Zero Forma Wisp Build 2022

Zero Forma Wisp Build Icon Warframe

Zero Forma Wisp Build 2022

Wisp is a must-have Warframe for any player as her supportive abilities allow not only her teammates but also herself to excel in almost any situation. To get your Wisp up and running as fast as possible, here is the best zero Forma Wisp build!


How to play Wisp effectively

Wisp has a very supportive nature but because she doesn’t only support her teammates but herself, too, she is very capable of carrying missions herself.

Wisp’s bread and butter is her first ability, Reservoirs (1). You have three different kinds of reservoirs: Vitality, Haste and Shock. Place them down to receive their buffs and you’ll instantly be so much stronger.

Tip: Don’t use the Shock Reservoir if you are trying to complete a mission, especially a defense mission, as fast as possible as the stuns will slow it down.

Your second ability Wil-O-Wisp is your get-out-of-jail-free card. Double press the button and you’ll have 3 seconds of invincibility. This comes in handy occasionally.

Breach Surge (3) can increase your damage output immensely as it will amplify any damage and critical hits even more so. On top of that, it blinds enemies and can proc radiation status effects.

Well, and Sol Gate (4) is quite useless so replace it with a Helminth ability if you want.

Build Requirements

  • Orokin Reactor

Zero Forma Wisp Build Modding

Zero Forma Wisp Build Warframe
*with Mote Buff

Ability Strength

Warframe Transient Fortitude Mod

Ability Strength affects everything her Reservoirs (1) do and increases the damage multiplier and status chance of Breach Surge (3). Because of this, it’s the most important stat for our zero Forma Wisp build. With 308% Strength the Vitality Reservoir will give you 924 extra health and regenerate 92 health each second. Combined with Adaptation and, if needed, Arcanes, that gives you enough survivability.

Ability Efficiency

Warframe Blind Rage Mod

Ability Efficiency isn’t too important for Wisp as you only need to place your Reservoirs (1) once and then cast your Breach Surge (3) and the occasional Wil-O-Wisp (2) if things get heated.

If you need more energy than this builds provides, there’s a few options for you:

  • Use Arcane Energize and/or Zenurik’s Energizing Dash (recommended)
  • Switch Corrosive Projection for Energy Siphon
  • Switch Flawed Stretch for Flawed Streamline or Flawed Flow

Ability Duration & Range

Warframe Primed Continuity Mod

Ability Duration is mostly just in here to make the buffs from your Reservoirs (1) last longer. That’s why we have a little bit of it in our zero Forma Wisp build. Ability Range however, is useful to increase the radius of Reservoirs (1), shock more enemies with the shock mote and increase the range of Breach Surge (3). Depending on your playstyle, you can switch out Flawed Stretch for Augur Message for some more duration.

Best Arcanes for Wisp

Personally, I run my zero Forma Wisp build with Arcane Guardian and Arcane Energize for some extra energy and survivability before Adaptation has stacked up. Other great choices are Arcane Aegis or Arcanes that increase your weapon’s damage like Arcane Avenger, Strike, Fury or Precision.


Best Helminth Abilities for Wisp

A Helminth ability makes a lot of sense on Wisp as you won’t be using her Sol Gate (4) anyway. You can always go with something supportive like Rhino’s Roar for simply more damage or Empower to place stronger Reservoirs (1).

Another very fitting ability is Chroma’s Elemental Ward. It’ll give you and your teammates in an 18m radius a buff depending on your energy color. With this ability you have two very good choices: The defensive choice is cold which grants you 462% bonus armor. The more offensive choice is toxin which provides 44,6% extra reload (and holster) speed. This is incredibly useful combined with the immense fire rate buff we get from the Haste Mote of our Reservoirs (1).

Thanks for reading!


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