29m, the swing radius of Defy (3) from 12m to 17,4m and the stun radius of Cloud Walker (2) from 8m to 11,6m. In short: Range isn’t too important but nice to have nonetheless.

2300 Armor with Defy

We primarily want lots of Ability Duration for Defy (3). Before we get into that I quickly want to explain how Defy works since I had a few misconceptions myself before reading into the topic.

Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path Twin mirrors Defy Warframe

When you cast Defy, you become invulnerable, slowed by 50% and taunt nearby enemies. Duration of the invulnerability is affected by Ability Duration and sits at 3,66 seconds with this build. After that, you spin around, deal damage depending on how much you absorbed and gain up to 1500 Armor, again depending on how much damage you took while invulnerable.

Using this build, you will deal 12,45x of the absorbed damage while adding 2,49x of it to your Armor. So for the maximum of 1500 extra Armor you need to take about 600 damage while channeling Defy and this bonus will last for 46 seconds before you need to refresh it. That means, with maximum Defy bonus and our own 804 Armor we reach a total of 2304 Armor!

Ability Duration on Wukong Prime

I hope that explains why duration is important for this Wukong Prime Steel Path build. The more duration we have, the longer our bonus Armor lasts. That means we need to waste less time channeling Defy. Furthermore, we can stay longer in Cloud Walker which means more healing for us and easier rushing in Spy missions, etc.!

Best Arcanes for Wukong Prime

This Wukong Prime build for Steel Path isn’t using anything special in terms of Arcanes but I still want to give a few recommendations.

Arcane Guardian

Arcane Guardian for Steel Path Wukong Prime Build

Arcane Guardian makes sense with our Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path because of our big HP pool. With 804 Armor we have a damage reduction of ~73%. After adding the 900 bonus Armor of a maxed Arcane Guardian, that’s ~85%. Doesn’t sound too impressive but in terms of effective HP that’s huge. Without Arcane Guardian we have 5.906 effective HP whereas with Arcane Guardian that’s 10.721! By the way, with Arcane Guardian and 1.500 bonus Armor from Defy (3), our effective HP reaches 18.746.

Arcane Grace

Arcane Grace for Steel Path Wukong Prime Build

Arcane Grace fits in the same niche as Arcane Guardian as they both increase our survivability drastically. It provides a 9% chance to heal us for, in our case, 867 health over 9 seconds when hit. With all that Armor we have, we don’t take a lot of damage with each individual hit and now almost every tenth hit heals us for over half of our HP! I don’t think I need to say more.

Arcane Strike & Arcane Fury

Arcane Strike or Arcane Fury good on Steel Path Warframe

Arcane Strike and Arcane Fury improve our melee damage per second by increasing attack speed or simply melee damage. Obviously, this means missing out on the survivability of the above two Arcanes but in turn makes you go ham in melee. Which one you should use depends on your melee weapon and its build.

Best Weapons for Wukong’s Celestial Twin

Speaking of which, I will not end this post without mentioning at least a few weapons which work exceptionally well with your Celestial Twin and this Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path.

Proboscis Cernos or Kuva Bramma

Proboscis Cernos good for Wukong Clone Warframe

These two bows fill the same role which is huge area-of-effect damage. Usually, the problem of these weapons is their explosion radius and ammo capacity. You cannot shoot anything on close range without staggering yourself and you cannot spam these weapons without running out of ammo unless you use specific mods or a Carrier. Fortunately, your twin does not have these problems. He will happily blow up everything he sees which makes these two bows great choices.

On top of that, especially the Proboscis Cernos provides lots of status effects which increase our own damage with Condition Overload. As a downside, sometimes the clone has slight problems with difference in heigth between him and his enemy but often the big explosion radius still causes him to hit somewhat.

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The glass-shotgun Astilla has the benefit of being quite accurate even when hipfiring. That’s important because the twin simply doesn’t aim which is also the reason snipers don’t work well. Combine that with a little explosion and decent status chance with a few 60/60 mods and you’ve got a gun that synergizes very well with the Celestial Twin.

Ignis Wraith

Only in small rooms! Our twin is exceptionally stupid when it comes to the range of this weapon or any beam weapon for that matter. He will simply fire at something without hitting anyone because he is too far away so only use this weapon if you know you will fight in small to medium sized rooms. If these conditions are met, the Ignis Wraith is a devastating weapon due to its punchthrough. Again, like the Astilla and Proboscis Cernos, it provides good status effects for Condition Overload.

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Helminth: Best Abilities to infuse on Wukong Prime

As I explained earlier, we don’t plan on using Primal Fury with this build at all. That’s why you can comfortably infuse an ability on this slot using the Helminth! Keep our stats in mind when choosing the ability as you don’t want to infuse one that requires, for example, lots of efficiency.

Also, if you really like an infused ability and its augment, you can of course swap Celestial Stomp for it. Here are my personal favourite abilities for Wukong Prime:

  • Ember’s Fire Blast for Armor Stripping
  • Mirage’s Eclipse for either bonus damage or damage reduction
  • Valkyr’s Warcry when using lots of melee. Great combo with Arcane Fury
  • Rhino’s Roar is always a decent choice

Conclusion: Unkillable Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path – 2021 Warframe Build

To wrap this up, Wukong Prime is undoubtedly one of the best Warframes for the Steel Path. When playing around his strengths by using fitting weapons and a good build, he can dish out incredible damage while being basically unkillable. On top of that, Cloud Walker makes him great for Steel Path missions that don’t focus on fighting which rounds up Wukongs whole kit.

Thanks for reading!


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