Zero Forma Nataruk Build for Steel Path

Zero Forma Nataruk Build Steel Path Warframe

Zero Forma Nataruk Build for Steel Path


This post contains spoilers regarding the quest “The New War“!

The New War introduced us to a new sentient bow: Nataruk. Originally given to us by Natah’s father Hunhow, the Drifter Bow turns out to be an insanely strong weapon which needs next to no investments to compete even in endgame content. That’s why here’s my zero forma Nataruk build for Steel Path!


Nataruk’s Perfect Shot Explained

Before we get into the build, I want to quickly explain a special mechanic that you need to be aware of when using the Nataruk: The Perfect Shot.

Nataruk Perfect Shot Exlained

You might have noticed when looking at its stats that the Nataruk has three different sections: Quick Shot, Charged Shot and Perfect Shot. The first two are perfectly normal for a bow, they describe an uncharged and a fully charged shot.

The Perfect Shot, however, is special to the Nataruk. A Perfect Shot occurs when you release the arrow somewhere in the last third of the charge but not fully charged.

As you can see on the right. there is a special indicator showing on your crosshair for this and the charge-circle changes colors once you are in the threshold, too.

As Perfect Shots have increased critical stats compared to a fully charged shot, try to use them as much as possible.

Build Requirements

Usually, I just put a list here but the Nataruk comes with a pre-installed Orokin Catalyst and 4 Madurai (V) polarities so all you need is the mods and the bow which you get from the quest.

Nataruk Build for Steel Path

Zero Forma Nataruk Build for Steel Path
*0 stacks
Crit. Chance180%
Crit. Damage5.3x*
Status Chance110%
Charge Rate0.56
*Bladed Rounds not included

These stats are for Perfect Shots

Critical Stats

A Perfect Shot already has 60% base critical chance and 2.4x critical multiplier so with Critical Delay and Vital Sense we easily bring that up to 180% and 5.3x! Once you got a kill, Bladed Rounds will bump up the multiplier to 8.2x. And with these critical stats and awesome base damage Hunter Munitions is a no-brainer, too.

Critical Delay Mod
Vital Sense Mod

Status Effects

Speaking of Hunter Munitions, the Viral status effect can easily bring the Slash procs on a whole new level. Simply by using the two 60/60 mods, Malignant Force and Rime Rounds, we get our status chance to 110% which means at least one status effect per shot! Considering most of our damage is Viral, it is not unlikely to get both a Slash and a Viral proc on a single hit so if you are facing a tougher enemy, the combination of these two status effects will often be enough to tick them down even if you don’t one-shot them with the actual arrow.

Fire / Charge Rate

Speed Trigger Warframe

Unlike most other weapons, more Fire Rate isn’t always good for the Nataruk because of the Perfect Shot mechanic. The faster you charge your bow, the harder it is to time the shot. Because of this, I went with the combination of Critical Delay and Speed Trigger. This leaves us at about half a second to fully charge a shot.

Personally, I can hit the Perfect Shot consistently at this speed but that might be different for you so I recommend to test it out yourself. If you can manage a faster charge rate, Vile Acceleration (+90%) is the mod for you. If you want to take it slower, Vigilante Fervor (+45%) is a good alternative with a nice little set bonus.

Best Arcane for Nataruk

Primary Deadhead Arcane for Nataruk

Primary Deadhead is the best Arcane for the Nataruk due to the big hitbox of its charged and perfect shots. On top of that, the bonuses you get from a maxed-out Primary Merciless are useless on the Nataruk.

Thanks for reading!


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